Comments for ‘A New Hope’ Is Now the End of a New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Steph

    I was going to watch till the entitled, upper class, elitist.”, labor party voting old hag Fiona Shaw decided to bring 45 into this. Yes, Star Wars did have politics in it, especially the prequel era, but, it was never supposed to be about one thing or about relevant issues it was about timeless issues. It’s ultimately a fairytale after all which is why the story has endured for 45 years. Shaw decided to throw her bigotry anger and hatred into it. If you divide your audience you’re not going to be successful. Well done hiring the angry charter member of the alphabet mafia, Kathy Kennedy you did a wonderful job here. Tubby McRainbow flag set fire to the foundations of the show…

    1. Bob Ligma

      Is this comment intended for another article? What are you talking about?

    2. Victor

      You seem angry. And you are ranting. Maybe you need to think about your position of not watching a TV show because you don’t like an actors politics.

  2. Scott

    Andor is a tv series NOT a movie, Hense no new trilogy as they require 3 MOVIES not a tv series and 2 movies. Folks are really reaching for content.

    1. ben

      You do know that the events of Rogue One happen right before A New Hope. Read the title again. This series with Rogue One being included in the story … ends AT A New Hope … “many Bothens died to bring …” SMFH.

      1. Crystal

        But did you miss them listing “Andor, Rouge one, and a new hope” being listed as a trilogy which “leads into the original trilogy” as they said?
        They’re claiming that Andor makes those 2 movie now a trilogy when shows have NEVER been considered part of a trilogy/movie series (if so then the prequels are now a quadogy? because if the clone wars, or technically sectology? Because the bad batch also connects right to the clone wars and the prequels; when you say prequels TRILOGY youre talking about the movies not the show.)
        We all know that rogue one goes directly into a New Hope, no one was confused on that like you seem to think. We’re questioning how the person writing this thought a TV show now makes up part of a MOVIE trilogy.
        It’s like saying I got a cat, so now I have 3 dogs instead if 2. It doesn’t make sense.

        They’re just continuing a storyline previously presented. It doesn’t make it a trilogy or anything special unless you’re referring to it as like “the republic” Era, “the empire/rebel” Era, “the resistance”.

      2. Zreak

        The “many Bothens died…” line was from return of the jedi not new hope

  3. Jack

    I’m hoping we’ll see K-2S0 as well. He was my favorite character in Rogue One and my favorite droid overall.

  4. JElliott

    Saw Guerra featured much more prominently in Rebels than Clone Wars, although I wouldn’t exactly call him a hero there.

  5. There has always been more “fan” con jector about what took place before or in-between the originals. so why not let them give us answers to this? I am along for the ride where ever it takes me.

  6. Joel C. Martin

    The ending of Rogue One with Vader dominating the white helmet dudes is the best scene of all the Star Wars movies and shows, thats all I have to say.

    1. AH

      When the screen went dark, I said oh crap! I knew what was coming and then the light Saber extended.

  7. Chris Wood

    I will give this show a try. Now we can see the depths and lengths that the rebellion will go to to bring down the EMPIRE, even if it proves that they are no better then the EMPIRE

  8. Mr White

    This is just something you’ve made up

  9. Bob

    Politics doesn’t belong in TV shows or movies, they should be like they used to, just for pure “entertainment”!

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