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  1. Rach

    Someone forced him to say it.

    1. Brett

      What do you mean? Someone forced him to say what he just said in this article or someone forced him to speak out against the Florida bill?

      1. Who is pulling the strings

        Probably both. He is a puppet.

  2. Elijah

    No politics, no Splash Mountain retheme!

    1. Darrell


    2. Logan Hatfield


  3. Disney Demon

    No politics whatsoever! Keep politics of all shapes, sizes, and what have you OUT of The Walt Disney company! Keep them out of your movies! Keep them out of your theme parks! Keep them out of everything you do!

    1. Marlena

      I’m guessing the $150 Billion dollars he’s lost Disney in the last 8 months alone is why he is saying this. No one forced him to say anything, because his job is on the line. This was a last ditch effort to save his ass, and it won’t. Any CEO of a corporation like Disney knew not to play politics, but went head to head with DeSantis anyway. He let department heads make woke decisions for kids movies and suffered the worst box office for a Disney movie in 50 years. Share prices are waayyyy down, and subscriptions have gotten bad for them. They have been relying mostly on the parks for the last 8 months. Serves him right. Go Woke Go Broke. Not like we didn’t warn em. My kids don’t do anything Disney anymore. Nothing. Ever.

      1. Darrell

        Spot on!!!

      2. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

        First you weren’t paying attention. Chapek was originally against saying anything and was forced to take a stand. So there goes that argument.
        Second are your kids allowed to do anything, because every other children’s entertainment is a lot worse than what Disney is doing.

        1. Ron

          Forced by who?

          1. peterparker22

            I have been promoting a boycott of disney now for the last 6 months, and personally have resisted any engagement with the company. When asked why people boycotting like this always seem to lose steam and eventually go back to supporting the boycotted companies, I said the boycotts begin when a company throws a disagreeable viewpoint in someones face, loudly and proudly. Generally, it tends to end when the company changes tracks and chooses to stop throwing those thoughts and ideas in the face of the people who would otherwise do business with the company. IF Chapek and Co stay true to the “stay out of politics” view, and take steps back from the extreme views they have promoted lately, I and many others may decide to go ahead and begin to participate with DIS again. Sad that all of this ever happened.

        2. Christopher marx

          So…guess that’s why minions 4 with no controversial political statement made 710 million and light year barely broke $200million? Got it. Disney is the only one making quality entertainment…

      3. Ron Obvious

        Chappek’s ass is already safe. The Disney board recently renewed his contract for another 3 years. Now he’s ready to clean house. In fact, he already started by firing Peter Rice.

        1. Amy

          Who was also ‘safely under contract’. Precedent set…

  4. Fred

    Be sure to stay out of Anaheim politics as well. Disney spends millions here on elections to install puppets in order to get tax breaks and subsidies. They’ve been taking advantage of our city’s love and kindness towards them for a long time. The FBI is investigating their city representative for literally writing pro-Disney speeches for our recently-resigned Mayor to read. Stick to entertainment Disney!

    1. Darrell

      I agree!!!

  5. Think right

    Unless it’s his politics. The “right” politics isn’t politics, according to some people.

    1. Becky

      Wow the amount of hate and trash in these comments is appalling. I hate Bob Chapek he would actually fit in with most of you in this comment section. He doesn’t believe in standing up for what is right. He doesn’t believe in equality. I think it is funny you all call him “woke.” He is the exact opposite and plans to destroy Disney by not standing for everyone’s rights to magic, love and dreams. All he cares about is his bottom line and white privilege. Just like many of the trolls in these comments.

      1. Kat

        Exactly Becky. Thank goodness there’s at least one person here who loves others 🙁 with ya girl.

      2. Who, Me?

        “The amount of hate in these comments is appalling !”
        Then you say”I hate Bob Chapek, he’d fit in with the rest of you!”
        Are you that narcissistic or are you just Bat Sh*t nuts???
        Seen more common sense come out of an Eggplant.

      3. John

        Don’t hurt yourself when you step down off your high horse, Becky.

  6. Bob Chapek saying to keep politics out of Disney is too little too late. Ever since he’s been in command we’ve seen his version of politics on Disney ride changes, Disney classic movie changes, Disney character differences, etc. The man has literally been infusing the parks with nothing but his politics and now he’s saying politics have no place in Disney parks.

    No Mr. Chapek you are the one that has no place in Disney. You are single handedly destroying what used to be an amazing company and turning many lifetime supporters and park visitors against you. Because of YOUR politics and for no other reason.

    This whole circus will continue as long as Chapek is in charge. And it’s sad to watch what was once an amazing company suffer at the hands of such a monster.

    1. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      Actually that was iger. Pay attention more.

  7. Darrell

    If You look at the Stock performance since Disney became woke it’s very obvious why Disney is back peddling and as a Stock Holder I personally want the people behind It gone at all levels in the Company and I’m sure Walt never would’ve let it get this way

    1. Darrell


  8. Elaine

    He said no politics going forward, I sincerely hope he means it. Companies like Disney need to stick to their business model and not allow employees and outside forces to force their involvement in politics. Walt Disney was a staunch republican, but he never allowed his personal politics to infiltrate the Disney brand.

  9. She

    Must be getting hot in the Disney kitchen. Keep up the good work and we will soon drive far left ideas out of the House of Mouse.

  10. Doug

    HE’S DECIDED to stay out of politics because his politics jumped up and bit him on the backside and cost the company billions.

  11. Kim

    Disney needs to back off on the woke stuff with their cast. If you don’t ride public transportation you have white privilege. If you show up to work on time and have a good work ethic you have white privilege. If you live in a house you have white privilege. This is what Disney management has drilled in to them by the company. Disgusting

  12. Bobby

    Keep politics out of every company. No more lobbyists with politicians in their pockets. No more corporate donations to political campaigns for “favors”. Politics ruin everything.

  13. Rickey Mouse

    Pressure getting to Chapek? It’s about time. Disney’s parks are for EVERYONE, not just the gay community. Of which it seems it’s becoming lately. Mickey doesn’t care what, who or how your are. Just have fun and ride rides. That’s what Walt intended.
    Now about Splash Mtn. It had a story of the lives of blacks back in the day. Now it’s gonna be a story of adventure in blacks in the present. Why the change? If we are to give up on stories during “slavery” days, or days of black “employment” of earlier days, then the history behind blacks will soon be lost or forgotten. Is that what the black community really wants?

    1. Darrell

      Excellent point!!!

    2. David M

      And the civil war, brother fighting brother.
      Go back to the revolutionary war, fighting for freedom, people killing same nationality that their forefathers were.
      History is what it is, maybe not fair or justice, but that is what the future is for, to change and make it a better world for ALL people. Remember white, black, Asian and Indian are all human people, there are some good and a few bad in all nationalities.

    3. RickeytheBigot

      Imagine being a human being in 2022 and still using the term “blacks”. Disgusting.

      1. Who,Me?

        Yeah, things like “I’m the first Black President, I’m the first Black Woman Vice President, First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice. Black history month, Black Caucus……
        Another delusional racist dipsh*t.

        1. Yeah YOU

          You must be inbred to think “blacks” is the same as a title like you listed. Typical Trumper nut job.

    4. Anonymous

      There was no slavery in that movie you idiot. It takes place after civil war. Do your homework.

  14. AH

    Iger really started turning over the HR dept to the wokes. They then added more of their kind across the company. Now the heat has been turning up and Chapek is feeling it. Good. We need to keep it up.

  15. Mason

    If Disney isn’t a place for politics then explain the not so secret gay agenda, removal of the Indians in Peter Pan’s flight, removal of the natives and trader Sam on the Jungle Cruise, having diversity ,equity and inclusion training for employees and retheming splash mountain you know a thing nobody asked for?

    1. Anonymous

      Then they are going to have to bring them back, put everything back, and undo that crap for good. It’s simple as that. Also, let him know we want them back now.

    2. S

      All of those things will be reversed in the not too distant future and Disney will be made great again. There will be no more DEI either with the entire department being on the resurrected Hollywood blacklist. Walt would’ve ratted them out for communist activity.

  16. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    Actually that was iger. Pay attention more.

  17. Trudy

    When is he going to listen to his own advice!!!!!!!!

  18. Gary L

    Disney is not a place for Bib Chapek

  19. David M

    If Chapek did say that, then he should as CEO shut his mouth when politics or social actions come into play at Disney..
    Go back to the no praising certain social groups, merchandising for PRIDE. Go back to making movies MAGIC for children and adults (young at heart)
    Take care of the Cast members, pay them at least enough to live on.
    With magic back, the money will come. And maybe the stock price will return to normal.
    A better idea, replace Chapek!!!
    “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy”

  20. L

    I agree Bob. Disney is definitely not the place for politics. Focus on getting the magic back. Stay out of places where corporations don’t belong. Just plain, simple family entertainment.

  21. Jeanene

    I agree! They are a theme park! They should only worry about entertaining people! Leave ALL wokeness out! Everyone should be welcome & not catering to specific groups!

    1. Awakening

      If you’re not woke, you’re asleep at the wheel!

      1. Who,me?

        Ummm, better open your eyes cupcake, your about to hit a tree….

      2. S

        If you’re not woke you’re normal. Woke means brainwashed by leftist lies. I have a strict no hire-policy against anyone woke in my company and so will Disney after I seize them in a hostile takeover.

        1. Trumped

          You continue to live up to your reputation as the most racist and sexist poster on here S/S1/SS/Steve whatever you use.

          1. S

            Nice deflection. You’re an undesirable and not welcome at the parks. Walt would’ve ratted you out to the HUAC.

  22. Ginger

    People can’t change history no matter how hard they try. First statues were destroyed. The era in History was definitely not a proud time for the South but it happened. Instead of trying to destroy History, build more statues that show the men and women of color who have contributed so much to the country. Now Disney is trying to destroy History. I’m 73 and seen it all starting with Little Rock Central High School. Not a proud moment for our city. However the building and every part or the campus is still standing. I know this is a extreme example but History has not been destroyed. Disney and all their retheming can’t change history. I’ve been to Disney World many times and I never had any thought about any ride being racial or anything else. Disney needs to stop rubbing our noses in all the politics, let kids be kids, let us just enjoy all the rides without retheming and build new rides for Tiana and all the new characters.

  23. Rolando Castillo

    I quite agree with Chapek’s statement. However, if he believed in what he said, he shouldn’t have embarked on influencing politics like he did this year.

    Walt, himself, would have never approved of Chapek’s actions and would have fired him on the spot for tarnishing Disney’s legacy and reputation!

  24. Ed

    Sorry baldy it’s too late for this to be credible.

  25. Mr White

    Glad to see its took them losing money to realise, that the queer o sexuals and coloured folk are minorities for a reason and the vast majority of us just want to go to Disney for some good wholesome Christian fun.

    1. Be Nice

      Excuse me but please just keep your hate to yourself if you are truly a Christian then you would believe that all humans were created equal and no one is any less of a human than another!

    2. You are not a Christian

      Imagine writing this comment and thinking you’re a Christian lmao. Jesus was a socialist who washed the feet of prostitutes. You’re just a racist POS

  26. Mickeymouse3

    Actions speak louder than words.
    Penny-pinching Paycheck has lost all credibility with a statement like this.
    Personally, I believe he is the one responsible for all the nickel and diming, but he is following the directives of his board president and a few others on the inclusion and politics.

  27. Yes, Please! Keep politics outta Disney! We kids….and I’m 68 years young……don’t want this stuff slid into movies, shows, theme park events! We want what Mr. Disney created, a place to enter into either in person or on movie screens and TV and see magical, innocent, fun to believe there’s still a place that “takes us away” from politics, outside influences and all the controversial things that take away our childhood fun!!

  28. Franklin

    I’m seeing all these comments on Disney needing to remove all politics from itself. And you know what?

    I absolutely agree. If Disney wants to stay Disney, and keep a happy escape for all audiences, it needs to squeeze all politics from its parks, movies, shows and games. That way, we can get the best possible media from Disney in the future.

    Here, I’ve even made a list of everything Disney needs to remove:

    -Remove all Disney media about people striving for equality between social/ethnic groups (i.e. Hunchback of Notre Dame, Zootopia, Pocahontas, Mulan, Luca…). Diversity is a political ideology.

    -Remove all Disney media about female heroines working for their own independence, because such plots are pushed by feminist ideals. Feminism is a political ideology.

    -Remove Star Wars. Wars are inherently political, and it’s a franchise about people fighting against space fascism. Anti-fascism is a political ideology.

    -Remove all Disney media depicting warfare, for the same reason (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Good Morning Vietnam, Chronicles of Narnia, Pearl Harbour, and a hundred others)

    -Remove Mary Poppins, because one of the minor characters was a suffragette (again, feminism), and it also offers a criticism of capitalism and implies it causes unhappiness. Anti-capitalism is a political ideology.

    -Remove all Disney movies and shows discussing monarchy and workings of government, which are obviously political topics. Goodbye Hamilton and every single Disney princess movie.

    -Remove EVERY Disney-related media that discusses historical periods in a detailed manner. History itself is a political topic, and involves the discussion of forces that shape society into what it is. Any mention might be ugly to anyone who wants escape from reality, even if it’s mildly fictionalized. So Pirates of the Caribbean? Captain America? Indiana Jones? Pocahontas? That Miracle on Ice movie with Kurt Russell? All in the trash.

    -Remove Frontierland and Main Street USA from every Disney park. Same reason.

    -Remove Animal Kingdom, because it promotes environmental protection and diversity. Environmentalism is a political ideology.

    -Remove WALL-E, Bambi and Finding Nemo. Same reason. (also, delete all of National Geographic)

    -Remove all of Liberty Square from Magic Kingdom, because it’s literally about the origin of the United States, with a theme park literally about U.S. presidents. Thus, political.

    -Remove ‘Great Moments with Mister Lincoln’, because it’s literally an animatronic politician on a stage (and a historical one).

    -Remove EPCOT’s ‘World Showcase’, because it’s a recreation of different countries in the world, with attractions discussing their histories. Countries and nations are political entities.

    -Remove EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth, because it’s a ride about the history of communication, and both history and communication are political concepts.

    -Actually, just remove the rest of EPCOT altogether, because the promotion of scientific progress is itself a political act.

    -Remove Disney’s California Adventure, because it’s a park themed on the state of California, which is itself a political entity.

    -Remove Haunted Mansion because it has ghosts. Ghosts are too controversial because it implies life after death, and there’s debate between religious groups and non-religious ones about its existence. It’s a driver behind quite some political strife even today, and thus is a political issue. Also, the house was always shown to be from the 19th century, which means it’s historical (and thus political)

    -Remove all mention of religion in Disney parks and media. Because again, too political.

    -Remove every castle in the parks, because castles were built as fortifications to defend against wars in medieval times, meaning its very design was based on politics.

    -Remove Splash Mountain. Yes, the current Splash Mountain, because it’s based on a movie inspired by the ‘Uncle Remus’ books, both of which are racially (and thus politically) controversial, and are based on a time period after the Civil War.

    – Remove ALL Disney parks, movies and TV shows, because art itself is built on ideologies, and requires an audience’s interpretation based on their own past experiences, and their own opinions/knowledge about the world. Art itself is political.

    -You know what? Just trash the Walt Disney Company altogether, because corporations are political entities governed by laws. Also, it was founded by a man with capitalist ideals, who promoted anti-unionism and stood in front of the House of UnAmerican Activities to testify about alleged communist. Also, he turned his entire studio into a propaganda wing for the U.S. during WWII (starring his characters, no less), and later promoted world peace while the U.S. and Soviets were about to blow each other up. Such a political man, and yet not only is his image everywhere in Disney parks and media, but his name is LITERALLY in the company’s name. Why? Disney doesn’t need these ridiculous politics.

    1. Logan Hatfield

      this is probably the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my 5 years of being in the disney community do you not understand how much of classics splash mountain and haunted mansion are?

      1. Franklin

        Sorry, sir, it’s just too much politics. They’ve gotta go.

  29. Logan Hatfield

    this is probably the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my 5 years of being in the disney community do you not understand how much of classics splash mountain and haunted mansion are?

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