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A man with a beard holds up his Disney Cast Member name tag.


  1. Jacky

    Kindness if free, even if you’re off the clock. Everyone has time to be kind. If I know where something is, I’m happy to help. Imagine me as a person who works with elementary school kids. Should I just shove them out of the way to get my car because I’m “OFF THE CLOCK!!” and I certainly can’t be bothered because I’ve had any kind of day, good or bad. That’s not how being humans work. People are certainly more and more entitled, but you don’t have to join them.

  2. Be Nice

    Just a thought has anyone complaining about the lack of ‘magic’ at the parks done something unexpected or ‘special’ for a cast member that helped you out? How many of you even taken the time to print out ‘Thank you’ notes before your trip to hand out to cast members that impressed you or showed you a bit of extra attention? When we go to the parks, I make a point to at least bring some “thank you” business card size cards to give out. I know it isn’t much, but I am sure just showing a bit of appreciation when they may be having a tough day helps.

    1. Or even saying ‘Thank you’ in NORMAL situations.
      The person at the counter brings your coffee… say Thank you.
      You’ve finished your burger, but haven’t yet gotten up to throw away your trash and a cast member clears your table, say Thank you.
      You buy the latest MagicBand+ and the cashier hands you the receipt… say Thank you.

      You want to experience the Magic, then say the magic words… and mean it.

      1. Be Nice

        Exactly my thoughts! Thank you for being a reasonable human being! You give me hope there are still some ‘nice’ people in the world.

  3. Jill A Sackett

    He’s probably one of the woke employees who walked out until Disney got itself involved with teaching 5 year olds the doctor and their parents may have made a mistake regarding their gender. Totally inappropriate

  4. Chris

    I agree with this gentleman. Cast members are not well paid, it is an entry level job for most of them. They are also not essential employees. Why would anybody expect someone, who is wearing street clothes and clearly not on the clock to do any kind of work? This is especially true since every friggen park has a dang map you can get for free at the entrance. If you can read at a 3rd grade level, you can understand the map! Why would there be any need to ask a stupid question such as where something is? If you see your kid’s teacher eating dinner at a restaurant. Do you walk up to their table and demand they review your kid’s homework, or figure they will do it the next school day? How would you self entitled jerks feel if someone demanded that you do work when youre off the clock and not being paid?

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