Comments for Fans Say Disney Character Didn’t Want to Be “Canceled” After “Racist” Incident at Sesame Place

Woody gets Jessie's attention and she hugs a young Guest in a Toy Story outfit.


  1. How is this news? Hello? Thousands of kids get hugged on and loved on by Disney characters every single day in the parks. But the only ones that make the news are the ones that show interactions between characters and black children, because they want to either claim “racism” or “not racism”. So sick of this whole thing!

  2. Ava

    This isn’t funny, and now certain demographics feel entitled to special treatment. A video of ‘racist incidents’ that I saw out of Sesame Place – all the interactions (or lack of) took place during parades. Are these cast members really supposed to stop and greet every child during a parade? Do you really think they can notice every little thing?

  3. billnyenotascienceguy

    Oohhh..So all the cast members must be white? I wonder how stupid people would feel if they found out the cast member inside was not caucasin?? #foodforthought

  4. Working Man

    Ugh they didn’t hug them because they were black and afraid of being canceled. I cant wait for all of these frivolous lawsuits to blowup, these companies should counter sue for defamation. These overly entitled BLM people need to stop and realize its not all about them and that everyone is not out to get them. So sick of what this country has become.

  5. Bdubs

    What happened to Covid?! And Monkey pox is on the rise too?! Hmmm interesting isn’t it.

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