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Three Ghosts on the Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. Daniel

    The Ghost Host (VA: Paul Frees [also voiced Pluto and Ludwig Von Drake]) is also the hanging man you see in the cupola of the stretch room (when the lightning strikes). He is the one that leads you to a room “with no window or no doors…which offers a chilling challenge: TO FIND A WAY OUT!” The strong ties of the Ghost Host and Master Gacey was also attributed to the Captain Gore lore by Ken Anderson (to tie Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion together). Captain Gore was supposed to be a character in both and he was supposed to be the Ghost Host/Hangman. Although they did do something similar in Disneyland Paris with Phantom Manor.

  2. Mike

    The Ghost Host is not Master Gracey.

  3. Roger Stevens

    The Butler did it.

  4. Brie Cheese

    I love how everyone’s all excited by this on social media but it’s got to be a misunderstanding or typo on either the site or the product. They’re not the same person, and pretty sure Disney isn’t confirming them to be the same person.

    Then again the whole bit about Master Gracey and the portrait being linked *did* happen. They caved and that became the norm for merch. So who knows. All I know is shout-out from someone who knew the daughter of Leota Toombs! HM lore rocks!

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