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  1. Disney is concentrating on Marvel and Star Wars in the theme parks. Just about everything else is falling through the cracks. The old rides are not being maintained, paint is cracking, rides are breaking down, animatronics aren’t functioning properly, etc. You can watch You Tube videos all day long about broken animatronics and see them on most of the older rides in the parks.

    Disney should have used the time that they were closed due to Covid to maintain their rides, refurbish rides they needed to, and build new rides. Instead they let all of their employees go, and then re-opened and it’s like the rides were not maintained at all when they were closed. There are more rides closed than ever before when you visit the parks, it’s almost ridiculous how many rides are down at one time.

    The real problem I have is with the current rides. They are making them flashy and technical, but so many of the rides have screens you look at and are lacking animatronics which is the one thing that made Disney rides stand out from rides at other theme parks. With some of the rides, like the Web Slingers, it’s no different than staying at home and playing a Spiderman game on the Nintendo Wii. I don’t want to stare at television screens at the park, I want rides that are immersive and filled with animatronics that are classic and last decades.

    Of course the screens are much easier to maintain and much cheaper than animatronics which is why we are seeing them in so many rides in the parks. I just feel the new rides don’t represent Disney quality. But then again, not much about Disney represents my opinion of Disney quality anymore. It’s sad to see a once great company tank because of so many terrible choices.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Great comments and opinions SarahELuvsDisney
      Except for the nasty truth getting in the way of what you are saying.
      Rides break down, they always have and they always will. The difference today is with internet bloggers and social media influencers in the parks every day, every minor 101 situation is reported online. So you get videos on YouTube showing standard experiences, but since now you know about it, you think it is a worse situation.
      Then you follow it up with the fantasy that Disney should have been doing things to repair the parks during Covid. Except, the reason the parks were closed was Covid, so they sat empty. Theme park maintenance was not then and never will be classified as essential employees.
      Then you claim that Disney’s problem is the rides. Clearly you have no understanding of competition between parks. While Disney does still use animatronics, you should understand that with the cost of animatronic 1000s, you do not include animatronics just because you want them. They are used where they add to the show, not to use animatronics just because they are animatronics. While there are advantages to using screens and advantages to using animatronics, screen technology is here to stay.
      Oh and your last paragraph indicates an inherent bias. Disney is not tanking, it is setting records for revenue, their actual goal. So, all in all, thanks for trying. But fail

    2. joenywf64

      You can bet they are eventually going to gut Spaceship Earth & destroy all its animatronics & put in an even
      cheaper-than-video-screens 3 minute roller coaster!
      Already has been done inside a copycat globe in an overseas themepark! & watch it draw tons more people than spaceship earth.

  2. Kerstin Lampert

    As a longtime Disney Park fan, I’m sorry to say that I plan to take a break from the crowded and confusing experience that visiting a park now entails.

    I’m hopeful that in 5 or so years, a “new” and “fresh” adventure will be waiting for me.

    As Mickey says…’see you real soon”…

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      Oh wait, I just read the two comments that were posted originally. One complains that Disney is tanking and the other than it is over-crowded. Which is it? They can not both be true. Can someone tell me which one is right?

    2. CRT

      They are both true because Disney has cut its services. The result of fewer services is longer lines. The DW parks are nowhere near as crowded as they were pre-COVID, yet the lines are worse than ever.

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