‘Hercules’ Actor Faces 50 Years In Prison Following Incest Allegations

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Credit: Disney

A popular singer and actor faces a half-century in prison following allegations of incest and domestic violence.

Ricky Martin has been a popular singer and songwriter for many years. He is best known for his music career, in which he posted four songs in the Billboard Top 100, including “She’s All I Ever Had,” “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely,” “Private Emotion,” and “Livin La Vida Loca.”

Ricky Martin
Credit: ABC

What many Disney fans may not know is that Ricky Martin actually voiced Hercules in the Latin-American adaptation of the beloved 1997 film. He also recorded a Spanish version of the popular song “Go the Distance” from the film titled “No Importa La Distancia.” He also has been a part of the soundtracks for the Despicable Me franchise, including Despicable Me 3 (2017) and Minions (2015).

Now, the singer and actor faces allegations that could carry a sentence of a half-century, if found guilty.

Martin’s 21-year-old nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, accuses the singer of domestic violence. He says that Martin continued to show up at his home after allegedly ending a 7-month relationship with Ricky. Marca is reporting that Martin faces up to 50 years behind bars if convicted.

Ricky Martin
Credit: ABC

Martin’s attorney released a statement to TMZ following the reports denying all allegations.

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