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  1. Walt

    Disney is becoming this awful place where being normal is a bad thing.

    1. Deebs

      Hey Walt. My guy. If you think you can post something this tone deaf and ableist and consider that to be “normal,” you need to take a good hard look inward. Equity matters and hopefully we continue to see coverage about how Disney believes so too.

    2. SS

      One day when you can barely walk around the park, you will be glad they were inclusive. You are a disgrace to the name, remove it NOW.

  2. Emily

    As someone who is Autistic and had had some weight issues, I am glad Disney has accessibility.

  3. Henry

    Disney is failing to recognize an important distinction between racial & sexual equality and LGBTQ “equality”. There’s nothing unnatural or anti-biological about racial or sexual equality, whereas LGBTQ is completely unnatural & anti-biological (a man’s sexual organs & hormones are designed by nature or God to complement those of a woman, not of another man [or animals]).

    Just because LGBTQ (or bestiality or necrophilia) has been around does NOT make it natural or normal. A man (woman) is born with the right anatomy to have sex with a woman (man). Anyone saying anything else is defying both common sense & science (not to mention religion).

    Although our society may choose to accept LGBTQ (if kept private) despite its unnaturalness, this does not mean LGBTQ should be on display everywhere. Display of such unnatural sex is offensive to some people (how would an LGBTQ sympathizer like to be forced to watch people having sex with animals or corpses?). Much more importantly, such LGTBQ display, which is a form of promotion, would confuse & convert some of our gullible children to this unnatural, harmful, & unproductive way of life (can’t have kids; difficult to have healthy sex; harmful to raise adopted kids without parents of complementary biological makeups ….).

    For those who argue that such display should have no effects on children (even the borderline ones), use your COMMON SENSE & realize that if you expose children long enough to something (violence, LGBTQ, bestiality, etc.), some of them will inevitably think it’s natural/normal and will start to do it.

    1. JohnH

      How is homosexuality normal/natural when it would lead to extinction? People try too hard to psychologically redefine themselves when we were already defined biologically. Isn’t that how we define all other animals? Biologically?

      Like bestiality, incest, & necrophilia, LGBTQ goes against nature. It must not be shown as normal anymore to gullible children who have already been confused & affected by this harmful lifestyle choice.

    2. Lina

      I don’t say this lightly, I mean this whole heartedly, this is the stupidest thing I’ve read all year

  4. Chris

    Unfortunately, they have been failing at inclusiveness as of late:
    No wheelchair vehicle on Navi River Journey

    No option for guests to remain in their chair on Flights of Passage

    Restraints are way too small on mine train for about 40% of the population.

    The list goes on.

  5. EricJ

    Uh, did ANYONE from Florida read the article and realize it was talking about chair-disabled? 😉

    I just came from a chair trip to WDW last month, and while I was surprised by the number of transportation options and park rides you can enjoy in a regular disabled chair vs. Grandma’s electric scooter…
    Half the park is still either UPHILL–both ways–or with some immersively rough terrain, like the cobbled sidewalk in Fantasyland, or the rocky paths in Animal Kingdom.
    Any rider planning to go would best bring either electric boost, or a significant-other to push and vehicle-assist. They’ve still got a ways to go.

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