Comments for “It’s Given Me My Life,” ‘Star Wars’ Legend Sadly Considers Retiring

luke skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Kevin

    I met John Williams after a concert he conducted at Tanglewood years ago, around the time of Episode 1 (and still treasure my Special Edition New Hope CD set he signed for me). He was a true class act. He signed autographs for everyone who waited for him, answered questions, and thanked us for supporting him!

    He has given everyone who has watched movies the past 50+ years so many good memories and is truly a genius. And how many people can say they have worked doing something they love up until they are 90?! I wish him a very happy retirement. He has definitely earned it.

  2. Timon Eckler

    John Williams has made the music of my life, he has brought the emotion to these films and helped us connect with them in a way would not have with out his special talent. I am extremely grateful for his work and wish him some much deserved rest. Thank you John Williams you inspire us, give us hope, leave us on the edge of what our emotions can handle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my young inner child thanks you for shaping his love of movies and theatrical experiences that have made ever last impressions.

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