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johnny depp lighting a cigarette backstage at hollywood vampires lisbon, portugal show

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  1. Marilyn Rivera

    I’m happy that you get to perform on stage, play out your passion for music. Love your style of persona.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you on the big screen as well.
    Fan from Nightmare on Elm Street, 21 Jump Street and so on, but you capture my heart with Captain Jack Sparrow and your visits to the hospital bringing the character live again for so many to enjoy and bring a smile to their faces.
    Wishing you much more success and moving forward!

  2. format.

    Awesome data on John….happy that he can be free of bad behavior by bad people. Alot of us out here are going thru similar cases of abuse and we struggle to break free. Please speak for us as one who can understand abuse in this firmat.

    1. Karen Rhinerson

      Johnny, I’m so happy for you. I would love to meet you. I live in Owensboro, ky. I was born and raised here and moved to nashville for 38 years. My parents got in bad health so i came home to take care of them. You are such an honest man telling the truth. It’s refreshing to see that now days. I have.lisyed my email address for you

      1. It’s about time, it’s obvious she is an idiot , would worry about her baby. Who will make sure she isn’t punched sometime.

    2. Bea

      Congratulations for finally being free. There’s nothing worse than domestic abuse & harder yet for battered men.. so proud of you & the way you handled yourself through all the horrendous accusations that were on public display. I’m sorry you went through that. I’ve been in your shoes & don’t think I could have made it through your situation..
      I’m such a fan but have to admit haven’t watched many of the older films..you bring something so unique to each character that you play.. hopefully you can go back to the Fantastic Beasts if they do another one.. Finding Neverland makes me cry every time I see it. I would love to exchange paintings with you. I love art & oil on canvas.. I’dove to send you one of mine anyway..let me know. Good luck with all your future endeavors..love & best wishes always.

  3. Terra

    Very happy for our star shine, need to keep on glowing, mercer to those who try and dim our hearts and creative flow…Muse justice for all

  4. Fantastic . More to come I’m sure. Liked the elephant painting you gave to Ellen. I thought it was really good and wet paint..painted just for her.really great things you do!

    1. Me too. He is definitely a multitalented person. Greatly unique and highly impressive!



    1. Dee Lindsay

      Absolutely, I pray Johnny’s strength and resilience will help many men and women to find their voice to say “enough” Sending prayers and love to you all, and a special prayer 🙏 for Johnny. Thank you

  6. Coco

    I’ve been a Johnny Depp fan for many years! I think he is a wonderful person. And loves his fans. Im so happy that he got justice!

  7. That’s great, because even though I knew about reports of JD being involved with playing the guitar in a band; his involvement was always seemingly downplayed as not that impressive. BUT WOW!!! I recently heard him play and he is VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Not only that, but he can SING GREAT!!! Ihad absolutely no idea! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

  8. Congratulations Johnny on your win, you deserve that and so much more. Move on with your life and I wish you more happiness than you can hold in your heart. I recently heard your voice, very impressive.

    1. Kathy

      You did it johnny , you fooled them all .

      1. Kathi se

        Amber is that you?

      2. Colette

        Johnny really let himself go. He looked so bloated during the trial. And when was the last time he washed his hair? It’s a real shame. He use to be so handsome.

      3. Pfft


      4. D Krawchuk

        Kathy, you are the only fool here!

  9. Mae plow

    Yes Johnny go back to go out drunken chaotic sick life. Amber is nuts but you are a slobbering drunk .

    1. Kathi se

      You sound jealous .

    2. Lavender

      Oh Amber..give it up. We all know it’s you. Get a life and give him some peace.

  10. Kathy fennel

    You fooled them all

    1. Kathi se

      Amber you again ! You hate that Jonny is not looking back and ignoring you and has a life. I know what living around a narcissist is like..you can’t walk away you want attention and your seething that he’s happy.

  11. Melinda Hall

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours since the series 21 Jump St love all your movies can’t wait to see you in more because the new fantastic beast and pirates of the Caribbean movies weren’t right without you in them nobody can replace your characters you play in any movie your in your irreplaceable as a p and a actor..

  12. Cori

    Johnnie you are loved by so many!! Your talented surpasses quite a few. You’ve been given a chance to clean up and do things better!! Keep going forward, don’t look back at the filth that was and do spectacular things with your life and career.

  13. Kim Gallagher

    As far as the neurotic outsiders go as a super band you left out John Taylor of Duran Duran!

  14. Shel

    Neurotic outsider, oh what fun! Being on the inside must be like getting stuck in a chatroom with Sails of Pitch.

  15. Felicia Millard

    Johnny, you are one incredible man who I am so glad spoke his truth!!! Now I hope there is a new me too movement where when women speak up, women who are not telling the truth, men like you can say this abuse is happening to men as well, men like me too!!!!!! Love you Johnny!!!!! My dream to meet you one day!!!!!

  16. Jennifer

    Stand supporting you and your awesome career after all you’ve been through. Love your work and absolutely enjoy your music so much. You are so very talented in many ways. You continue to amaze your fans with your many talents! Good vibes sent your way for a continued rise in your star. You surely deserve all the success you’ve earned!

  17. Susan Taylor

    I love you,I’ve followed and watched everything you have been doing and very happy for you JD! ♥️I just admire you and although I’ll probably never get to hang out with you one night or so like my dream is to come true I’ll love and support you always love Susan ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  18. Keema

    You are such a inspiration to a lot of people including me. Yes you have a gift love ya Johnny your amazing there is such a passion in your music. Your acting your something else

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