Comments for Fans Likely Horrified, May Boycott Pixar After Recent Announcement

Mei Mei and friends in Turning Red

Credit: Pixar


  1. Steve

    Disney is obsessed with child grooming.

    1. MrMix

      I swear, “grooming” is another one of those words that have lost its meaning after being misused over and over again.

      1. Steve

        No, it really hasn’t. You degenerates have just been moving the goalpost on what you consider grooming while us normal people kept it where it belongs.

        1. Jean

          Nah, you guys have just started following whatever definition your Qlords have told you. Showing period products in a movie about teens isn’t grooming.

          Grow up, buy a dictionary you weirdo.

          1. Steve

            You need to talk to normal people. The kind Twitter bans. Your ideas are not accepted by practically anyone.

            1. James

              Let it be known the individual named Steve believes coming-of-age stories are considered as “grooming”.

              1. Steve

                You posted under 3 different names just in this comment thread. Kindly go back where you belong on Twitter.

                1. Nomad

                  Can it be that you’re so sad that you think that only one person can disagree with you, and if anyone else does they must be the same person?

                  What went wrong in your life?

                2. Ryan

                  Man, you are such a precious little snowflake. For the record, I’m a regular heterosexual white man in his 40s and it’s perfectly normal to show kids that homosexuality is a thing, that families can come in all kinds, and that girls have the same urges as boys. Also periods are a real thing and just because you think they are “icky” Steve doesn’t make them less natural. It does, however, make you pathetic and small.

                3. MLK III

                  That rich coming from a autistic schitzo who uses 4 different names.

                  1. Sarah

                    Seek help

              2. Disney Pixar Fan

                Talking about a girl’s period is not grooming. It’s a perfectly normal and healthy part of life. Why should we try to hide that from kids? Trying to hide it just perpetuates this weird culture of thinking periods are bad or taboo, which is just silly.

                1. Jess

                  Thank you. It’s as normal as a guy’s voice changing or voice cracks. It’s just part of life . Periods aren’t taboo and someone shouldn’t be ashamed for having them.

              3. AJ

                This tells me Steve doesn’t read a lot.

            2. Katie

              The fact that 13 year old girls get periods and adolescents go through puberty are not ideas that are accepted by “practically anyone”… LOLOLOLOL Steve, my guy, literally every person on the plant has gone through, is going through, or will go through puberty. Those aren’t ideas. It’s fact. And thinking that this is considered “grooming” shows how out of touch and imbalanced you really are.

              1. Ruth Brandt

                I started my period at age 12. To me, that wasn’t the grooming Disney was doing in this movie. It was teaching young teens to be defiant toward their parents, at a time when kids really need their parents. It was also pro-abortion, in a veiled way. That was very upsetting to me.
                That promotes teen sex and all of these issues should be approached with parents. Disney is very definitely grooming. No doubt.

                1. Nomad

                  Grooming means for a pedophile to prepare a child for a sexual encounter.

                  The movie did not do this.

                  As for “promotes teen sex”… What’s wrong with you? There was no teen sex in this movie! Abortion? Again, there was no abortion in this movie.

                  I think you’re revealing too much about your own dirty mind. Maybe you should go wash it out with soap instead of trying to keep other people from enjoying it.

                2. Sarah

                  This is a really strange take. Just because a kid is defiant to their parent in a movie, doesn’t mean the movie is encouraging or telling kids to behave that way. Do you really think kids aren’t capable of understanding that movies aren’t real life? Or that movies portray all kinds of people/behaviours a / situations? My kids never put on a cape and jumped off the roof after watching superman, do you understand?

                3. wil


                4. Steve-O

                  Clearly you aren’t a parent, since there is no teen on Earth that needs to be ‘taught’ to be defiant towards their parents. “Rebelling towards authority” is a very normal part of growing up.

              2. Peanut

                Thinking that it’s ok for Disney to talk to our children about their period shows how out of touch and unbalanced you are.

                1. Jayne1955

                  This things happen to every girl. What’s wrong with admitting that? I worked at a school once where a 6th grader got her period and her parents had told her nothing. She almost screamed the bathroom door down and I wanted to smack her mother. And this happens more than you think.

                2. Brandon

                  Exactly, it’s not up to Disneg to bring up “private” stuff in a kids movie. And Disney is grooming, what else explains wanting to teach sex to five year olds?

                  1. G

                    Honey… It’s okay to say you’re a virgin and you don’t know what sex is.
                    Also, Disney SHOULD teach what actual grooming and sex is so children know it’s not okay for adults to try anything. It’d actually help a lot of kids who are legitimately being groomed or molested.

                    1. Troy

                      I agree. Parents shield their kids from it and wont talk about it. Somebody should. Or start being a parent and introduce them to reality. I think Pixar will just do it in such a better way than most Parents ever could. I remember the sex talk with my parents. It still gives me nightmares of my pecker falling off.

                  2. Sarah

                    Getting your period is t “sex stuff” it’s something a lot of girls go through before they even have any idea or interest in wex. The two things are completely u repeated and it’s odd that you seem to think otherwise?

            3. Aaron

              You’re delusional

            4. odubya23

              How does Twitter operate as a money making entity by banning normal people?

            5. Byron

              Go back to your orange kings ‘truth social’ site.

            6. KURT

              I’m going to try to help. You will most likely reject it. That’s fine, your choice. Here goes nothing: You believe you are in the majority. You say as much above. You are not. Plain and simple. You. Are. Not. I know, impossible. You may never see this. Because you stopped talking to those who differ. Maybe you never did. This thread clearly shows this disconnect. Truth is you are in the minority on this opinion in this country. They only thing you are is loud. And that’s enough in most disagreements to make you feel right. You’re not wrong to feel the way you do; that’s not what I’m saying here. But you are not in the majority on this opinion. Like it or not, the US identity is evolving, and I’m sorry, but you are getting left behind.

              1. Kenneth Tague

                You are not the majority either… neither party is! Every election is won or lost by the way you present yourselves. The middle is sick of dems lust for power and control. 6 years of lies, and visible corruption, while also trying to sway our children. You will be lucky to have any demo in office soon.

            7. Gayle

              How do YOU how “practically everyone feels.” Talk about ego. Are you afraid of women? Many men who are disgusted by a woman’s cycle and find it a topic not to be discussed are actually afraid of women.

              1. Steve-O

                It’s amazing to me how many people are still so uptight about normal, bodily functions. I had to prod my wife to talk to our daughter about her period with the threat of ‘I would if she didn’t’–I don’t blame her, though, since her parents just didn’t talk about it (she was pretty surprised and freaked out by her first period). It’s just the way of old people, particularly in the South. Clearly there’s a lot of old people on these message boards if they think ‘discussing what a period is’ is the same as ‘grooming’.

            8. Rick

              No what grooming is is telling a boy he is a girl or transgender and same goes the other way because of people like you Steve that thinkinking that having 1000 different genders ok but showing natural human functions is wrong you might need to think ur priorities

            9. Bob

              When you are banned from a social media platform who’s sole financial goal is to get info and show you ads from it…. You really aren’t the normal ones.

            10. George Boers

              Sounds more like you should probably speak with a normal person because you might need help

            11. Husk

              This has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard and I know about the suffolk moms walk out over there kids learning about the underground railroad.

          2. Elizabeth

            Grooming is normalizing inappropriate behavior so as to abuse a child. Periods are normal. Weird men think talking of periods is wrong and or sexual. If you think this movie is grooming, you are weird and uptight. (Up voting Jean’s comment!!)

            1. Gayle

              Thank you.

          3. Jeremy

            Turning red is not appropriate for children. Simple as that..

            1. Gayle

              Simple as what????

            2. Steve-O

              What on Earth are you talking about? You’re as ‘simple as that’ if you think that movie is inappropriate for children. What a ridiculous take.

          4. Brad West

            Yeah showing period products in a movie isn’t grooming…it’s just plain stupid

            1. Gayle

              All men in this conversation just don’t understand. You are disgusted by women. It’s just plain stupid.

          5. Jake

            The movie promotes the young girl selling pictures of her body and pimping herself out… selling her body is the part that’s grooming… obviously not talking about a period.

            1. Jayne1955

              She does not sell pictures of her body. That’s ridiculous.

              1. MT

                I didn’t want to see the parallels but then they had Meilin and the boy make a deal under the bleachers for her to show her panda at a party for $200… the parallel really couldn’t have been something no one at Pixar didn’t see as sus! It’s like they wanted it to look like she’s turning tricks.

                1. Steve-O

                  Sounds like you’re the one with the problem, since no one with a normal brain put that together. Seek help.

            2. Sarah

              This is a truly insane take. Seek help honestly, that’s a warped mind that comes to this kind of conclusion.

            3. Steve-O

              What in the nine levels of hell are you talking about? There needs to be a rule that you can’t comment on a movie if you clearly haven’t seen it. I’m not sure what you watched, but it wasn’t this.

          6. Julio Figueroa

            It’s so incredibly funny to see you call someone else a weirdo when you are defending a movie that’s showing little kids about menstration. Get of the high horse you weirdo.

            1. sarah

              The movie is showing pre-teens and teens about menstruation which are still kids. If you’re talking about toddlers and are too juvenile to have a conversation about growing up then don’t take them to see the movie. It fits FAMILIES WITH OLDER KIDS its really not rocket science.

            2. Jess

              You do realize that something like that is normal. If you had a daughter would you say it’s ok to shame her because of it? Why is ok for boys to experience things like voice cracks which is normal yet gals get shamed and pushed aside? You seem to think all gals are made of glass and are delicate flowers. Gals shouldn’t automatically be shoved and locked away from the “bad world.” You seem to have 1940’s thinking. It’s not 1940 anymore.

            3. G

              Actually, the weirdo would be the one getting grossed out by a natural body function that almost half the population have gone through or are gonna go through eventually.
              How does that even effect you in the slightest?? You don’t have to watch it, and you don’t have to show it to your kids. No one’s shoving a used, bloody tampon down your throat like a cherry crepe.

              1. PPaul

                Yeah thats all true though, but it shouldn’t be marketed towards kids. Just look at the amount of problems kids face today that kids of the past never had or was a thing. And you think its ok for a world class business that made it big because they were making decent kid movies before the new crew came in. Now its political and grooming and adult and late teenager drama.And everytime someone defends that behavior it lets them go the next step farther. Like our speed limits that nobody obeys they just keep uping it knowing its causing more damage than good but its a never ending cycle if you keep adding to it.

          7. Pam Reid

            Why don’t you buy a dictionary. Qlords won’t be in it.

          8. Gayle

            Thank you.

          9. Paul

            Grooming is grooming no matter the gender or keeping the looks clean.If your trying to shape a young child by brainwashing them its ok to do this, ok to be like this. Parents have a hard time as it is keeping a kid innocent and safe from media and entertainment.Then you add in the schools and parents raising kids in same sex relationships grooming their kids friends to be that way. Long before they even have thoughts like that running through their heads. Kids learn from what they see and hear.

          10. Alex T

            Really? This chaos is about a pad? Grow up!! That’s the most natural things in the world, and for those who said Disney or Pixar is for kids, you are wrong!! They are for everyone. My entire family enjoys watching them.

          11. Mary Ellen Gafford

            First of all, what is YOUR definition of grooming. Second, Disney is showing real life, real people are. I, for one applaud them!

          12. LegoGuru2000

            Because only immature juveniles find fault with speaking to pre-pubescent kids about sexuality’s including alternative lifestyle choices, transitioning and even kink. The truly enlightened sophisticated people know this is normal for young kids.

            This is why so few believe colleges are worth a dam any more. All they produce are self-enlightened yuppies who genuinely believe men can get pregnant and that men should be allowed to compete with women in sports as a long as they say their a girl. As for the dictionary, why would you recommend that when your side believes that nothings is fixed, settled, that everything is up for debate.

          13. Lillian

            What does Qlords mean

        2. Clifford Chapman

          Robbing parents of the right to explain adult situations to their kids when we are ready.

          1. Harper

            If you are really concerned,then don’t let your kid watch the movie. Control your kid.

            1. Steve

              Unless its in a government school, then we believe you have no right to know what is going on. Right?

              1. English Teacher

                Nope, not right. You’re told before your child starts sex-ed, and may opt out. Do you have a child in school? If so, I’d suggest learning more about what goes on at the school–theyre desperate for more parental involvement. If you don’t…well that explains your ignorance.

            2. Ach

              This – exactly – YOU don’t like it? Then YOU don’t watch it

          2. Kat

            … my elementary school literally taught us about periods in 4 grade. Grow up.

          3. Katie

            Sad thing is there are a lot of parents that don’t want/know how to teach their kids about periods. I know a girl who didn’t know about her period and when she got it for the first time in gym class she freaked out. A couple of us girls rallied around her and helped her out.

          4. Alyssa

            Some parents do not explain these things to their child. Things like periods and becoming an adult are normal. All disney is trying to do is help to show teens and growing children that these things are normal and as bad as they seem in the moment you will get through them. They are not trying to deprive any parent from getting the chance to be the one to tell their child about becoming an adult. They are simply trying to make it more common and find ways to start this important conversation between child and adult. Honestly movies like these are needed. They appeal to a wide group of ages and have themes that a lot of people can relate to.

          5. Wonder Woman

            When “we” are ready? You mean when your children are ready. And they would let you know as soon as you buy maxi pads or tampons…. They ask what those are. If you can’t tell your toddler that tampons are for grown up women, you are part of the problem. If you can’t tell your children about bras, tampons, jock straps, and why a guy doubles over in pain when he’s kicked in the nuts….. Then you better wake up

            1. JMR

              You just spoke about parent buying tampons. I was maybe 7, too young fir “the talk” but mom had tampons in the bathroom. I read the package which showed its ability to “bloom” and absorb. I took to dunking yhem in the toilet to watch it bloom. *shrug* Mom had to explain things to me so I’d stop wasting them!

        3. Nomad

          Look. The Cosby Show addressed menstruation as early as 1990. This isn’t grooming, it’s old hat by now. It’s just that some moral scolds are trying to take us back to a period even before 1990.

          Briefly addressing the subject of periods isn’t “anti-family”. How can mentioning something that any family with a daughter will deal with be anti-family? This doesn’t even make sense.

          To you, the state of family television circa 1990 is too radical. But it’s 2022! This isn’t new, and it isn’t shocking. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the 1950s anyway.

          1. Tom

            Wasn’t Bill Cosby convicted of paedophilia and grooming?

            1. Jim

              Tom – Bill Cosby was convicted of drugging and having non-consensual sexual encounters with adult women. So to answer your question, no, he wasn’t grooming minors.

        4. J

          Your comment is hilarious, ridiculous, and incorrect.

          1. FJT

            The period part was not bad at all. It was appropriate for my 10year old daughter, but really confusing for my 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter. The only part that really bothered me about Turning Red is daughter fighting with her mother…the arguing part was ok… but physically hitting your mother was a reason I wouldn’t want my kids to watch that movie again. But they have they love the music..

        5. JR

          Maybe, instead of laying blame on 1 very specific, publicly sensitive topic, just admit that in your run of making extremly enjoyable animated movies, you missed the mark, and your audiance.

        6. Gayle

          Poor Steve. I live in the real world.

        7. James

          grooming is prepping kids to be abused, which is something conservatives have been covering up for decades. comprehensive sex-ed is proven over and over to immunize kids from being groomed because they know how to recognize predatory behavior.

          1. B

            Agree absolutely. It’s the parents job to teach their children when they feel appropriate. Perverts at Disney wants to ins sert themselves between parent and their children and groom them about things that are private
            only important in the bathroom and bedroom. They call this laziness as creativity and market this stuff as kids movies. Weirdos are ok with publicly discussing and brandishing their sex in front of young kids and movies meant for them. This is called grooming perverts.

        8. Joe

          I thought “normal” from your side meant that you weren’t a part of the “cancel culture” and yet your side wants to cancel EVERYTHING. You’re all the biggest snowflakes.

        9. Steve-O

          Oh please–You “normal” people didn’t even know it was a word until six months ago. Now it’s another ‘political term’ that genuinely has lost it’s meaning since you apply to anything you don’t like at this point.

      2. Jessica

        It is definitely child grooming. To deny it simply shows that you are either (a) unintelligent or (b) unwilling to acknowledge grooming when you agree with what is being instilled in the child. All children are groomed in one way or another. Media companies have been perfectly clear that their intent with depicting same-sex couples is to normalize same-sex relationships to children. That is grooming whether or not you like the term and whether or not you agree with the goal.

        1. Alice

          So the kids who have same sex parents or relatives are being groomed too right? By your logic anyway 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

          1. mad titan

            Wtff???? Who even said anything like that? Please just stop your embarrassing yourself…

            1. Nomad

              Jessica said “normalizing” same sex relationships means grooming children. Children raised by same sex parents will have same sex relationships normalized.

              It doesn’t reflect well on you that something this simple has to be explained.

        2. Jim

          Normalizing same sex relationships isn’t grooming. You seriously need to learn what grooming means.

        3. Nomad

          “All children are groomed in one way or another”

          No they are not! Grooming means a pedophile preparing a child for a sexual encounter! This is not a thing that happens to all kids, what’s wrong with you??? And watching a cartoon show about a teenage girl whose parents think she’s begun menstruating does not fit that definition. Not in the slightest.

        4. Bonnie

          Same sex relationships ARE NORMAL. always has been ALWAYS. You know how clever God is…and i believe very strongly in God, he’s soo fricken clever that in the animal kingdom some species, even change gender!!! Whaaaat! GOD DID THAT. GOD made it so some species, like snakes, have even Hatched babies, WITHOUT a male, or scientific intervention. ..

          EDUCATE YOURSELF on whats normal.

          1. Shahar

            Snakes do not hatch eggs without males. They hatch unfertilized eggs that are called slugs. The only way a female snake can have eggs that are fertilised without a male snake is by retaining sperm from a previous male she mated with. Please do your research before spouting nonsense to justify identity politics.

          2. Anonymous

            You are just wrong, God is very against homosexuals. You are taught to love your neighbors for who they are. That doesn’t mean you encourage their wrongdoings.

        5. G

          Then we all were also groomed into believing opposite sex relationships being fine. By your logic, being taught how to read and write is grooming. Let’s just call EVERYTHING grooming at this point.

        6. Sarah

          Please specifically explain what part is child grooming? What is your source?your comment is just word salad, back yourself up with references and acts of gods sake

      3. Poopsy


      4. Carol

        Keep the movies fun and let the parents handle the puberty issues

      5. Disney is obsessed with hypersexualization, ideologies with an agenda (on camera admission from Disney executive teams), I mean the fact that a corporation even thought that they had any conversation in a bill that regulates sexual conversations with children without their parents knowledge should be information enough. Is it an accident that since the ideological push began it costs four times more to get into Disney associated parks for no other reason than how poor they are doing financially overall in comparison to previous years.

        1. Kenneth Tague

          Yet the progressives ignore it and their own leaders.

    2. Breezy

      YOU are obsessed with child grooming.

    3. Ruth Brandt

      I wouldn’t have thought to put it that way, but I wholeheartedly agree.

    4. Cort

      Political parties that re-elect reps under investigation for child sex trafficking, vote to remove the age of consent for marriage, force children to carry children and make it legal to spank kids in public schools don’t have the right to accuse others of being “groomers”.

      1. Steve

        This comment coming from someone who I’d a full time activist for a party that sends stripers to libraries and wants to send children to sex surgeries (government funded, even).

        Sure though, act like a political accusation against one of the people standing up to your fake president is a win.

        1. Nomad

          No one is sending strippers to libraries, Steve. You’ll never be able to support this bizarre accusation.

          Good to know that you also embrace the big lie though.

          1. Jan K.

            https:/ /www.newswars.com/ watch-stripper-performs-in-front-of-elementary-school-students-parents/ you need to do research before speaking!

        2. Nick B

          Came here to see all the folks ripping on the author for a glorified article that didn’t actually reference something that had happened. I mean, be able to write an article about what “fans” will “likely” be like, seemed like an awful stretch.
          Yet, here I am proven wrong as there are so many comments with people freaking out about Pixar continuing to include focus on the everyday challenges families go through and adding character to deeper emotional ideas instead of taking everyone to an imaginary happy place all of the time (note: their movies are typically happy as well).
          You got me this time ITM. You got me this time.

      2. Poopsy

        It’s funny all the people that get offended about puberty material. “Disney is for kids”….so is puberty, idiots

        1. B

          Agree absolutely. It’s the parents job to teach their children when they feel appropriate. Perverts at Disney wants to ins sert themselves between parent and their children and groom them about things that are private
          only important in the bathroom and bedroom. They call this laziness as creativity and market this stuff as kids movies. Weirdos are ok with publicly discussing and brandishing their sex in front of young kids and movies meant for them. This is called grooming perverts.

    5. Tess

      Listen, Steve, I know you may have never been a young girl. But I was at one point. I started my period when I was 11, and I felt disgusting and could have used a movie like Turning Red to show me that what was going on was ok. So many girls, including me, are raised with the idea of being ashamed of our periods when really, they are so amazing. They are a sign of growing up and something to be ok about.

      If learning and being ok with your body is grooming then damnit I’ve been groomed.

      1. Jim

        I think you are the first woman I’ve ever heard say having a period is “amazing”. Every woman I’ve heard talk about periods says it sucks. They say it’s an uncomfortable experience they just want to get over with as soon as possible.

        1. Manda

          She didn’t say she enjoyed them, she said, they’re amazing. They are. I think it’s amazing that women have mobile baby printers with a self-cleaning filtration system.

      2. E

        There are very few people in the comments who really and truly understand the term “grooming”. I also started mine early-at 10. I would very much have loved a movie for me to tell me my period is normal. I felt gross for years I haven’t seen the movie yet so cant comment on most of this but I got the general message from trailers and the movie title. Idk how explaining the period process is grooming. All females (or most) go through this. And there’s mens erections that are talked about or alluded to and medications for EDs all over the place. Are these ads from condom makers? Or big pharma? And arent they grooming little boys by showing.them this? Granted they’re telling you that you should use condoms but still!!!

      3. mad titan

        Or maybe a parent? Are you missing this point perhaps? Or maybe blinded by fake outrage?

        1. Caila

          Do consider anyone can be a parent and neglectful at that. There’s some parents who want to teach their kids about some things or opt out of others. There’s others who just don’t teach their kids either way about this stuff. Not everyone has the opportunity to learn stuff the same

          It can be helpful to learn from media if there no one teaching you about it and handy to have not so judgy info

          1. Justamom

            There are parents who don’t do their job…Disney and Pixar have NOT been elected to do their jobs for them. I do my job, but thanks to over eager, unhelpful, entertainers, I have been forced to broach subjects of a sexual nature with my six year old…WAY sooner than she should have had to handle such heavy and complicated subjects.

            The outrage is not because of periods, it is because these are delicate subjects that deserve the ability to judge case by case when our kids are ready.

            These movies also need to be rated appropriately. If a nice wholesome movie for young kids is rated the same as the one for adolescents about more mature subjects, where is the heads up? I had no idea what subjects were broached in turning red, until I vetted it before I let my daughter watch it. Zero warning! With Disney+ making everything so accessible, there should be better ratings, not worse!

            1. Barbara

              Have you considered NOT taking your kids to those movies?

              Oh, and also: providing them with age-appropriate information about their own bodies, so things like this won’t even be shocking???

              IOW, do your damn job.

            2. Caila

              I get that people aren’t always ready to tech kids about stuff that comes up but that’s life – things come up unexpectedly, we learn about it or teach. We have handled not knowing the content of things for ages and we will manage in the future – albeit with some discomfort maybe but we will get through it.
              It’s also gonna be hard to rate every movie appropriately for everyone cause of the wide range of opinions on what’s okay and not okay and when. Case and point our opinions on the same movie. It also depends on the kid -content we vett and feel like they can handle -sometimes they can’t, and other times they can handle more mature content and if the can that’s great.

              And it’s not part of entertainers job to distinctly help you or anyone. It’s to entertain. It’s a storytellers job to tell stories. The content in it is what they’ve deemed helps the story they want to tell. If you go to watch a movie or hear someone tell a story it’s what they want to tell, you get to listen to it, decide if you want to stay or leave and do so. No one is forcing you to teach yours kids you’ve chosen to see what they might give you and you get to choose what to do any time after. I know we expect these companies to make certain stuff but it’s not gauranteed. If we want content that’s guaranteed safe for our kids then we can make it, cause at least you’re the one in control.

              By the way I’m not saying we should have absolutely outright sexual interactions in things clearly aimed at super young kids. But if we are talking stuff like – meis crush doodling scenes- I don’t count that stuff as sexual.

              Apologies for this comment being a bit all over the place

            3. IAmAMom

              I think I watched this movie 100 times with my 6 year old….she doesn’t bat an eye on the “pads” subject. She likes the cuddly, cute red panda. It’s really not that bad of a subject as you think it is. And as for the boy/love subject–it was in every single stinking kids movie that was put out when I was little– you are making a big deal out of nothing.

      4. Wilson

        Were you raised by wolves or something and not have a mother-type of figure to talk to about important life issues while growing up?

    6. Vince

      LOL. Says the man who’s literally in EVERY lTM article. Steve? Are you SURE it’s Disney who’s obsessed my man? Because you sure don’t seem to be able to function without your daily visit to the comments here to talk about how “obsessed” Disney is. You’ll be here tomorrow saying the same thing. And the next day.. and the next, dude, you’re an ADULT male, please find some purpose and peace in your life. Seriously

      1. mad titan

        Vinny… that goes both way my dude… common sense will tell u that u can’t kno someone is “always” somewhere, unless u r 2… have a blessed day homie

        1. Vince

          Mr “mad titan”, huge difference.. I enjoy these articles for the most part. New rides, new shows, movie updates, theme park news.. at least ideally that’s what this site is about. I don’t immediately run to get on this website every morning to spit raging homophobia and r@cism for no reason other than to spread h@te.
          And thanks! I WILL enjoy my day, my man!

      2. Melty

        When you consider he also posts under S/ S1/ SS/ Steve, it’s pretty mind blowing how much he is obsessed with Disney. It’s kind of cute in a psychotic, autistic way.

      3. Poopsy

        It’s a necessity of life, and creating life. Stop trying to whitewash puberty

    7. Dadurker

      They’re groomers for loosely referencing a natural bodily function? How dafuq is that grooming might I ask? Why are you people making it sexual? It’s not inherently that way. Maybe you should stop sexualizing children’s content? A period is not innately sexual. You have to force a square peg into a round hole in order to make it so. Unless that’s your kink or something, but either way it’s still on you. So maybe you should just stop being a degenerate and let people be

      1. Nomad

        Their god given right to deny their kids knowledge of menstruation?

        Tell me where in the bible you found that. Chapter and verse.

        1. Jayne1955

          The only thing I remember about menstruation in the Bible is when is says in Leviticus that no one should have sex with a woman who is menstruating. And even that’s ridiculous.

    8. Eryn

      You’re thinking of Nickelodeon. They’re the ones that shrugged Dan Schneider off for years and hired John Kricfalusi before all was said and done

    9. ProtectOurKids

      I am very sorry this happened to you. I’m also a child sexual abuse survivor, and I agree that this movie had zero grooming.

    10. Oh Really

      Steve is surely banned from Twitter, so he’s likely a “think what I’m told to think” brain dead dope. Bye, Steve.

    11. Jesse

      Hey moron, teaching kids about adolescence (and not just a boy’s experience) with it isn’t the same as child grooming. It’s teaching kids that the natural and inevitable things that’ll happen, aren’t the end of the world, and are completely normal. But because of backwards, dropped on their heads when they were babies, misogynist’s that wouldn’t even exist without periods etc. People like you, kids will probably remain ashamed of themselves and in the dark forever. That’s the creepy pedo thing to me.

      1. Wilson

        Pedo? I’m sure you meant to say ‘minor-attracted persons’. All you libtards crack me up, but thanks for making my day! LMAO

    12. Brad West

      Yeah showing period products in a movie isn’t grooming…it’s just plain stupid

      1. Krys

        I think it’s great that Disney has taken this approach. There are so many movies out there, outside of Disney, that are supposedly family friendly movies, but yet there’s innuendos in them for adults to enjoy. Back when I was growing up, I watched so many movies, some I shouldn’t have watched as a kid, and others I did. If you think Disney is a horrible company, then don’t watch there movies or any affiliation with them. There’s one movie that’s banned in the US, because it showcases slavery. There’s worse movies than this movie that showcase slavery and deaths of real life events. The movie in talking about is Song of the South, that movie is banned. It has a lot of lessons in it, plus there were books and records of Uncle Remis. If Disney has found a way to make the new norm of the world acceptable by all, minus the cruel negative that want their innocence back, Disney has never been about innocence. Those that know truth about a lot of the Disney princesses know that Disney has been trying to make light with heavy situations. If grooming is where sugar coating is better than being blunt, then I’ll stand for that. If rather not have my girls and my youngest son come up to me at 5,3, and almost 2, Mom what’s a period? I’d rather they enjoy the movie as it is. Disney has had to conform to please the age of people and how they think. I want you think back to the older Disney films and consider their live action remakes. The two in particular I can think of right now, Lady and the Tramp and Snow White. Disney is a people pleaser and if critics can’t see that, then think about this for a minute. Would rather stop making movies, so no remakes ever hit the big screen again and we lose Disney due to them going out of business or would you rather them create new material to attract a new audience then just kids. Help the older to keep enjoying Disney. I do. Why do you think Disney bought Fox? If everyone could see Disney from a different perspective, then I think that the entitled degenerates would be a lot more understanding of Disney.

      2. TheMamaWolfBear

        Ah, no… not when the movie in question is about a girl growing up and getting her period. Dude, chill. Girls get periods. Periods are normal part of living in a female body.

    13. Kiranta

      How in the heck is this child grooming? You want to see ACTUAL child grooming, look in a ‘christian’ church.

      1. Brian


    14. Harleen

      How is this grooming, young girls have periods. It is a relationship between a mother and daughter. We know you don’t understand that

    15. Brian

      Oh god, please. If you can’t handle reality I suggest you stay off the internet and don’t leave your house. You’re pathetic.

    16. S Nogg

      No. Apparently YOU are obsessed with it, because you see it everywhere.

      I see Disney ‘obsessed’ with life as it really occurs.

    17. Jayne1955

      Admitting that girls mature is not grooming. Admitting that kids have friends that may have two moms or two dads is not grooming. I have no idea what the heck you are talking about.

    18. Candice

      But it is not child grooming in this situation. It is a coming of age movie. Movies are written to make life better for everyone. At age 9-10 yo, I learned about puberty. Ay age 7, girls bodies are already starting to change.

    19. UberChemist

      That was a lot of words to say “Inside Out 2 is coming out soon”. I’d also speculate they’ll make it another critically acclaimed, low grossing movie.

    20. Will

      You’re obsessed with being stupid.

    21. Joe

      Where in the Disney movies have you seen grooming? I have watched all these movies and see nothing that suggests grooming, ie making a child believe sexual intercourse with an adult is ok and not to tell anyone about it. Or perhaps you’re so adamant it’s there because you want it to be there because despite Walt Disney himself being a bit of a degenerate there is no way his company could ever actually find a way to broach such topics as periods, female puberty and body changes in a light hearted, less scary way than the cold biological explainations many of us got in health class in 7th or 8th grade.

    22. Jeremy D Rohr

      You seem to be wayyy more obsessed with it

    23. NotTheDissapoinmentCalledSteve

      LMAO, calm down Steve. This isn’t the 1800s where periods are considered to be taboo or too “sexual” to be discussed. You’re the only abnormal person here, equating mentions of periods to grooming. Are you mentally well?

    24. TheMamaWolfBear

      Steve, you are not the brightest, are you? This isn’t ‘grooming’… At what ages do kids go through puberty? At what age do girls get periods? I’ll tell you, many girls as young as eight can get their periods. I got mine at age eleven. Therefore, a movie about a thirteen year old getting her period and starting to like boys is PERFECTLY appropriate.

    25. Cricket

      Mindy Kali g is the perfect choice for disgust. That’s what she makes me feel

      1. Cricket


    26. Trevor

      You are clearly obsessed with child grooming.

    27. Bop it

      Oh you’re 100% a troll. Back to the bridge with you.

    28. Lauren Sweeney

      How about no… It’s called a period, creep. Maybe if had a good kick to the nuts, you’d understand how painful it is.

    29. M

      Your article and title especially perpetuate an issue that needs less focus, not more. What really needs cancel culture is such garbage media. Booooo!

    30. Jane Doe

      I’m not a big fan of Disney for my own reasons, but… Your use of the word grooming doesn’t align with the definition in the context of children. This is coming from someone who genuinely was groomed and molested thereafter. Please focus your energy on protesting against child beauty pageants, Steve.

    31. Luna

      No I beleive you are. Disney is going over topics thay every human faces and toxic Christianity uses as a weapon of shame. Lets take shame out of the game for girls and women and what they go through and highlight that parents come in all genders and sexualities. Stop using your bible as a weapon of mass destruction. Your making people HATE religion. Its just a tool to control

    32. wil

      quit watering down serious terms and go outside

    33. Paul W

      Not Disney. You.

    34. John

      Whats the point of having that couple in this kids movie ? Why cant kids just be kids ?

    35. Mark

      Just like how they all want to be a princess, or prince or action hero. I think books and TV so that too. Children should not be allowed to be exposed to anything.

    36. Dlyan

      Oh you’re one of those people. Turning Red wasn’t about periods 💀 Nor is showing a kid a passing reference to what they’re body is literally on track of going through grooming, It’s actually rather distressing to kids if they don’t know beforehand and they feel like they can’t talk to their parents about it. That opens a gateway to grooming.

    37. Liliana

      You’re obsessed with child grooming. Did you get tips from Ezra Miller?

  2. Digimom

    Growing up is hard we adults shrug it off as been there done that i survived it. but we also forget the struggles that go along with that time of our lives everything’s changing all at once it seems as we go from an awkward kid to an adult that magic age from 13 to 18 can be a real stumbling block for some and i love that pixar doesn’t sugar coat it its ut there good bad and the ugly tell the up and coming generations that its ok the feelings you feel are normal, these stages are part of growing up your exploring new parts of growing up and shouldn’t be hidden or feared your finally coming into who you are as an individual and that’s ok to be you. disney always aimed for younger audiences with its movies pixar seems to gear more towards older tweens teen and some adult humor its nice to see them say to that age group we haven’t forgotten about you. while they are still at the age to enjoy cartoons and the animation they had with disney as a kid the content is more grown up and realistic. in a day when kids learn more about growing up from tv and the internet than their own parents its nice to see it out in a positive way. i look forward to more of movies like this in the future.

    1. Shellebelle

      Yikes pretending to be something you are not in reality and letting media raise a child – what could go wrong?

      1. Steve

        Saying yikes automatically makes me hate you.

        1. Breezy

          Wow, you are sick. Seek professional help.

        2. Nomad

          Lying without shame, repeatedly, makes me dislike you. But we all have our crosses to bear, don’t we Steve?

      2. Harper

        Why don’t you raise your own child and not let them watch the god damn movie. Mabye if you are really worried about don’t let your kid watch the movie and have access to social media

    2. Zanshin

      Who is the Digimom, who speaks the truth?

  3. Shellebelle

    Yikes pretending to be something you are not in reality and letting media raise a child – what could go wrong?

  4. Piper

    Where does red panda live

  5. Mikey Kliss

    I take it no one here watched the baymax series

    1. Steve

      No one anywhere did that wasn’t paid to watch it.

      1. FairyGothMama

        My son and I did. We thought they were adorable. I wouldn’t have said no if someone offered to pay me for doing so, but such was not the case.

  6. Mike

    So mentioning pads is “grooming” now. Yeah that word has lost it’s meaning.

    Puberty can start at age 9, that’s still well within what most people would say Pixar’s target audience is.

    I say it’s best for girls to know about it before they start bleeding out in class, same for boys to, to be honest so they know what’s going on if it happens to a class mate.

    1. Suz

      Obviously “Steve” is a bigot and an extremist. He is delusional and we should give him no more platform! All of us who are raising bright, intelligent, loving children know the difference. And, yes, “grooming” is their new “trigger word”🙄 tou know, like how the straight white Christian right “groom” their kids.

      1. Steve

        How many different names are you going to post under? It doesn’t make you look any less insane.

        1. Nomad

          If you’re going to repeat yourself, I’ll repeat myself too. Assuming that only one person can possibly disagree with you and that therefore any others are sock puppets makes you look very bad. Maybe watch the accusations of mental instability when your own ego can’t accept the mere concept of multiple people disagreeing with you, huh?

        2. Suru

          My dude you’re the insane one. I can bet SOME of these are the same person but you are so deluded to think this is all one person. You actually need to see a shrink my dude there is something wrong with you…

    2. Ruth Brandt

      Mike –

      Get a clue. Girls don’t “bleed out”. How old are you? Who educated you on this subject?

      1. AwkwardPixie

        He is on our side! Go Mike! Thank you! I bet you will be a great parent and/ or partner.

        Also, some of us do bleed out. I have very heavy periods and some uterus owners have conditions like menorragia, which can be very dangerous and dehydrating.

        Please focus on the real problems like conservatives using “groom” to describe the empowering of ALL bodies while they get away with the traumatic grooming of those very bodies.

      2. Byron

        Obviously you live in fantasy land. I can attest that it does, in fact, happen. Happened to my niece, happens to a girl in my class in middle school, has happened to a few kids in my mother’s classes in elementary school. Sad reality is, some parents are to ashamed, afraid, or inept to have these discussions with their kids, and schools cannot fill the space parenting is supposed to fill.

    3. AwkwardPixie

      I appreciate you, dude! Some of us do bleed out. It isn’t wrong to see. Hyperbole is a part of living in a body. I sometimes say I’m gushing, which it certainly feels like on my heavy days.

      You are focusing on the real problems and I am grateful and encourage you to keep doing it!

      1. Jean S Stewart

        “Bleeding out” means DYING from loss of blood!!! People don’t “bleed out” during their periods. Jeez.

        1. Jayne1955

          They don’t bleed out but some of us sure as heck felt like we were.

    4. Jim

      Apparently they think anyone that mentions something like that to children must be trying to have sex with those children. 🤦‍♂️

  7. Yar

    How many Disney movies start with the death or disappearance of one or both parents? Disney has been killing characters guardians for decades, now people are concerned about a sanitary product?

    1. Alice

      This right here 🤣 seriously Disney is good for killing adult figures off. At least these characters have their parents.

    2. Jim

      I never thought about that. Definitely a good point.

  8. Kayden

    Honestly, these are shows directed towards kids, (Refrencing Inside Out 2) why do we have to add new emotions that are probably going to be anxiety, depression, and ADHD—and that’s coming from a teen who has two of those mental issues.

    Most kids from ages 1-12 don’t face those issues, not until they become teens. I can understand Turning Red and puberty, but my main problem is just that Disney and Pixar, etc., are just going to keep inching farther and farther down the political spectrum and then one day, they’ll make a movie about an eight year old who for some reason has the maturity to make a life changing decision where they change their gender.

    Let kids be kids—away from ALL politics!

    1. Willow

      I can’t remember the last time I read that much unmitigated crap.

    2. AwkwardPixie

      Slippery slope argument. Slippery slope argument anyone?

      Also, bring on the trans prince and princesses!

      1. Steve

        This is the least self-aware comment I may have ever witnessed.

    3. Sloane

      To be fair most of the people watching inside out 2 are probably going to be the people who saw the 1st one years ago, meaning they could be grappling with these emotions.

      1. Kayden

        That’s an understandable point of view, but I’m sure some younger kids will also be watching it as well.

        I do agree with you on that though, some of the kids who did watch the first one and grew up will probably be facing some of those emotions.

    4. Nomad

      They’re addressing these things because a lot of kids deal with them! What you’re saying is that they can only depict perfect kids with no difficulties. They’re not allowed to make characters that are identifiable to anyone who has ever had to deal with any problem.

      You want to make the characters sterile and unlike anything real kids have had to deal with.

      1. Kayden

        I’m sorry if my comment came across that way. I know kids don’t have perfect lives, I just don’t agree with them normalizing disorders and gender dysphoria as though it’s a good thing.

        Kids shows should be left alone. I won’t say stuff about shows directed toward teens—13 and up—but let’s leave kids alone. (Young kids that watch movies like Inside Out.)

    5. murph

      ADHD is not an emotion.

      Fear & sadness were already in the first movie, which covers anxiety and depression – unless you are again misconstruing psychological conditions with emotions.

      Since the movie is PG, parents should be using their discretion before bringing young kids to see it. If you don’t want kids to see it, they can stick with G rated movies.

      Really really weird that you think talking about emotions is somehow bringing politics into it.

  9. Breezy

    LOL 🤣🤣 Disney is for CHILDREN! That’s just as laughable as Looney tunes is just for children. The simple fact is that conservatives can’t stand anything that doesn’t fit their excruciatingly narrow worldview. Well guess what these are for the most part rated PG which means parental guidance is suggested so… That really doesn’t make them just for kids. That’s the appeal of Disney and Pixar films. If you want things that are just for kids, why don’t you sit your kid in front of a TV with some veggie tales (excuse me while I go vomit). You know when they cast Robin Williams as the genie in Aladdin, it wasn’t children they had in mind to entertain. If you don’t like something, then by all means turn it off. Don’t hop on a forum and start whining about it because “oh my God they’re grooming my child.” You know most people in my age group grew up watching Looney tunes and we never once dropped an anvil on anybody’s head. We never gave them a lit stick of dynamite. And you know why that is? Because we had actual parents, not entitled Karens who let their crotch goblins do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want.

  10. Willow

    Oh the humanity, someone please think of the children. What ever will become of them if they find out same sex couples and puberty exists.

  11. Suz

    You,Sir, are an idiot

  12. Alice

    So it’s child grooming to let kids know in an age appropriate way what will happen to their bodies? It’s child grooming to show same sex couples? It’s child grooming to give boys an idea of what happens to girls so they aren’t grossed out by a NORMAL bodily function if it happens when their with a woman in later years? Nah Disney and Pixar are trying to create a generation of more aware kinder humans and if you have an issue with that you might need to look at yourself.

    1. Jim

      It’s just a bunch of people that don’t know what “grooming” means.

  13. BlueMoon

    Lightyear having a bad time in the box office wasn’t because of the same sex kiss. It was literally a blink and you’ll miss it background moment. Lightyear failed cause it’s one of Pixar’s worst movies.

  14. AwkwardPixie

    Children have periods. I was a child who had periods and I was sexually groomed by my teacher as a teenager. He made me feel like he was the only one I could truly trust while also going through cycles of telling me I’m crazy and incapable of logic and making me feel horrible about myself to excessively praising me and guiding me to feel like the center of the universe. Then he started preying on me sexually. I was afraid reading this article because of your comment. I thought that what happened to me was happening to child actors in these movies. No, what is happening is engaging with children about an entirely normal process, reshaping their bodies as not curses but superpowers. Look up period stigma and the lives it has cost CHILDREN around the world and then tell me this movie is not meant to protect children. If you have not been actually groomed as a child, you have no right to throw this word around. It is disrespectful to survivors like myself and those who had it much worse.

    1. AwkwardPixie

      Also, it was my MOTHERS who uncovered the grooming and put an end to it before it could have gotten way worse. I rejoiced at that kiss in Lightyear. I was seeing my moms on the big screen.

      1. Steve

        Something tells me this all happened in your head.

  15. Steve

    Twitter has arrived in these comments.

  16. EricJ

    So, let’s see:
    – You have no idea what the movie’s about yet, either,
    – But they announced an Inside Out sequel where Riley is a teen,
    – So it’ll probably have puberty in it,
    – And Turning Red was about puberty and had allegorical menstruation in it, so this one will too,
    – And fans who don’t know anything about it yet either will be shocked, just like Lightyear, which didn’t.

    …Got it. I think.

    1. CL

      Most definitely have puberty since the end credits of Inside Out showed the “puberty button”

  17. Raven

    So I guess all sanitary pad and tampon commercials bare “grooming” too. If that’s how you want to put it. They show it without parents permission on TV all the time.

  18. Ashlee

    The level of blatant ignorance in these comments is astounding. Acknowledging the trials and tribulations that young people go through in movies they are likely to watch is helpful not harmful. There are a million sites that will give specific details on what might be concerning to parents in the movies they are considering watching. Do your research. Limit what your children watch if you want to clutch your pearls this hard. I watched it and instantly wanted to watch it again with my teenage daughter. Do I think she will get ideas about rebelling against me? No! I’m not so disconnected from my kids to think that rebellious thoughts and actions aren’t already happening because that’s the age. And especially important for people in communities where parental respect is at the top of the expectation pyramid to understand there is and will always be a way to compromise, show the appropriate amount of respect for their elders while finding their own path in life. One of the last lines Mei says to her mom was “my panda my choice” which to me is directed at you grooming folks out there. Directly. You. Have. No. Right. To. Judge. How. Other. People. Live. A direct reference to “my body my choice” which just in case you don’t understand the meaning, I will wear what I’m comfortable with and it’s not an invitation for anything. How about instead of worrying about the children of the world being exposed to natural bodily functions, we teach our sons and daughters to respect one another. That no means no regardless of age or gender. That it’s okay to talk to your parents about inappropriate relationships/conversations/touching and we as parents need to show up and not be afraid of these conversations. The level of mental abuse young people endure just by not feeling safe having conversations with their parents is devastating. My heart goes out to your children, I hope you don’t have any.

    1. Nomad

      Yes, yes! Well said. Clearly you were watching the movie instead of looking for an excuse to retreat to your fainting couch.

      I’m an adult man. My experience with the movie was different from yours, because my background is different. But it was still powerful to me. It’s what’s great about the best Disney movies, their central metaphor can mean different things to different people.

      But if it means anything to you, my mother loved it too. Different generations can still connect with this movie if only they approach it with an open heart.

  19. Essie

    I didn’t think the period part was what I took issue with in the movie, as it didn’t really go into it and would go over most young kids’ heads. What I didn’t like was how the climax was just a teenager being rude, defiant, and disrespectful to her mother at a time when they both should have been there for each other. In the beginning their relationship appeared fairly good, I mean they definitely had room for improvement but they at least had respect and they liked doing things together. But by the end the mom was going ballistic and the kid was being a disrespectful and dramatic brat- put in a good light too. I’m saying this as someone who was eighteen when the movie came out and this was my impression.

  20. Jim

    I still can’t believe the outrage over two gay characters kissing in Lightyear. The total screen time of depicting gay characters is like 5 seconds and the kiss is minor and lasts like a second. If it was the same level of intensity of a kiss between two heterosexual characters those same people wouldn’t be saying anything. They obviously don’t like gay people.

    1. Kel Jo

      It’s not a dislike for gays. It’s evil and sick. All apart of grooming children. Completely against God and our human nature to reproduce. Its against God’s plan for us. Say what you want I don’t care. Mayter of fact sick and pure evil. That’s all folks.

      1. Nomad

        Do you even read your own comments? You start off saying “it’s not a dislike for gays” and then talk about how they’re evil and sick. That’s… not how you talk about something you like.

        That’s a dislike for gays. In anyone’s book. Embrace it, stop living a lie. Be a proud homophobe.

      2. KING

        Belive what you want but gay couples were accepted even in the ancient Rome and Greece. (etc) Among animals it also exists.
        So it’s not against the will of your god. xD

  21. Kel Jo

    I hope to NOT see sick gender changes and child grooming.

  22. UhOh!

    Omg yass panda queen get other kids to line up and photograph and film your red panda for money and pay to hug and pet it, twerk proudly at the camera, twerk during your red panda phase infront of your mom saying you love gyrating on a stage in front of an audience of thousands, have a kid pay to have the panda be entertainment at their party, and don’tOmg forget “My panda my choice, mom!”

    1. Nomad

      Can it be that you’ve arrived at whatever age you’re at without learning that dancing is fun?

      Are we really at the level where I’m dealing with Christians who think dancing is from the devil or some such rot?

      Meilin was saying that she liked to dance! This is an experience as old as time! Go back through the generations, each one has had parents scandalized at the dances the youth were doing. Remember when Elvis was controversial? Remember The Beatles being too sexy? Remember when Rock and Roll itself was scandelous? That’s the mindset you’re promoting here.

      Congratulations for trying to carry that tradition forward by making dancing to boybands questionable. You’re only about two decades late on this one. The culture in this movie is based on the world of the 2000s. You’re around 20 years late to object to this.

    2. MT

      The scene where Mei made the deal with the boy to show off her panda at his party for $200 … that ripped the metaphor to shreds. I thought the movie would be about puberty being natural; but the modesty debate boils down to “a 13 year old decides to be shameless and faces no consequences and the parent wanting them to be modest is shamed for trying to keep them from non-age-appropriate activities.”

      Mei’s mother and aunts and grandmother were meant to represent modesty with their womanhood/sexuality, sharing it only with romantic partners or the relatives they trust to keep a secret. Mei is recording her secret for profit and commodifying herself for attention.

      I mean, c’mon, that’s as overt as if they had Meilin say, “My panda my choice” as though she were talking about her sexuali– oh wait. They ACTUALLY did that in the movie.

  23. Nomad

    Okay look. Let’s be honest here. A handful of religious right regressives complained about the story. A few complained about the very mention of period care products, but that was weird. That’s not “anti-family”. Any family that has a girl in it will deal with this! It’s a very identifiable family situation. Seriously, if you saw that scene and thought “ooooh sexy”, then there’s something wrong with you. The fault is not with Pixar or Disney. The real reason most of them complained about it was because Meilin acted against her parents and found her own path in life. I understand why the religious right has a problem with young people thinking for themselves, but if you have a problem with a young main character having to find their own path in life, then Disney movies aren’t for you! Seriously, how can anyone who knows Disney movies complain about one one of the most common plot points they use?

    And about Lightyear. Really? The same sex kiss lasted a few seconds and that was it. When you say that the whole movie was woke because of that, what you’re saying is that you’re obsessed with same sex kissing and that’s all you noticed. Now… the movie does have women in leadership positions. Perhaps that’s your problem?

    I’m not particularly afraid for Inside Out 2. If you hear that Disney is going to produce another movie about a teenage girl, and the only thing you can think is “oh no, they might mention the existence of periods!!!”, there’s something wrong with you. I mentioned down thread that the Cosby Show dealt with periods as far back as 1990. This is not groundbreaking stuff, or at least it shouldn’t be.

    The teenage years are a minefield of difficult emotions. It’s natural for Disney to want to incorporate it into a sequel for a movie focused on emotions. There won’t be any major boycotts. There’ll just be angry posts to a few religious blogs. And perhaps a sad attempt at a review bombing.

    1. Stephen

      Loved Inside Out, though Lightyear was a little somber and geared toward adults, and I loved the humor of Turning Red, but I absolutely hated the final “moral” of the story and the way it was plastered on at the end with the protagonist defiantly stating it to her mother while looking right at the camera: “my panda, my choice”.

      Yes, some Disney movies like Little Mermaid show a defiant young lady disobeying her parents. But usually that disobedience is in an effort to find true love… and that (true love) is the focus. The ending message of Turning Red is essentially, “if you feel it, do it.”

      But that’s also the resounding and unfortunate message of the world nowadays. Impulsivity and emotional regulation are the last things our brains develop… but that’s why kids need parents: to help set boundaries and give guidance while also letting teens learn from mistakes. But the problem is, the protagonist never learned that. She just learned, “if I feel it, I do it.”

      As a father and child psychologist, I see a lot of kids who are confused with the unhealthy messages being thrown at them from all directions. It’s too bad movies like this have joined the fray.

      1. wojtek

        That’s not the message. A child gaining a bit of autonomy to make their own decisions is not defying all boundaries.

        Hope you understand. Thanks.

      2. MT

        It’s weird how Turning Red’s metaphor is such a mess if it’s not about being shameless and promiscuous. Meilin hits puberty and starts trying to use her body’s development to get attention and money. Meilin’s mother keeps hers private for only her husband and female relatives to know and is shamed in the narrative for being repressed and shamed by her mom into doing it.

        Mei’s choice is never shown to have downsides, like IRL being shameless would; only the mom’s side is shown to be “wrong” even though she seems like her life is rather nice. Her husband loves her and she tries to be a good mom (and kind of fails TBH with the showing a teenage guy her daughter’s lusty drawings of him and shows up to Mei’s school dressed like a suspicious creep to give her pads when she should’ve given them to a faculty member) so her “modesty” is framed as evil prudish repression and Mei’s immodesty is liberating … even though she’s essentially selling herself at 13! (Yeah, why the director had to have her be freaking thirteen and doing this is also wrong and weird. WTF Pixar?)

        1. wojtek

          That’s a complete misreading of the film. The panda is a metaphor for messiness that comes with growing up. Limiting to that to only bodily changes is missing the point the film is trying to make.

          Hope you understand. Thanks.

        2. wojtek

          “Shamelessness” in this context means being shameless about who you are, not promiscuity.

          Hope you understand. Thanks.

        3. wojtek

          “Shamelessness” in this context means being shameless about who you are, not promiscuity and immodesty.

          Hope you understand. Thanks.

        4. wojtek

          “Shamelessness” in this context means being shameless about who you are.

          Hope you understand. Thanks.

  24. Almighty Jesus

    Try asking a child what they thought, I bet they have a different view of the movie than all of your warped, filthy, perverted sexual period minds. I remember being 12, having crushes, not knowing what those feelings were. Drawing embarrassing pictures, rebelling against parents, fighting with friends, the whole shebang. This movie nails the middle school experience perfectly and anyone that age will agree, not demonize it and tell you it’s grooming them because the period joke. It’s subtle. If you’ve had a period, you understand the joke, if you hadn’t had one, you may not know what they are alluding to. Cancel culture ruins great art by focusing on what you find wrong, instead of praising what is so inspirational. Change your thinking, open your minds, and maybe you can be a happier person who actually enjoys movies.

    1. Stephen

      As a father of three girls, the problem I had with Turning Red wasn’t the maxi pads or period references (I actually appreciated the humor behind those)… it was the final message where only the mom was made to feel bad for her overprotection and the child learned she could lash out and behave without repercussion (“my panda, my choice”… really Pixar?)

      Yes, I was hoping that the mother would come to a realization that she needed to relinquish a little more control to let her daughter grow… but the daughter’s only realization was that “I was born this way so let me be me without any boundaries or parent guidance.” The protagonist is not 18 or 21… she’s 13. She still needs boundaries and parent input.

      And yes, I know it’s just an animated movie, but it’s a message movie with a definite moral geared toward families… that moral may seem excellent to a 13 year old brain, but that moral really sucks from any parent who sets healthy boundaries and limits and expectations for their children.

      1. wojtek

        That’s not the message. A child gaining a bit of autonomy to make their own decisions is not defying all boundaries.

        Hope you understand. Thanks.

  25. Jami

    A thousand bucks says Riley will come out as “trans”.

    1. MT

      They had a character that looks like blue water in the promo art, I would not be surprised if she turns “Gender Fluid.” Her name is already unisex being “Riley.”

  26. Michael McRay

    People need to realize that disney makes kids movies but Pixar makes child friendly movies for adults.

  27. Stephen

    As a father of three girls, the problem I had with Turning Red wasn’t the maxi pads or period references (I actually appreciated the humor behind those)… it was the final message where only the mom was made to feel bad for her overprotection and the child learned she could lash out and behave without repercussion (“my panda, my choice”… really Pixar?)

    Yes, I was hoping that the mother would come to a realization that she needed to relinquish a little more control to let her daughter grow… but the daughter’s only realization was that “I was born this way so let me be me without any boundaries or parent guidance.” The protagonist is not 18 or 21… she’s 13. She still needs boundaries and parent input.

    And yes, I know it’s just an animated movie, but it’s a message movie with a definite moral geared toward families… that moral may seem excellent to a 13 year old brain, but that moral really sucks from any parent who sets healthy boundaries and limits and expectations for their children.

    1. Byron

      I dunno, it felt more as though the daughter finally realized she was able to push back against an overbearing and over controlling parent to gain some semblance of self autonomy. The ending seemed as though they had worked out a healthy and respectful balance of power and responsibility, as opposed to Mei always being at her mother’s whims.

      I admit, it felt a little heavy handed at times, but we’ve seen countless examples of American audiences not getting subtleties in movies before.

    2. wojtek

      That’s not the message. A child gaining a bit of autonomy to make their own decisions is not defying all boundaries.

      Hope you understand. Thanks.

  28. Alyssa

    I understand that Disney is for children, but we can’t expect children to stay children. They themselves have to grow and along with growing could use some help even their parents can’t help completely with. Not to mention in past Disney movies they have had jokes in it that only adults understood themselves as a no one really made a big deal about it then, why now just because a feminine product was shown?

  29. Dude

    Pathetic article.

    Oh noes someone mentioned the girls have periods, oh noes someone reminded me briefly that gay people exist and have occasional moments of public affection.


  30. Luke

    “So-called ‘controversial…'”
    Do you not understand what controversy is? You’re not making an objective statement about the quality of movie in saying it’s controversial, you’re saying SOME people found it offensive, which they certainly did.
    But the Leftist must do more than state their opinion. He/she/xer must partake in the creation of reality, in manipulating the framework by which others form opinions. They must not dignify any opinion that goes against the elite-establishment opinions.
    This is a minor, but perfect example of this.
    (Or conversely, the author just doesn’t know what the word “controversy” means and should probably use a dictionary or discover a new vocation.)

  31. Dena

    I agree with you Steve 100%

    1. Sally

      Same, what time is the next Klan meeting?

  32. Shannon

    So it’s fine for boys to have coming of age movies, but not girls? Periods, emotions, sexuality; it’s all part of it! We all go through it! Stop shying away from it!

    People need to learn that this happens; you can’t just shove it under a rug and hope you don’t have to be the one to tell them. People need to stop clutching their proverbial pearls, I swear to gods.

  33. Kelly

    Why does anyone care about any of this? People are actually made that a period product is shown in a Pixar movie? They’re mad a same sex couple is in a movie? Children know what these things are. Children SHOULD know what these things are. It’s not “grooming” to educate children about life and being a human. Anyone that has a problem with these things needs to figure out why they’re so angry in life. Who hurt you?

  34. Clint K

    Calling it now. They’re going to make Riley bi-curious and struggling with liking bous vs girls.

    1. Byron

      Honestly, I’d love to see that. The Owl House did this beautifully and in such a truthful way, without the melodramatic bs or fictional instant attraction tropes. Doesn’t hurt that it ended up being a healthier relationship than many I’ve witnessed for real… A shame more folks can’t be as truthful and open with their partners.

  35. R

    People on here are always so angry, I don’t get it.

    I didn’t have an issue persay with “light-years gay couple” or “turning reds period product use”
    The real issues in them were, for Lightyear, I didn’t see it cause it was something that could have been an original story with buzz lightyear shoehorned in. Then the story I was expecting for lightyear, this space themed action packed story, with how buzz acts in the toy story movies, ended up just being a cheap movie with the only intent to sell merchandise (we all know that’s why Sox is there).

    Turning red, I really didn’t have an issue with it, it was more that my family hadn’t had the talk with our child of the family yet and we didn’t want the Disney movie giving it for us or at the least introducing it when it wasn’t time to give it.
    In all its a movie more for the preteen started-puberty demographic and that’s perfectly fine, I’m not angry about it though. We gave them the talk though now and I’m planning on watching the movie, actually kinda hyped to see it as I love Pixar films. And I’m sure whatever they do with Inside out 2 is gonna be great. 🙂
    Now the only thing that upset me through all of this is the fact that 200 adds have popped up in the span of me writing this haha

  36. Byron

    All these cries of “grooming” are priceless and hilarious… This coming from the group that stumps for the part of an ancient text that provides clear cut rules for when it is appropriate to stone your wife to death, sell your child into slavery, and when and how it is appropriate to prepare animal sacrifices.

    And that’s coming from a Christian! Seriously, y’all need to read your book back to front before using it for insane claims.

    Turning Red didn’t “groom” anyone for a pedophilic encounter – hell, there was hardly even a romantic subplot in the movie at all, much less a sexual one!

    This is just an extension of the delusional rantings of followers of a wannabe dictator demagogue. Seriously, just stop. It’s embarrassing.

    May God have mercy on all of us… This hatred and anger and bigotry cannot possibly be what He intended nor commanded.

  37. Gale

    Yes, Disney is for children. Sincerely, the kid who had her first period at age 9. Which, by the way, is very very normal for menstrual cycles when you are not white. Nobody is grooming anyone. What’s sick is making up cute names for body parts and not educating people about their own body functions. Grow up people.

  38. Sia

    “Disney is for children” when trying to dictate what concepts are “acceptable” for children(as is the kind of thing that comes out of the mouth of a person who would steamroll a child to get to see Mickey

  39. Joel

    This is sickening and discusting.Unbelievable that this would happen.How could Disney have let this happen.I find it atrocious that they haven’t resolved an issue of coming of age for all the religious or just absolute nuts.Disney is not just for kids,it’s generational.And wether you politically correct nay sayers say so or not.Will never your polluted opinions influence any choice in my watching or not watching.

  40. Joe

    Where in the Disney movies have you seen grooming? I have watched all these movies and see nothing that suggests grooming, ie making a child believe sexual intercourse with an adult is ok and not to tell anyone about it. Or perhaps you’re so adamant it’s there because you want it to be there because despite Walt Disney himself being a bit of a degenerate there is no way his company could ever actually find a way to broach such topics as periods, female puberty and body changes in a light hearted, less scary way than the cold biological explainations many of us got in health class in 7th or 8th grade.

  41. I think she going to stay in the same state and shes going to find some new friends and the one day she is going to turn on rhem and become popular but also talk to them at the same time then she might get a different feeling and bingbong is going to come back but i have a lot more but im not going to say nothing eles but these are some of my thoughts 😁😌

  42. Lumine

    “Disney is for children”
    As a person who grew up with Jack Sparrow, that’s an interesting claim.

  43. So Cinderella had an abuse family that locked her in an attic. Sleeping beauty was under a curse from a evil witch. And Snow White step mom hired a guy to cut her heart out. Bambi and Nemo’s moms. Disney is for children only. I luv Disney I’m 56. Love the diversity and can’t wait to see inside out 2!💝😊

  44. .Shaquille.Oatmeal.

    From what I’ve read though this is legit just a low fantasy movie about young girls growing up and experiencing a lot of things that females would be experiencing at that part in life like Periods, body changes, and emotional ups and downs.

    I’d say that it’s a really good guide for young teen girls that need it. All this hate for a movie or movies that would honestly help young females out is really crazy.

    Also I don’t know if it’s just the Americans or people from other areas of the world that are complaining but im at least 75% sure most of the complaining is from Americans lol.

  45. Normal guy

    OMG – Gay people exist!
    Gasp – puberty is natural!
    *Fainting spell*

    Get over it, folks.
    These are normal and healthy things.

    1. Ma

      These normal and healthy things are received differently, especially with young growing minds. As a parent of an adolescent, it is my responsibility to know how and properly teach her about these things. Disney needs to stop exploiting the freedom and pride movement for the sake of money.

    2. Jamaal

      Not from disney

    3. Ky

      Thank you normal guy! Finally someone with some sense in these comments!

  46. Ma

    It’s MY job to teach my daughter about periods and sexuality. Disney needs to stay in their lane. Focus on “make believe” and let me handle the real sh*t when it comes my 10 year old daughter. F Disney for doing that to me.

    1. murph

      Then do your job and don’t take your kid to see the movie.

      That’s why it’s rated PG & not G – so that parents know it may not be appropriate for young children.


  47. I’m more concerned that I heard Ariel in the new live-action, Ltlle Mermaid is black.
    I’m all for more black acting parts but how do you explain this.
    All the merchandising one since the movies, Ariel is one of the princess’ , Little girls have dressed liked her, loved their hair like hers, imagined, and dreamed.
    MowvDisney totally destroys it all. For what?!?
    What are you thinking?
    Get your writers to create a new movie, an appropriate princess. This is ridiculous@

  48. Who cares

    Can you stop writing these articles that make no sense to have. Save your opinions for bar talk and not these long winded wikis with vomit ads throughout. You are wasting everyone’s time. Please… thank you.

  49. Ben

    This article is stupid. It has no content

  50. jack

    nobody wants their kids groomed by a soulless corporation obsessed with money

  51. Joshua J. Kassanchuk

    Riley will be transgender because she is into hockey and always thought of herself as a man. A great movie for the whole family. That is how Pixar will make world sink a couple feet further into hell

  52. Elisha

    As a ” non white” person why the hell do we have to have anybody tell my kids what they need to know or think is right we teach our kids respect everyone who deserves it and right now it ain’t Disney!

    1. Kamal

      True it is really getting old

    2. Jamaal

      It’s called grooming and that is all that Disney is doing like you said why do we need them to help our kids. We watch for entertainment not education!

  53. daddy187666

    ok check this out

    wait for it

    allow your children to watch appropriate movies at the appropriate age and groom them yourselves

    drops Mike.

    1. daddy187666


      Gawd damnit

  54. daddy187666

    mic *

    gawd damn it

  55. Your Mama

    Next Pixar movie should def talk about religion. Maybe a family that’s Christian. Just shove it down people throat. Ohh.. people would like that? Then stop showing us things we find inappropriate and don’t agree with! These movies are supposed to be for toddlers and kids. Keep the private stuff for us parents to tell our kids when we want. It’s not for Disney or Pixar to tell us “what is normal” or “appropriate”.

    1. Ky

      Christianity is already shoved down peoples throats on a daily, so that’s always mute. Why do you think women no longer have a right to do what they want with their bodies? Oh right. Christians. Also, if you don’t like the content Pixar and Disney produce, don’t watch it/buy it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to interact with the content. Just the same as people don’t have to be involved in Christianity, or any religions, if they do not choose to.

  56. NinendoGamer

    Homosexuality shouldn’t be ANYWHERE present in films meant for children. Kids should not have ANYTHING remotely sexual in what they see & experience as they are too young to understand what is going on & require more life experience before making a decision like that. Screw Disney for trying to FORCE homosexuality onto their impressionable minds. I hope Disney goes bankrupt from these kinds of immoral decisions.

    1. Treygar

      Straight relationships should be banned in movies too then right?

  57. MJ

    Oh noooo. Talk about completely normal human biology? Say it ain’t so!


    disney is going downhill so fast PATHETIC BASTARDS

  59. Phoebe L Ho

    You know what I would really like?
    1) For “Inside Out 2” to be released to theaters, showing that Those In Charge actually have some faith in Pixar, especially after everything they’ve already done.
    2) For the movie to be really awesome, which I’m sure it will be.

  60. Lana

    People need to grow up. There was nothing offensive in the movie. An innocent clip of a mother handing her daughter pads for what she thought was happening is nothing compared to the stuff that you watch on tasteless music videos.

  61. Aisha

    Can everyone just stop complaining and enjoy the movies that Disney is bringing out? OMG! Red didn’t do any harm, but their is stupid ppl who need to find things to complain about. If you want to ban Disney in you’re home, fine. Just don’t ruin for the rest of the ppl.

  62. Ali

    The horror that women have periods!! Maybe all girls and women should be banned from movies since we don’t bleed the way males do. I still can’t figure our why a movie about adolescence is controversial.

  63. Roxy

    Disney is not exclusively for children

  64. Bob

    I’m wondering why people think new emotions would emerge. None of the adults have emotions beyond the five. Wasn’t the climax plot point at end thoughts that contain multiple emotions such as sadness then joy, showing how growing up adds emotional complexity beyond the basics.


    Lets get back to basics that Disney Productions was built on.
    Remember you are leaving everyday issues, and entering a world of Fantasy!!!
    Fact of life and the sex talk should be done through Parents, first, then schools and specific video at an appropriate age. Let children be children as long as they can.
    Keep the fantasy, and leave the problems and issues of life for media that address’s those issues. Make media PG13 for those movies and market it that way.

  66. Eugene

    Now I’m starting to worry. Grooming is such a hot topic these days and it seems it can mean anything you want it to mean.
    I’m afraid to bring my dog to the pet shop to be groomed. Who knows what might happen to him!!!
    Maybe we should all stop personal grooming? It’s concerning it seems.
    Teaching kids age-appropriate things about life is, it seems, grooming them. Of course, that’s only true when you disagree with the lesson.
    For the most part it seems that people who can’t really make a cogent argument to support and defend their position resort to name-calling. Paint your opponents with an emotion packed label and your job is done.
    Time to grow up. If you have a point to make, be sure you can defend it with an argument that makes sense. Drop the silly playground name calling.

  67. Liliana

    I think a lot of people on this thread need to go through primary school all over again.

  68. Ive seen better writing from 5th graders.
    You cant really call yourself a professional after the atrocity of that article.

  69. Taryl

    The right’s creepy obsession with calling other people “groomers” makes me think some people have some ugly skeletons in the closet. Just like the most blatant, anti-gay people tend to be deep in the closet with multiple lovers.

  70. LegoGuru2000

    People are pissed off because of the efforts to shove the homosexuals lifestyle choice down everyone’s throats by making it appear as if homosexuality is far more common that it is. It would be the same if every piece of content required that at least 2 speaking roles in teh content be portrayed by actors with a handicap.

    Between %3-%4 of the population is homosexual or bi-sexual; the remaining %96+ is heterosexual so when you put gay people in everything you produce you are over representing them and people are sick of it and that includes many within teh LGBQT community who just want to be left alone, not used as mechanism for pushing toxic woke-ism.

  71. Times have Changed. Why shouldn’t teens see movies that represent or address “grow pains” a teens.The Movie Industry has been making movies since the begining, in the 30’s/40’s they gave us the Andy Hardy series,look it up,the 80’s was FULL of these and the phrase
    “Teen Ainks” was created just for these movies. America as a culture has changed since Disney made “I was a teenage Computer” .Finally, once again a few “adults” are the ones crying foul ,and try and make it about something “bad” or “taboo”. Until the kids themselves stsart to complain then Pixar might wanna listen until then I hope they just keep making Amazing movies and TV for Generations to come.

  72. wojtek

    “Shamelessness” in this context means being shameless about who you are, not promiscuity and immodesty.

    Hope you understand. Thanks.

  73. I loved in the Wonders Of Life., Going into the body of a boy going through just this issue. I took each of my children at the age of 12 and it helped. We talked and enjoyed and could understand. That was around for many years and I enjoyed each time I went to it.

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