Disney Cashes In With New Web3 Experience

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Credit: Disney Music Group

The Walt Disney Company has officially taken its first step into a larger universe; in this case, it happens to be the Metaverse.

Credit: Disney Music Group

To celebrate The Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary – which takes place starting in 2023 -, The Disney Music Group launched its new 3D 360 virtual experience earlier this week. The newly designed Disney Music Emporium allows users to search for songs and soundtracks from beloved Disney TV shows and films by selecting various vinyl records and CDs throughout the virtual storefront. Visitors can click on select specific titles, add records or CDs to their online shopping cart, and even listen to music and Disney Hits Podcasts!

Disney Music Emporium’s web3 experience introduces fans to the Disney100: The Wonder of Disney Music display when they enter the virtual store.   This section within the emporium allows Guests to search through an entire century of Disney classics. Fan-favorite soundtracks of famous Disney Parks rides such as “it’s a small world,” Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean are even featured.

Credit: Disney Music Group

Instead of building out the virtually designed storefront in-house, Disney Music Group partnered with the leading experiential e-commerce platform Obsess. Obsess is currently a member of the 2022 Disney Accelerator, a business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies located throughout the world.

“We are excited to collaborate with Obsess to launch an exciting new shopping experience for our Disney Music Emporium store. As we prepare to celebrate 100 years of Disney, this is the perfect way to create discovery and fun for our Guests,” said Ken Bunt, President of Disney Music Group.

Obsess hopes to reveal more details about its exciting collaboration with Disney Music Group at the upcoming Disney Accelerator Demo Day.

Have you visited the virtual Disney Music Emporium yet?

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