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  1. Backcountry164

    It was all just BS anyway. Just like the sequel series, they’re just making it up as they go. There is no plan and there never was. They don’t care. Star Wars is just content for Disney plus. It doesn’t even have to be good let alone delivered when promised.

  2. I remember when it took years between Star Wars movies,so a future dely isn’t that bad. Just look at ALL fans have gotten., and what we will be seeing soon.I just hope they will give Rey the propper ending sooner rather than later,letting Daisy and others get too old to play the parts os just sloppy.

    1. EbonyRaven

      Not to mention the only actual delay they listed was the Rogue Squadron movie. Literally everything else they listed was ‘delayed’ only in their minds because some fans decided those other two movies would come out in 2023 even though there was zero announcement of that at all.

    2. Lol

      I hope they killer her off cause she ain’t a good actress but oddly she’s better than Bree Larson

  3. EbonyRaven

    So what has completely fallen apart? Why the hyperbole? You literally cited one movie that got shifted. Then you bleated about Waititi’s movie and that fans thought it would be in 2023, only for that rumor to be wrong. And then you bleat about Riann Johnson and that his movie ‘should by all accounts’ come in 2023 and used that as ‘evidence’ of this ‘fallen apart’ claim, despite the fact that zero people anywhere said it would, just as zero said any such thing about Waititi’s movie.

    So you have one movie that changed because of a director scheduling conflict, some nonsense about what fans expected, and that magically equals the release schedule falling apart completely??

    1. Mg

      Did you read it? It said Tika’s movie and Filoni’z movie are back to the drawing board in terms of writing. Personally I think they should spend more time writing because the stories are literally the most important part of the movie and they have been trash lately. Take all the time you need to write a good story with no plot holes. Just make sure it’s good

  4. EbonyRaven

    Literally the only thing in the article that got announced and not delivered on time is the Rogue Squadron movie, and that’s due to Director scheduling issues. Everything else was made up.

  5. Manny

    As much crying as there was among “fans” about Obi Wan, and Boba Fett I’m surprised they will continue. So called fans these days are a bunch of wannabe critics and know it alls. Doesn’t matter if it’s Star Wars or Walking Dead, or MCU, the bunch of entitled crybabies think they are better writers yet barely graduated high school with a C+ average..

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