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desantis and reedy creek battle


  1. Kurt

    The free state of Florida.
    The freedom to persecute anyone with a difference of opinion.

    1. John Doe

      LOL. Disney had a special deal. A deal no one else, especially competitors, had.

      Just making it a level playing field. Don’t be so butthurt about it.

      1. Kris

        Which normally would be fine, except in this case it’s a blatantly obvious abuse of power to punish Disney for speaking out against his rights-oppressing law, which just makes it obvious he can’t be trusted in a position of authority.

        1. Erik Jeffries

          Oh Kris, no rights are “being oppressed!” Instead the RIGHTS of PARENTS are being guaranteed! Disney and the fruitloops that work in Commiefornia are abusing their PERCEIVED power and overstepping their actual abilities. This just proves that they are incapable of running a multiple billion dollar business and can’t be trusted in any position of authority. This isn’t LaLa groomer Land. This is Florida where we stand up for all Americans especially innocent children.

          1. Robert

            Erik, groomerland is what Sunday school is. And unless you consider protection for satanic gays as important as white Christians, you won’t understand what it means to be “American” or a patriot.

      2. VinnyB

        First, a special taxing district isn’t a special deal only Disney has. There are many many special taxing districts throughout the state. Second, this protects home owners and businesses more than Disney in financial terms. The benefit to Disney is easier zoning regulations they have greater control over. But the cost to Disney is they are basically responsible for the entire infrastructure cost created by Disney property. In terms of their competitors, do you know who pays the infrastructure costs for Universal and Sea World? Property owners like homeowners and business owners through property taxes. Florida law requires that property tax percentages be equal threw out any individual county. So you can’t tax Disney extra for for cost related to infrastructure that really only benefits Disney. The only way you can charge them disproportionately is through the creation of a special taxing district which is what Reedy Creek is. By dissolving it you move the cost burden to home owners. How is the state planing to avoid this? By creating a special taxing district to replace this one. Who is going to run it, the same people currently running the Reedy Creek Improvement District. This is all political theater.

      3. Chris Miller

        Disney didn’t have a special deal that no one else had. There are 1,800 special districts in Florida.

      4. Ron DeSantis do not bend your knee to a leftist,corrupt company.Who basically think they can buy every company.As their primary goal is to rule the world under a woke and unjustified thumbs.Don’t bow down to the mouse.(Might I refrase that.)Don’t bow down to that snake!!(Walt Disney company is a snake,and as cold and evil as the one whom was in the garden of eden.Who tricked Eve and Adam into eating the fruit.From the forbidden tree.

        1. J

          I’d say that you need some psychological treatment, but I’m guessing that you believe that’s evil too. Give it up to Jesus, sister.

      5. Nsbharleygirl

        Actually, The Villages and Daytona Intl Speedway have the same deal as Disney

    2. Yuk

      Yes, especially if the opinion is that kindergartners should be indoctrinated with the alphabet crowd’s talking points.

    3. CheeseInFL

      I think you have Florida confused with Commiefornia. They were the ones trying to persecute and influence policy in a state that aren’t even citizens of. I won’t even get into the fact that these west coast groomers used false propaganda to try this. Hell, 90+% of WDW employees support the Parental Rights in Education Bill. The only opposition is from the mentally ill Gaystapo, kidless,, slob Disney aDuLtS, and the Groomer pedos. Which category do you fall into Kurt?

  2. Ronny boy must leave

    DeSantis is like a spoiled child. Hoping he doesn’t win a 2nd term. I’m mortified that I even voted for him the first time. Definitely won’t make that mistake again.

    1. John Doe

      DeSantis is beating dear ole Charlie by double digits. But get used to DeSantis hanging around or start packing.

      1. I won’t be the tie breaker on this one. Actually I do not see what most of these comments have to do with this article. I love WDW and will keep doing so. Have A Disney Day all!

  3. Cyndra

    I guess you will be traveling out of state to get gas this month also,

  4. Mandi

    Chapek is the idiot here, he should have stayed in his lane instead of letting Iger and others bully him into making a political statement. He should have addressed things internally inside his company. You can’t please everyone but going up against DeSantis was a mistake. His policy is good and he knows he is right

    1. George

      Yet isn’t his action also being part of the cancel culture? Politicians are all for freedom of speech for corps when it comes to the millions from Citizens United. But not for free speech when it doesn’t agree with their policy.

      1. Mike

        Shhhh.. all these Dumptards would NEVER admit how much of a bunch of hypocrites they are..

  5. Marcus

    There is no reason to discover Reedy Creek. DeSantis is a fool.

    1. Ali

      Nobody wins an argument when the new religion of politics is involved. As long as people worship politicians instead of God, we all lose

  6. Leaders

    I hope the people of Florida wake up and don’t re-elect that fool. If we can be progressive in our views in Iowa and Nebraska (although we have our fair share of idiots too) perhaps Florida natives will realize that dictating who a person is attracted too is overstepping government’s jurisdiction.

    1. Backcountry164

      Dictating who a person is attracted to?? Why would you admit that your opinion is based on BS?? If you don’t even want to be taken seriously why bother commenting at all…

  7. Mr Big

    I destroyed your wife last night! She said you’re a Dumptard who can’t get it up and needed a REAL man.

    1. Tanman

      Br. big…little brain. In you little dreams. Must of been a nightmare for her. Bet she is still waiting for a “A REAL MAN. Making your dream into a

  8. J

    If DeSantis wanted to come and run for governor in my state, I would love it. Anything to replace the idiot we have now who has made such horrible decisions these past few years. Unfortunately for my state, but fortunately for the people of FL, I suspect his job is very secure.

  9. David

    As the country spins out of control and a man stands on principle’s that built this great country those having their own ideas can only attack anyone of principle. The LBGTQ MOUSE crowd and those supporting them want everyone to bow down to this mental disorder. I am so glad that many thinking rational people are not buying into this National sickness. These people don’t need to be attacked, they need helped before it’s too late.

    1. George

      The issue is that Disney execs spoke out against the bill. That’s their right under free speech. I see this as a violation of that right. What of some major defence corp had said the same? Would DeSantis have canceled them? I thought Gov. DeSantis was against cancel culture.

    2. Mike

      “Principals that built this great county” – ask women and black people how those principals worked out.

      “mental disorder… National sickness” – You won’t find any credible health organization supporting that. Face it, that culture has existed for 1,000s of years (perhaps you’ve read the Bible). That population can’t reproduce… so how does it keep going on generation after generation? Welcome to nature.

    3. Bert

      So what does your husband say about it David?

    4. Unbelievable

      The principles that built this country?? You mean, massacre thousands of Native Americans to take what you want because you know.. “Proud Boyz and their guns”??
      This country’s only greatness is the ability to live together as a stronger country when we’re United. The UNITED states of America. The only “sick people” are Donald Dumptards like YOU who think someone falling in love with the same sex is somehow a mental illness just because it doesn’t fit into YOUR little narrow sandbox. What an unbelievable clown you are. I truly hope one of your own children or grandchildren comes out to you one day, and teach you a freaking lesson

      1. Terra


      2. Kristi


  10. DuhSantis

    Get a life bud.

  11. Delmar Shortt

    It’s time for Disney to pay taxes like everyone else. And Disney needs to stay out of politics instead of cowing to woke liberals.

    1. Sally O'Quinn

      Disney paid $780,000,000 in taxes in 2021

  12. Mike

    Proof that DeSantis is nothing more than another BIG GOVERNMENT Republicrat. Reedy Creek is an amazing success of libertarian style self-government. It should be expanded rather than destroyed.

    1. Kurt

      Well written, Mike.

  13. Kurt

    What in the world are you talking about?

  14. Louis

    What? You afraid that Mrs.White is going to divorce you so that she can marry the woman you were cheating on her with?

  15. Bob

    The war of northern aggression funneled through WDW! Right? The south shall rise again and hopefully follow Florida undersea.

  16. Blair

    This does nothing to anyone’s rights. Was this retaliation? Clearly, but will it make any change? No. The conservatives will still fear gays and the liberals will still fear everything.

  17. David

    Florida exists because of the Disney Corp. In the 1970s Florida was a backwater. Disney made Florida a destination. Then a Right-wing extremist is hating the LGTBQ community for political gain. Political showmanship with people’s lives on the line.

    1. Jeff

      The parents of Florida have completely rejected the sexualization of Their children by the left. Disney should be ashamed of themselves for Left wing woke agendas.

  18. Don

    It is NOT a controversial bill. It puts the parents in charge of decision making for the benefit of their children instead of school boards and teachers. Disney is getting everything they deserve from meddling into people’s personal lives. I’m done with disney will never set foot into a park or purchase anything disney again. Oh and by the way I estimated that we as a family spent over 100k on disney during the last 30 plus years

  19. Jeff

    I think a level playing field is a good idea for Disney. It ensures that they will respect the political views of all sides. In the last few years Disney has Then critical of anyone slightly to the right of Lennon and Marx.

  20. FLbumpkin

    Does anyone find it odd that the CEO of truist bank also sits on the board of duke energy. I’m sure the deal was on the up and up. Truist bank is pretty woke so it seems like a good fit to get in bed with the mouse. All those solar panels and it only equals 10% I found that also funny.

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