Comments for Universal Employee Quits, Bashes Company’s Silence on “Don’t Say Gay” Law and Pride Month

Universal Orlando welcom sign

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  1. S1

    Silence is violence, I would never support such an evil, tranphobic and homophobic company.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      Disney has executed a misguided attempt to misuse mega corporation status to manipulate our democracy and they stupidly for involved in social politics and Disney stock is down 55% from last year.

      Universal studios has stayed out of politics and has not misused its mega corporation status to manipulate our democracy and Universal Studios stock is only down 5% from this time last year.

      BTW, Dow is down about 15% from last year.

      Universal is doing a 10X better job than Disney by staying out of politics. We should all want all mega corporations to stay out of our politics. Otherwise we will all end up subservient to mega media, oil, drug and military equipment corporations.

      If you say silence is violence you are not particularly smart. Listening is better than the zealotry-driven intolerance and accusations like you seem to display.

      1. Don Jr.

        Go back to Russia

    2. Polly T

      You are an idiot.

      1. ShelleBelle

        You must have no good points to make, so you resort to name calling.

        1. Shellebelle

          Wait, sorry if you’re calling S1 an idiot and not Victor I’d have to agree with you. Still would rather you used common sense and not name calling against these groomers.

          1. Polly T

            It was at S1.

    3. Sticks & Stones

      Just because I rhymes does not mean it is true.

  2. Marc S

    A company on the same side as one of the most evil governors to ever exist is nothing to be proud of.

    History will not be gentle to them.

    1. Polly Ticks

      You need to explain, how he DeSantis one of the most evil governors? IMHO, he has done a commendable job. Much better than New York or California govs.

  3. Ruth

    Want to know when Desantis tells a lie? He opens his mouth.

    1. Ruth

      Good one!

    2. Ruth

      No you

  4. Polly

    Universal Studios is learning the lesson Disney should have; stay in your lane. Your a theme park, not a state’s elected government. Entertain the masses and STAY IN YOUR LANE.

    1. Bryan

      Thank you, I actually agree.

      1. Polly

        Thank you Bryan.

    2. Bryan

      Thank you, I actually agree with what you said.

    3. DonJr

      Go Back to Russia

      1. Polly Ticks

        Just cause I don’t agree with your viewpoint, you think I belong in Russia. I think you need to study your history. Let me learn you something here pudding. Back in the early communist take over of Russia if you did not agree with the dictator, then you were put in the gulag or worse, killed. It sounds you would be more happy in that communist regime or in China or North Korea. So cupcake, before you start a reply, maybe you should know actual history instead of this revisionist crap they are teaching now days. What made America great and the country all people want to illegally enter is the ability to say what you want when you want within limitations and all the other freedoms we have. Are we perfect or were we perfect? Heck no but the great thing is the constitution is amendable to make corrections (like slavery) and change the future for all. Just because I believe in a smaller federal government and more control in the more local government (state, county and city) doesn’t mean I belong in Russia. I belong right here in America countering your liberal viewpoints just like you do. And if you can’t handle that, you move to Russia. See how you like it there. I know I wouldn’t.

  5. billnyenotascienceguy

    So Universal supports all humans but because you feel entitled they should do more to celebrate YOUR choice of sexuality?? Sorry sunshine but because universal doesn’t go above and beyond YOUR entitled expectations doesn’t make them a bad company. They are quite inclusive and care about everyone.

    1. Jarvis

      Say it Bill !!

  6. Donjr

    To all my Russian Comrades. vozvrashchaysya domoy

  7. Jarvis

    If more useless employees like that would quit, things would be better for everyone. Swishing around, complaining and lazy.

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