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Lex Murphy (Arianna RIchards) staring out the jeep window in Jurassic Park

Credit: Universal Studios


  1. EricJ

    The 10 Worst Daniel Roberts Fanboy Columns That Don’t Have the SLIGHTEST @#$%IN’ THING to Do with What the Website Talks About:

    1) ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Missed a HUGE Opportunity at World-Building
    2) How Will ‘Halloween Ends’ Actually End?
    3) The Fifth ‘Ghostbusters’ Movie Could Feature Characters From the 2016 Reboot
    4) 5 Reasons Why ‘Joker’ Is a Much Better Movie Than ‘The Batman’
    5) 7 Reasons Why Bo-Katan Needs Her Own Live-Action ‘Star Wars’ Series
    6) All Canon and Non-Canon Animated ‘Star Wars’ Shows Ranked From Worst to Best
    7) Every ‘Back to the Future’ Movie Ranked From Worst to Best
    8) Every Daniel Craig ‘James Bond’ Movie Ranked From Worst to Best
    9) The 2016 Reboot Wasn’t the First Female-Led ‘Ghostbusters’
    10) Top Ten Ghostbusters Franchise Moments Ranked From Worst to Best.

    (…Dan? Have a Mickey bar. And a turkey leg. Now go sit over on that park bench and enjoy them, ‘kay?)

    1. Jimminy

      Wow… How about getting out of your house and enjoying the sun once in a while, you sad, sad, pathetic little troll… I’m not keen on rankings but some of these articles are pretty interesting. Not all but then I’m not a fan of all the films. Can’t believe someone would take the time to comment like this. You really are a sad little thing ain’t ya…

    2. HellaG

      (…Dan? Have a Mickey bar. And a turkey leg. Now go sit over on that park bench and enjoy them, ‘kay?)

      Says the guy who should probably get away from his computer for a bit lol

      And it is clearly what the website talks about becaaaause it’s on the website lol

      This website is no stranger to star wars, ghostbusters and dc

  2. James

    Dan, as my friend I know that you do go to park benches and take in the frsh air as I’ve been with you on occasions while sipping coffee lol

    I can only assume that your built up frustration is probably down to when you were a child and neglected by your parents, might I suggest getting away from the screen and doing something energetic to release said frustrations, a punch bag at a gym perhaps might do the trick 👍🤞

    Dan not just because your my friend am I saying this I’m not biased in the slightest, your articles are brilliant and worth reading, keep up the good work 👍

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