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  1. Chris

    I think Disney has enough leverage right now, they could threaten the theme park rights to the Simpsons, better to work out a deal at that point.

    1. Kristoph

      I’m pretty sure Universal isn’t going to have Simpsons regardless; I don’t think they’re worried about losing the Simpsons because they already have.

    2. Steve

      Universal is already planning to phase out Simpsons. Disney has absolutely no leverage.

    3. LeeC

      I think the Simpsons contract is not up until 2028 & I am hearing Universal may already be looking to move on to something like Fast & Furious. Not much leverage imho.

  2. Ryan

    Comcast has two majors obstacles.

    First, they would have a difficult time getting approval from regulators

    Second, Comcast is already is steep in debt and may not get the board approval.

    1. billnyenotascienceguy

      Steep debt? Comcast reported 44 billion in profit last year alone.
      Check your facts.

  3. Elijah Abrams

    That Comcast/WBD merger ain’t gonna fly. That’s just industry observer speculation reported by The Hollywood Reporter, and it’s a stupid one.

    1. Steve

      It will fly fine. They still won’t be close to as bloated and monopolistic as Disney.

  4. Not gonna happen. Disney outbid them once in buying Fox. I have no doubt that they’ll actually outbid them in buying WBD too. In fact, The Comic Pals thinks the merger will happen in October.

    1. Ryan

      Disney would definitely not get regulator approval. Comcast would probably not get approval either.

      Disney would also not get board approval. They are already trying to dig out of a 70 billion dollar hole created from buying Fox Studios. They don’t have the will to take on more debt right now assimilating another studio.

      1. LeeC

        Agreed. Plus Disney has enough to worry about with their brand taking some serious hits since the pandemic. Guest dissatisfaction is skyrocketing over reduce perks, Genie + and now a clogging problem.

        1. LeeC


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