Comments for Guests Bash New Haunted Mansion Merch: “Lately a Lot of the Merch Is Awful”

haunted mansion shirt (left) guest complaining about merchandise (right)


  1. MB

    The quality of the merchandise has been going down hill for years. I have a coffee mug from the 25th anniv that I use on a regular basis and it still looks brand new. I also have a mug from last year, and the graphics are already gone.

    Who ever at Disney is designing the newer stuff over the past 3-5 years really has no clue what they are doing. I use to not be able to leave the parks without spending a couple hundred dollars on merchandise. These days, it is rare when I buy anything anymore.

  2. The merchandise itself is not the problem as bad as the quality. Mugs that break after one washing when they used to last 10 years; mouse ear headbands that have sewing problems; toys that have bad paint jobs; stuffed animals with poor stitching; beach towels that unravel and shrink; and clothing that is so thin it’s almost see through. The overall quality has gone way down yet Disney keeps raising the prices of merchandise. It has literally become cheap dollar store looking merchandise now when Disney merchandise used to be extremely high quality.

    Now I look for other brands of Disney items or shop from Disney small shops on places like Etsy to find the quality that I used to find at the Disney parks and the Disney store. All Disney is selling is low quality merchandise that is comparable in quality to merchandise found at stores like Big Lots and Five Below.

    As for the new items that Disney has released, they are either terrible in style (like the infamous Haunted Mansion shirt); overpriced (like the Spirit Jerseys); or duplicates of past merchandise. Nothing creative is coming out of the Disney company anymore…not rides, not merchandise, not shows, and not movies. It’s truly sad watching Chapek singlehandedly destroy all things Disney.

    1. Sorrowful Shellebelle

      Very well said and sad! I just looked at the ornaments at the online disney store. The flying Orville ornament in the online picture actually has a flaw! The paint job near his beak is awful. They’re not even trying to show the best. This screams you should settle for what ya get and pay more. There’s a really weird ornament with the Grand Councilwoman standing ominously over Nani, Lilo, and Stitch in a family embrace on the beach. What is that about? What’s even the point of the ornament.? You usually look at Disney merch and laugh or smile. Now you look at some of these dreadful creations, and then you wince and grimace at the looks and price.

      1. I cannot buy the Storybook ornaments anymore. The last one we bought of Snow White in her cottage, the face hardly looked like Snow White at all. We did buy the Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Jungle Cruise ear hat ornaments. The quality on them was acceptable but you could see paint flaws. Even the Disney Hallmark ornaments are lower quality now, I won’t buy the ones in the red boxes (lowest quality) and stick to the ones in the white boxes or the porcelain/ceramic ornaments that seem better made.

        I have to wonder who is buying Disney merchandise for the company now. There used to be so much merchandise that would come out that I was like “I have to have that”, but now there is 2-3 things for the entire year that I want, and then the quality is disappointing. It’s just sad what Disney merchandise has become, it used to be high quality.

  3. Ryan

    I just looked at the shirt on shopDisney and it does look ugly. I love HM but I would not wear this. I bought a shirt at Kohl’s the other day, a Stitch hawaiian shirt, and I haven’t worn it yet but the fit doesn’t feel right. I had to get an xxl because the large went up when I raised my arms and after I got the XXL (didn’t try it on because I thought it owuld fit) it raised up also! But I haven’t gotten any back merch from Disney parks.

  4. Mickeymouse3

    Aah. Ancient Chinese secret where Disney gets their products from. Hmmm.

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