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  1. DBenson

    Back in the day, a snippet on the Sunday night “World of Color” show had a huge impact. Disney comic books sold by the million, supporting old characters and franchises while helping launch new ones. Toy departments, bookshelves, and record racks — remember those? — gave lots of space to Disney tie-ins. And while throwaways like “The Misadventures of Merlin Jones” didn’t rate a Disneyland attraction, the mere presence of the Disney name still sold tickets.

    The rules have changed completely since Walt’s time … and since Eisner’s time … and since last week. Everybody is playing the synergy game, and at any given moment dozens of movies and shows are competing for fickle eyeballs in a world of seemingly infinite media choices. Disney has taken heat for digging up and rehashing old properties, but all of Hollywood has been disinterring anything with an iota of name recognition (I predict ANOTHER Munsters reboot in the foreseeable future).

    The question is, does ANYBODY know how to effectively market an original in today’s world?

  2. J

    We’ve been hoping for a return to original content instead of the constant retreads, but unfortunately, this doesn’t look like it will be very good. The original features of late have seemed more like a series of talking points poorly cobbled together rather than a good story.

  3. Okie

    I totally get “The Good Dinosaur” vibes from this… and we all know how bad THAT movie performed at the box office.

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