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windseeker at carowinds

Credit: Carowinds


  1. Kris

    It’s unfortunate it has come to this, but minors should not be in any park without a chaperone anymore. The year + these kids spent in quarantine has had the result of them not knowing how to act in groups when in public anymore.

    1. C

      Agreed 💯

      Knott’s Berry Farm stepped up, now Carowinds needs to (Theme Parks require managing who gets in and what behaviour you expect from Park Guests!)

  2. Cameron McElroy

    Halloween Event will be moved to Future 2023 Schedule at some point in the future! When I was disappointed of Halloween Event has been cancelled at Theme Park for this year!

  3. Scott

    Carowinds messed up when they started including Scarowinds with the season passes. Scarowinds is nothing shy of free babysitting for those under 18.

  4. John Wayne

    Maybe the guy who commented he was cancelling his season passes should take a parenting course? Carowinds is not his baby sitter and he didn’t seem concerned enough to be with his kid who most likely is quite young if he had to drive him there? If he doesn’t feel the need to be with his minor child he really has no reason to complain? Just saying.

    1. Andy

      This! For real

  5. DeLaunhardt

    …I would like to thank THE PARENTS of these unruly kids!! Why is it that your kids are “unruly”??

    Hey. I know, NO MORE UNDER 18 WITHOUT PARENTAL SUPERVISION! Not just when they walk in-but THE ENTIRE TIME they are in the park! If a group of under 18’s is found in the park WITHOUT a parental chaperone then they will be shown the exit and have any annual passes they have REVOKED!

    Has parenting become this lost a skill? Since when does a theme park become a baby sitter? Since when have young people become these little entitled monsters?? Since when have parents become such selfish entitled lazy bums themselves?? If you haven’t taught your kids to stay inline then maybe your “kids” don’t deserve to come alone!

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