Blacklisted Disney Actor Claims “Racial and Religious Discrimination”

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A former Disney actor is alleging several forms of discrimination by the company.

The Walt Disney Company is home to many popular brands, including Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, 20th Century Fox, and many others. Over the years, these brands have provided timeless content in the form of movies and television shows that still remain some of the most popular in the world.

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However, one former Disney actor has struck up a lawsuit alleging religious and racial discrimination, retaliation, and breach of contract, among other claims against The Walt Disney Company over its vaccine mandates.

We previously covered that multiple cast members who were fired by Disney for not taking the vaccine had struck up a lawsuit, and several other lawsuits have been filed by actors who were fired, as well.

Now, the first development in those lawsuits has come forward.

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We previously shared that former 9-1-1 star Rockmond Dunbar filed a lawsuit against The Walt Disney Company and 2oth Television with 13 claims over its vaccine mandates. U.S. District Judge Golly Gee looked at the lawsuit and issued a ruling that Disney must face 10 of the claims.

The judge threw out the claim of religious discrimination on the basis that Dunbar, who is a part of the Church of Universal Wisdom, did not have enough evidence to prove that the employment practice was impacting the group as a whole, rather than just one person.

“Although a plaintiff need not provide comprehensive statistical evidence at the pleading stage, he still must allege specific facts from which a reasonable inference can be drawn that an employment practice broadly impacts a certain group in an adverse manner—not merely a single person,” the judge wrote.

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In addition, Dunbar alleged in his lawsuit that Disney sabotaged a movie he was developing, The Rearing, by leaking information about his exemption requests. However, the judge said she was unconvinced that Disney even knew the project existed.

“The speculation that because information about the Project was publicly available online, that Defendants actually saw this information, does not allow the Court to draw a reasonable inference of knowledge,” she said.

Dunbar maintains that he’s being blacklisted over his refusal to get the vaccine, spurred by leaks of religious and medical information about him. In response to “availability checks” for his services, Dunbar says that the inquiries routinely say that he’s been placed on a “do not hire” list, according to reports from The Hollywood Reporter.

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