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wizarding world of harry potter

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Mariah

    But Umbridge wasn’t a death eater or working for Voldemort? She was just evil all on her own.
    This doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Michael

      She was complicit in perpetuating the anti muggle laws. Based on Pottermore she was given a life sentence. She may not have been a death eater but I would be surprised if she didn’t know who was pulling the strings during that time. She is the opportunist type. Maybe the death eaters goal is to bring her into the fold now that Voldemort is gone I don’t know.

      It’s a bit of a stupid plot but this isn’t the first time universal retconned stuff. Look at Escape from Gringotts where Voldy shows up as does Bella while they are still there even though that is directly contrary to the book

  2. Tony B

    So they’ve just reached out to the actors?

    They are building as multi million dollar ride that features them…I would hope they got the call back.

  3. Nim

    A ride with Umbridge as the main character? No thank you. (Besides the fact she was a Voldemort denier rather than supporter, and misguidedly thought she was on the right side…)

    1. Bob

      Up until the last book. She was not a denier then.

  4. Rachel

    This sounds so amazing from the ambiance to the theme I would choose this over the New Tron coaster going in Mk on my next trip. 🥳House of Griffindor 🪄

    1. Dan

      Enough Potter

  5. Jayne1955

    Umbridge was not a death eater. But I do want more HP rides. I’m going to be at Universal more now that I’m not going to Disney so much so new things would be great.

    1. Jane

      Jayne, welcome to the Universal family! The rumors have, until this ‘article,’ hinted that EPIC would feature the MACUSA part of the Wizarding World, not Harry’s. I’m looking forward to seeing Fantastic Beasts in the new park!

  6. Jemmifer B

    I do not support anything from this anti-trans, homophobe. Trans women are women, again for the hack, trans women att women.

    1. Michael

      At this point many of my trans friends, basically Retcon JK Rowling

      Harry potter exist, but no one knows who the author is lol

    2. Steve

      Well, are those “trans women” going to a gynecologist or proctologist?

  7. I’m having a hard time believing this story line. I think it best that we stuck to the story and did it that way or even do Fantastic Beasts ride through New York. I don’t like it when they make up stories that couldn’t have happened. It just doesn’t make sense.

  8. Jane

    The “article” says:
    “they will see it is laid out as a dual-side station just like Gringott’s or Revenge of the Mummy, which would be a first for Universal when building a Spider-Man / Transformers style dark ride system.”
    Just like… which would be a first…??? This conflicts with ALL reports that Epic will focus on Fantastic Beasts’ Ministry, not the World of Harry Potter.
    MORE lame, bad reporting from the trash-mag for theme park!

  9. Tom Stern

    I hope this ride at least takes into consideration the average size of the Florida guest. I was there ten days ago, and witnessed a woman running off in tears because she was too large to fit onto the ride shed just waited an hour for. While larger than the average American, she was only slightly larger than the average Florida tourist.

  10. lfhlaw

    Wonder if Universal is going to Jack their ticket prices up a la Disney to pay for the new park’s price tag. So far I haven’t heard a peep, but I am curious to see what happens eventually.

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