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Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven

Credit: Netflix


  1. Jayne1955

    I don’t have Netflix and I never will. Some people are lucky they can afford linear TV.

    1. Nick

      Gross, you animal. Linear what are you a cave man?

  2. CGer

    I’m super annoyed with Netflix. I was in the middle of watching the Originals (5 seasons) and was in the middle of season 3. One night the entire series was there, the next night everything was gone except Season 5. Yet they advertise the “Vampire Series” which includes The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacy’s. Really terrible customer service!

  3. Jon Heil

    Least they have about 50+ websites that stream all of that for free, heck if you borrow someones like a bunch do, check it out then. Just silly some of the junk they put on there but now a days everyone has its own streaming services

  4. Giovanni

    After they canceled the OA,
    I lost interest in Netflix. They are not open to see what their customers want.

  5. Samantha

    Sounds like I’ll be dropping Netflix and keeping Hulu, Disney plus and HBO Max. Although I do really like the stand up comedy that is on Netflix. One thing I won’t do is watch advertising. I know what I want – advertising is just a waste of my time. I won’t be alive that much longer for fuks sake!

  6. Stefan

    This is the epitome of a company going down in flames due to terrible mismanagement. My goodness

  7. Dylan

    Drop netflix. Dropn disney. Fak hulu. Fak prime garbage. Gonna get me a lazerpointer and watch cats go nuts… More entertaining than most shows these days. Like gtfo with super hero trash. They have ruined most heros already

  8. iampoch

    If this scheme lands in our country, then I’ll be canceling and will just go full-on Jack Sparrow.

  9. Al

    Go woke go broke

  10. Willius

    You have to watch ads and there is content missing, who would pay for that. Netflix is digging its own grave.

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