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Jeopardy! host Mayim Bialik on set

Credit: ABC


  1. Michael

    But they have judges to correct the mistakes so don’t blame her if it’s not the right answer

  2. Kate

    The one answer of little rabbit foe foe she was wrong it’s p0ping then on the head not slapping she’s not right for this show sorry she needs to go I like Ken Jennings he so much better

    1. Deanna

      Then blame the show. She had the answer in front of her.

    2. No she is not a good host, she dresses douddy, never looks professional. Ken is the man for the job.

  3. I like her style and cheerful personality.
    Hope she stays on permanently.

  4. CW

    I think people are being too critical of Mayim. She is doing a fine job. Ken is intelligent but stiff. Keep her. Plus, some of her critics on here can’t write or spell . They have no business critiquing her.

  5. Raven

    I could be wrong, but isn’t it up to the producers to determine whether or not an answer may be accepted? I know that’s how it is on basically every other game show. If so, then why is Mayim getting all the backlash?

  6. Evan

    It’s Mike Richards. Not “Mike Richardson.”

  7. Fred Clark

    She is not the one who decides if the answer is correct. There’s a whole panel behind the scenes that tell her in the earpiece if the answer is acceptable.

  8. Kelly

    Would you just name Ken as the permanent host, and be done with this??!? I never watch Jeopardy! when this is the host and I never will again .. unless you idiot producers choose Ken.


    Just get rid of her. Her constant side to side movement is annoying as are her Gracho Marx glasses. She is just a bad host.

  10. vvasqu

    I don’t know why you don’t care for Mayim she is doing a great job. Is she perfect absolutely not but give her a chance.

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