Disney Transforms From Halloween Into Christmas Overnight

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Disneyland Christmas

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Disney loves the holiday, especially Christmas time. While all the parks get holiday makeovers, a few select attractions get some extra love and attention.

As soon as the last Guests leave on October 31st, hundreds of Cast Members show up at the different Parks. Cinderella only had until midnight; at least these Cast Members have until sunup the next morning.

Christmas Time
Credit: Disney

This is the time of year when the Holiday Service Department really shines.

At Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Ca, there is the Winter Enchantment Workshop. This is where all the Christmas Decor is kept. As soon as the ‘all clear’ is given, everyone comes in and begins working. Getting everything in and out in such a short period of time takes a lot of extra effort. It takes, on average, 31 people just to work on Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Christmas Time
Credit: Disney

At Disney World, it takes a police escort to help transport over 200,000 pounds of decorations to Main Street, U.S.A. after hours. Just outside the Park are three giant Holiday Service warehouses that total 300,000 square feet of holiday decor.

There are nine iconic Christmas trees that go across the Disney World property. Most of the trees have 5-7 pieces and will stack together to create a 70ft. tall trees equaling 35-40,000 pounds each.

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Some attractions will close down for a few weeks to be able to transform. There’s just too much to do in one night.

it’s a small world

Over in it’s a small world, the attraction is transformed to show off how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Every doll will get some sort of holiday accessory and some dolls will get a complete makeover.  On the exterior, over 50,000 big lights are hung and then 300,000 mini lights are hung on the animals, trees, and other parts of the attraction.

its a small world holiday at disneyland
Credit: Disney

Gingerbread Houses

Imagine a full size, 17-foot-tall gingerbread house that you can actually eat! Not only can you eat it, you can also walk through it. Only Disney. It takes about 6 months to create this masterpiece; with hundreds of pounds of flour, sugar, and honey. The gingerbread house has been built for the past 20+ years.

Grand Floridian Resort Gingerbread House
Credit: ITM

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion closes in late August/early September and remains closed for a few weeks while the transformation happens to A Nightmare Before Christmas. Wrought iron fences, a sleigh, Santa’s list, and Sandy Claws adorn the outside of the Mansion. A 22ft tall Christmas tree is put in the Ballroom. A new gingerbread house is created every year for the attraction as well. The seance room, the attic, and the graveyard are all also given a special Halloween Christmas touch.

Christmas Time
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The holidays are some of the most magical times of the year to head to a Disney Park.

Have you ever been to Disney around Christmas time? What was your favorite part?

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