Disney Vloggers Used Photoshop, Swiped Meals For Content During Hurricane

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Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are two of the most beloved places on earth.

Disney has amassed a loyal audience of fans who keep up with the latest trends at each Disney Park– including Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure, as well as international Disney Parks like Disneyland Paris– as well as beloved Disney entertainment like Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilms.

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With such a loyal audience, it should come as no surprise that there are many vloggers who have found a love for sharing updates of the Disney Parks and much more with fans.

If you head to any Disney Park on any given day, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll run into a Disney vlogger at some point who is recording for one of their upcoming projects.

However, many Disney vloggers allegedly booked last-minute reservations at Walt Disney World Resort when it was reported that Hurricane Ian was barrelling down on the state of Florida.

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Some of the actions of vloggers during this time received so much fallout that they attracted national coverage.

One Disney influencer, Youtuber Kyle Pallo, stayed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort during the hurricane. He shared that the reservation was booked by out-of-state family members who decided to cancel their trip, so he took their reservation despite living nearby.

“It’s going to be scary times,” he said in a video where he checked into the hotel, then adding, “so if you guys could, please go ahead and thumbs up this video and subscribe if you guys are new.”

The video received more than 8,000 dislikes, but it wasn’t just his Youtube channel that attracted negative feedback.

The Youtuber shared on Twitter that he had gotten “the last meal kit.”

Pop century cafe is madness. BUT I did get the last meal kit 🙂

This prompted many users to reply.

“That seems rather inconsiderate since YOU are a local and have a home to take shelter,” one person replied. “Glad you got the last meal kit. Screw those hungry people who were stuck at Pop without a home to go to 10 minutes away,” added another.

In a video posted later, he showed the food he had brought with him to the hotel: various snacks, two loaves of bread, peanut butter, bottled water, two bottles of wine, and tequila.

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Pallo’s roommate, JoJo Crichton, whose Disney-focused TikTok account has nearly 750,000 followers, also posted a video. His is titled, “Disney Springs & Resorts Are Shutting Down Due To Hurricane Ian! (no more water/gas).”

When Chrichton posted the video, he used a featured image of the Pop Century Resort sign with significant damage to it. The problem? The picture had been Photoshopped.

One of the comments on the video shared the following:

“In what world would you be compelled to literally Photoshop fake damage onto the Pop Century sign? People actually lost their homes, businesses, and lives in the storm, and I don’t think its destruction should be hyped and made into clickbait for a thumbnail. Please keep the editing and clickbait to your other videos that don’t actually cover natural disasters.”

At the time of this writing, the death toll from the hurricane has grown to at least 120 people in Florida.

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