Comments for Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Gets Lower Rotten Tomatoes Score Than Every ‘Toy Story’ Movie

Chris Evans as Lightyear

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Bob Chapek

    Looks terrible.

  2. S1

    Right wing fascists are gaslighting what they hate, what else is new.

    1. Trixie

      Wow……blame the “right wing fascists” for this? You really need to get out more and stop watching CNN so much. But then, you left wing fascists just love to criticize instead of think for yourselves.

  3. Mason

    Well that is what Disney gets for wanting to drag wokeness into a film that was highly anticipated.

    1. Bon

      No Tim, and this guy is a loser

  4. Cec

    No Tim Allen? That’s like POTC without Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Oh Disney, when will you learn?? Your continued deviation from reality will just keep us from your parks and box office. Stock market drop much?

  5. L. Jen

    Good. The only way Disney may listen and stop ruining everything they were founded on is if they lose money. Stop giving a company that probably hates you money!!!! They are terrible.

  6. J

    I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve actually seen it, but I have to say, that it doesn’t look very good to me which is not a thought I’ve had about very many of the Pixar films.

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