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Universal and Disney

Credit: Universal (Left)


  1. WDWSLR85

    Universal has always been supplementary to Disney for tourists but that third park could flip the script. How many people will come to spend 3 days at Universal and only one at Disney? We will see.

  2. Diswins

    We just got back from a vacation to both WDW and Universal. We had only ever been to Island of Adventure, and that was back in 2009 before Harry Potter. I will admit…Gringotts ride, ride in the Hogswart Castle, Kong, Velociraptor and the Bourne show were next level. Loved them! But in general, we still like Disney parks more. It seems like Universal does screen and 3D rides for everything, so everything feels much the same, just different themes. Pretty sure Spider-Man and Transformers is the same exact ride, different characters, lol! The detail at Harry Potter land is amazing and feels very Disney-eque (like you’ve been transformed there), but the rest of the parks don’t seem to pay as great of attention to detail as Disney does, especially in queue. And Harry Potter world is small. So to get that feeling in only one corner of the park is a bit of a bummer. Not to mention everyone packing like sardines in there. On Hagrids bike ride, he’s fighting a beast on one part and the beast is literally swiveling attached to an exposed rod. Kinda tacky. Fast Furious? Serious cheese factor, lol! We were disappointed in Mummy as it was hyped up to us. And Rip Ride was down all day with threat of weather that never even came! At least Disney does the rides until weather rolls in. And oh man are the ride attendants rude! We saw them snapping at folks more than once, unjustified. Nothing like Disney employees. I dunno, I think Universal has a way to go. People might choose it just because of crazy prices continuing to rise at Disney though?

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