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Haunted Mansion Loungefly


  1. Cassandra Potter

    Haunted Mansion has always been my favorite. When I first visited the mansion I started collecting the victorian figurines and to date I have over 650 sets. I have some very old sets from the 1800’s. My favorite scene is the dancing couples in the big hall. That’s where I caught the bug of collecting the victorian figurines. Reminds me of the Haunted Mansion.

    1. Haunted Mansion is a favorite in our household too. It sounds like you are quite the collector with over 650 sets! Good luck to you on winning!

  2. Jennifer Cvelic

    We love the HM but have only been to WDW! Now we want to experience them all!!!!
    Back in 2019 we dressed up as HM characters it was also our wedding anniversary, so even better to celebrate til death so us part!

    1. The Haunted Mansion is a favorite in our household also. I highly recommend seeing all the Disney Parks and experience all the variations of Haunted Mansion. I saw Disneyland Paris for the first time this summer, and their HM was pretty amazing. Good luck winning!

  3. joyce wilson

    No points given for liking on TikTok

    1. Your points for following on TikTok have been added. Good luck!

  4. Kathy Kelly

    the Haunted Mansion is by far one of my favorite rides. Each time I go I try to find something new that I missed before.

  5. Larry Brooks

    TikTok doesn’t give points.

    1. I couldn’t match your information to any of our TikTok followers. If you are still a follower of TikTok, please send an email to my attention at: and tell me your TikTok profile name, and I will make sure you get the extra points.

  6. Leslie

    I was excited to put in information for the give away. I went through the information and filled out the sign in place. Several time it stated my email was not correct and I tried a number of time to try. It kept asking for a code and I never got one. I have been on this page for a long time but never tried to enter a giveaway. I guess I won’t try again as it was a waste of time.

    1. I’m sorry you had problems entering our giveaway. If you would like assistance entering, please send an email to my attention at:, and I will be happy to help you figure out why you were having problems.

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