Couple Builds Their Own Backyard Haunted Mansion

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How would you like to have your very own backyard Haunted Mansion?!

This couple in northern Indiana did exactly that. They have spent months putting together and creating their very own version of the Haunted Mansion just in time for Halloween.

They call it their “Chamber of Souls”.

Couple John and Lynn Hoke work very hard every year to make sure their house is more than ready for Halloween. People travel from all around just to see their creation.

John and Lynn have been creating haunted attractions in their home since 2010.It started with a haunted house in their garage and has expanded to entire dark rides throughout their property. They have become so popular that the local fair grounds even asked them to come and create a haunted attraction for them.

backyard haunted mansion
Credit: Chamber of Souls

Creation of this masterpiece started back as early as June. You start on the deck, which will be their long hallway, complete with moving pictures and a lightning window. From there, you will enter into the doom buggy and explore the rest of this Backyard Haunted Mansion- Chamber of Souls, complete with cemetery.

This entire ride lasts just under three minutes.

backyard Haunted Mansion
Credit: Chamber of Souls

John and Lynn use around three to four hundred feet of track (made of pvc pipes) to create this haunted attraction on their quarter of an acre lot. Originally the doom buggy was just going to be a bench but was quickly changed into the actual design of the vehicle from Haunted Mansion.

The Hoke’s can be followed on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

The date of opening and the hours of operation will be put up on their Instagram account. So, if you happen to be in Granger, Indiana, head on over and check them out.

What do you do for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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