Comments for Lucasfilm’s Latest Wipes Out Legacy Characters, Proves ‘Star Wars’ Needs to Move On

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

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  1. Steve

    Disney hates Star Wars, they think they can make their own “Star Wars” and trick people into accepting it.

  2. The real problem is today’s society wanting everything to be their way, and they feel established characters should be race and gender swapped, to appease the screaming minority. Story telling is lost, as is humor, because you can’t have white males as heroes, even though Star Wars included females and “people of color” long before thus current movement took hold. I don’t have a problem with adding NEW characters to the mythos, I gave a problem with people that about cultural appropriation, insisting that cultural appropriation takes place to stop them from screaming and crying about how fair things aren’t.

    1. Get Over It

      You seem to be the only one crying. Keep crying; it’s hilarious.

      1. Steph

        No he’s not crying he’s telling the truth. If you don’t like what he had to say you could scroll past. Maybe the change Star Wars needs is to get rid of the sequel trilogy the high republic and fans like you. Because when I look at the way you were behaving you’re not a Star Wars fan. Your divisive you’re angry and you’re boring

  3. Ken

    Return of the Jedi is Episode VI (6) not IV (4)

    1. Tim

      I was wondering if I developed dyslexia.

  4. Craig

    I think you mean Skarif, not Skaro.

    1. Steph

      Little wusd wouldn’t know what Scarif is.

      1. Jordan

        Even more wouldn’t know what “Skaro” is

  5. Steph

    It’s really funny how none of the legacy characters of appeared yet they will once Mon Mothma shows up. I can tell this person is an SJW millennial and thinks the world revolves around him and it doesn’t. Back to the matter is when you get away from the legacy characters Star Wars fails. Being honest. I know SJW stand people like Hitchens don’t like it when they are told the honest truth. That Disney needs to make money, that the licenses like Hasbro, need to make money. The fact that they are not making any high republic action figures should be a hint, the fact that they’ve ceased making anything sequel trilogy, should be a hint. You know the change Star Wars needs is to go to back to old fashion storytelling. And get rid of the sequel trilogy, and the highway public and all of the woke trash. Right now the franchise is failing on all fronts streaming isn’t doing well because of the divisive Ness between people like Hitchens and normal fans, the books aren’t selling because the story group is an infestation of anti-male, rainbow mafia types, and the figures at least for the sequel trilogy are now nonexistent because Hasbro won’t make them anymore. There isn’t a movie coming until God knows win. I’ve seen wishful thinking from SJW‘s on Twitter saying who 2025 is the next movie. That hasn’t been officially announced. Star Wars is in trouble and all this person can say is how much he hates Han Solo, princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker and not so many words. Dude this isn’t about you so please stop making it about what you want. You’re in the minority.

    1. Ape

      Maga much?

      1. Backcountry164

        Just out of curiosity, how many minutes in a row can you go without accusing someone of this?? It must be awful having someone you hate living rent free in your head. I have to assume that therapy would help with that…

  6. Backcountry164

    Wrong! The book of Boba Fett and Kenobi got poor audience scores because those shows DID NOT focus on the title characters. Boba Fett didn’t make a single appearance in 2 episodes of his own show! Kenobi played second fiddle to Reva. BOTH shows heavily featured NEW characters.

  7. Eric

    Time to either go way back into the Star Wars time-line like a thousand or more years or move forward away from the Skywalkers. It’s Star Wars, so we can visit another galaxy even with a whole new premise. They could even end the whole thing. How much repeating of the same plots do we need anyway? I vote to end the whole thing and move into a new Era of movie making. We need originality.

  8. Star Wars isn’t just about the ‘Big 4″, or the Force Its about all of this taking place in a Universe far far away. All Great storys are not just focused on a few characters . Tolkin is a perfect example of this and now Star Wars is also going the same rout,good characters with great story telling that Improves on the over all Universe is exactly what we need.Will everyone be happy,No, but those who will never except anything other then the Original concept are NOT real fans.

  9. Tristan

    Not sure I agree with your overall assessment. I think from a limited perspective it all makes sense. But from other perspectives you may say that Disney treats legacy characters in a different way. Almost as if they are making the newest characters amazing and the legacy characters quite dull and boring. If each character had the same level of respect. I think we would see a far different story. Look at Boba Fett, they make the only exciting episodes when Mandalorian is present. Look at the sequels, every legacy character became a pathetic version of where we left off from them.

  10. Kevin

    Legacy characters or not These first 3 episodes were really slow and boring.

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