Comments for Multiple People Arrested, One Hospitalized After Disney World Fight

disney world brawl

Credit: Screenshot via TikTok


  1. Mickey

    Can’t take some people anywhere.

    1. Bruce

      How sad that this type of behavior is becoming the norm. Doesn’t it make you wonder where we are headed?
      People are overly self absorbed and self centered.
      The attitude is my rights are more important then your rights. Respect for others and common courtesy no longer exists.

  2. No security

    Really puts to bed the myth of “Disney has secret security everywhere” when the only CMs showing up for most of the fight were merchandise.

    1. Tom

      I think they need to shut that park down before someone gets seriously hurt.

  3. Alice

    What would have been so difficult to let the person back in line. Some people just have no class. Adults need chaperones more than children

  4. LaShawn

    What do you mean by that?

  5. Cuse

    Please explain

    1. Larry

      Awww Take Aw pill and go lay down somewhere

  6. Chris

    I would say that Disney needs to implement the same rules that Knotts did, only make it every day, but unfortunately, in this case, it looks like they are all well over 21.

    Disney needs to ban them and make it very public as to what happened to them.

  7. Veronica

    Supposedly the new Disney actor Elijah Richardson (Hollywood Stargirl) family was involved in this fight.

  8. Rules for thee

    You really can’t stand people being allowed to say what they think, can you? We already know how your kind reacts to being censored.

  9. Bri


  10. Fred

    Just ‘keeping it real’ bro! No class, no manners, no entrance from now on. Ban them forever….

  11. Bill Johnson

    I’m sorry but if you think attempting to be a funny racist makes you any less racist you are sadly mistaken. I’ve dealt with angry people of all races at Disney but the majority of them white.

    1. Roy

      Okay Bill, sure thing.

      Reality and statistics tell a different tale. Unfortunately for you the racism card just isn’t what it used to be.

      1. Billie

        Sorry but Bill is correct. The majority of problems are caused by over-entitled WHITE people. Own it Roy.

  12. MsLee

    Anyone who starts a fight – for whatever reason – should be banned. Doesn’t matter who was involved!

  13. Rroe

    Happiest Place on Earth…………………….

    1. stephen

      is Disneyland in California. WDW is the most magical place on earth.

  14. Chris

    Wow, she went all the way out to the parking lot to her “Electric Vehicle” as the article states to get her phone and made it back before they got through the line?

    Or did she leave her phone on her Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV or Scooter)? This seems far more likely, but if so, why didn’t she take the ECV through the queue? That is always the best option, unless it is one of the few attractions that doesn’t allow that, but then a CM should have been there to assist her. Something doesn’t add up somewhere.

    1. Bea

      Oh come on people get out of line all the time to go to the bathroom and we let them back. She got back in line and the nuts waited outside and attacked her and her brother. As usual Fox misses the complete story.

      1. Roy

        You have no idea what happened you weren’t even there. The video evidence speaks an entirely different truth no doubt, hence why those videos keep getting removed. Evidently some in America don’t like the truth, it completely invalidates their “struggle.”

      2. Melody

        You got the story right, the lady got back in line then there was a verbal altercation and the black family (or as you call them “nuts”) waited for them to come out of the attraction and attacked. I’m pretty sure Fox reported it like that too.

  15. We as a society have lost all civility. We refuse to talk to each other in the way we would like to be spoken to. We forget the basic 10 commandments which religion aside help society work. All the media shows is disrespect towards each other & this is displayed by the comments posted here. So sad .

  16. A1 Bold & Spicy

    How’s your mamma?

  17. Lafawnda

    Men are from Venus, and Women are from Mars.

  18. Ellie

    Sad for all. Disney should take most of the blame for the insanity. Tickets are outrageous adding on parking costs, line jumper passes, water/ food is is so expensive. The stress there is unreal. Long lines, heat, dehydration, exhaustion etc and trying to be magical at the happiest place on earth. I’m surprised that outbursts aren’t more common. People need to be kinder and have better coping skills.

  19. Tom

    Having spend most of my life working in Law Enforcement at the Federal Level, I was aghast at how poor Disney Security is. If you want to call it that. I don’t want to go into details but they really need to make some serious changes. I been advising all my friends to avoid that park.

  20. rutgersbabe

    I don’t know what some people. I was on a scooter in Disney World and went to lean on my seat and the scooter inched its way bearly touching someone and they went rogue on me! Where it really got out of hand..I thought I was being punked.

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