Comments for ‘Harry Potter’ Reboot More Likely Than Ever as Wizarding World Support Collapses

Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Squirrel

    Johnny Depp did it better. This new guy is too stiff. What happen to the eye that Johnny had. Sorry, Any more of these without Johnny is going to bomb.

    1. Rob hynes

      Crimes of Grindelwald wasn’t bad. But what Secrets did was try to draw out a long franchise when they didn’t need to. So Secrets ended up feeling like a shallow unimportant film. It also made an epic character Ezra played into a minor storyline at best. Never mentioned Nagini. They should have brought an epic ending in this movie and linked it up to when Tom Riddle meets Nagini.

      1. Jesus

        Yo udont rven know that Nagini actress was pregnant… I suggest not to comment sbout things you dont know… its not so easy…

        1. Laz

          I think so but cannot be sure but if they are im going to go crazy the Harry Potter series is perfect the way it is

        2. Listen for you to tell tht person not to comment is crazy Thts why they are called comments if all of you were right you would be the director so young man since your not anybody special who cares what you think right follow the buzzards hahahaha

        3. Jasus stop telling people not to say what they want to say last time I checked your name wasn’t on the directors or producers box so. Young lady you stop all this SHENANIGANS get a life

      2. p h

        I enjoyed the films however I did feel that there were missing parts to the storyline. For instance, where did Nagini come into the story, when did she meet Tom Riddle, how did he learn to control her? Where is Harry Potter’s family in the time line? Where are the Weasley and Granger families? Where is Hagrid? I hope to connect the dots in future movies, even if they don’t earn as much at the box office.

      3. DW

        Watched Secrets and despite his best efforts, I felt so deeply (esp in the scene where G. Is pulling items out of a hat) that I was cheating on Johnny 😞 so, so painful bc I *need* Grindlewald to be played by a brown-haired Johnny Depp!!!

    2. CJA

      Disagree! I found Mads quiet performance much more sinister and menacing than Depp’s all over the place free for all. And I’m a Johnny Depp fan.

    3. Sam

      “The new guy”? If you don’t even know who Mads Mikkelsen is I don’t think you get any movie opinions. Secrets of Dumbledore was simply a shallow and bad movie. Mads was the only good thing about the movie – despite having 0 material and a poorly written character, literally just because he is Mads and has that Hannibal energy. Depp’s was so goofy couldn’t take him seriously. Like Jared Leto’s joker it’s almost too cringe to even look at frankly

      1. Blu

        So Jude Law just did nothing then? And your opinion only matters to you so maybe keep it to yourself if your going to be rude. Maybe you don’t get to have an opinion about movies anymore either.


      Finally someone talking with some sense to them! Johnny Depp is THE Grindelwald, what they did is a huge insult to J.K herself, to Johnny AND to the fans. If Johnny was in it the movie would have hit 400 million in no time! But they ruined it.

    5. Mary

      Johnny Depp did a much better job as Grindelwald. Also the makeup was different.

  2. Liz

    Being a big fan of my Harry Potter franchise, they made so many mistakes with this film that pissed off fans. I don’t think the movie would have done as bad if they didn’t continue to say that fans don’t matter. They can feel how much they do matter by looking at the numbers. I didn’t see it in theaters because of that statement and semi relished in the in the low box office numbers. Don’t tell the people who pay to see it that they don’t matter and their feelings and opinions are nothing. I think they learned their lesson this time.

  3. Elizabeth Ruppert

    A “reboot” will do more damage.

    The wizarding prequels are just fine, and have gotten better with each movie.

    My only dissatisfaction is seeing Johnny Depp replaced as Grindlewald.

    1. Sam

      They’ve gotten better with each movie? I think you need to go watch a non Marvel movie and reset because I think your brain might be rotting from watching the same movie with slightly different details so many times – I don’t think you realize that they’re supposed to be interesting.

      1. Nick

        They have gotten better but also gotten worse. Fantastic beasts was supposed to focus on newt and his creatures, but we barely got any in 3. There has to be another one, at least to show the fight between Dumbledore and grindlewald in 1945. A reboot will kill the franchise. Finish fantastic beasts then start a new gen with the cursed child

      2. DW

        Watched Secrets and despite his best efforts, I felt so deeply (esp in the scene where G. Is pulling items out of a hat) that I was cheating on Johnny 😞 so, so painful bc I *need* Grindlewald to be played by a brown-haired Johnny Depp!!!

  4. James

    Many parents didn’t like the gay message. There I said the truth. Let’s be honest. Peace to ALL

    1. What gay message? Him saying I loved you? Straight people do it all the time. Get over it.

      1. Carl

        I don’t think you watched the last movie. It was an odd forced gay relationship that just didn’t fit with the series. Hell a straight relationship wouldn’t fit either.

      2. Gavin

        The problem was, it was said that it was an important part of the movie. When China said the part had to be cut it was removed for them. Just proves that all this inclusivity is a red herring.

    2. Shawn

      I don’t think those are the people that even watch Harry Potter

    3. Kris

      If you can’t accept a gay child you have no business being a parent. Happy Pride month 🏳️‍🌈

      1. Gavin

        Pride month has been hijacked for commercialism. Ask the companies why there are no pride slogans in the Middle East.

    4. J

      James, I agree 100%! That is the single reason we stopped watching these. I’m sick of the gay mafia claiming they are, “inclusive” one minute, then yelling how transphobic and homophobic everyone is that doesn’t waive a rainbow flag and march in a gay pride parade. They are the least inclusive bunch, especially when it comes to accepting disagreements from others. They will not accept disagreements and we are sick of seeing gay messages everywhere; especially in kid movies.

      1. Mike

        There is supposedly a very small percentage of gay or trans people in the world yet it is thrown in your face like it’s 60% and everyone else should be.

      2. Sam

        You seem very sensitive. No one has to like you or be your friend or say they like how you’re treating them when they don’t. There’s this thing called freedom of speech – which does NOT mean people can’t respond to you saying stuff verbally. It goes both ways. Stop being a baby and getting offended when people call you transphobic and you don’t want to change your behavior. That’s just insecure.

        1. p h

          Thank you!

      3. Sam

        If I said I don’t want to see straight men in movies because it’s stuffing that down my throat you’d get a stroke. Because you think you should have more rights than them. Saying you don’t want to see other people in movies is absolutely ridiculous. Don’t watch those movies then. If I wanted to watch a movie without straight men that would be impossible but you have loads of choices. You’re like Harry potter’s cousin “how dare you only give me 38 presents when last year I had 39!” Grow up

        1. English

          For the love of everything holy shut up. None of your opinions to anybody but you…nobody cares what anybody else is fed up with…just shut up and stop whinging on about it.

      4. Greg

        AMEN. From a proud liberal.

      5. B

        Well despite being bi myself, and despite this meaning to be about FBs new movie, I must say sir I completely agree. To be honest, it’s rather embarrassing how much of a show a lot the LGBTQIA puts on as a stance of “We demand equality – yet if you disagree with us you’re all the ‘phobics’ in the dictionary”. I grow rather sick of these loud ones painting a bad image for the LGBTQIA, making us seem, as you put it, like a gay mafia. Personally, I just believe all these “peaceful movements” have just given people an excuse to be rude to others who disagree with them rather than trying to be mature about everything and discuss things like adults.

        1. p h

          Although I am open minded to the concept of live and let live, I am getting tired of hearing about this not being acceptable because it lacks this, that or the other Big Media Filters. Can we just allow the genius creator to have her own opinions and if we don’t happen to agree with them don’t ask about them? I happen to LOVE her stories without current trends being shoved in to make it more sellable. It was sellable the way she created them. The pride community is not the only community who want more from JK. But we want her unchanged and unforced versions.

    5. Sam

      They probably shouldn’t be parents then. And no I’m pretty sure Christians have already had a problem watching a movie about witchcraft. Y’all didn’t matter during the original series and you don’t matter now. Besides JK Rowling is a rabidly transphobic woman, the gay “debate” has long been settled. However, if you think witchcraft is ok and same sex love (in 2022 no less) is not I think you have more than a few issues there and are probably going to hell anyway.

      1. Laissez les films Harry Potter et Fantastic Beasts être des films fantastiques et familiaux . J. Depp a fait un travail formidable et il devrait revenir dans cette franchise. Le dernier film a été boudé par un grand nombre du public à cause de son absence !

    6. Plant

      Not people blaming bad movies for lgbt content.
      Could straight people get any more desperate

  5. Bxmamipr712

    I am a big Harry Potter fan. It is sad as to what is happening to the franchise. JK is not transphobic. She has fought for women’s rights, and has a right to be proud. She had to use her initials to publish her books, because she was a woman. Someone who was pissed off that they couldn’t be scientifically born a woman started so much unnecessary bs. You are born a certain gender, that is scientific fact and ensures the continuity of our species! You can undergo operations to change your gender (which is your prerogative), but can’t pick which gender you are born. I have always been an ally, but am seriously losing patience with the LGBTQ+ community, and their cancel culture, and non acceptance of science. Science is science, you literally can’t change how the human race reproduces. If stating how we reproduce is “transphobic” and offensive, then you need help.

    1. Mike

      I feel like the fact that you can’t pick your gender as you say, and that your gender is decided for you at birth is the whole point trans activists have been trying to make. Gender is more than just your genitalia.

      1. No, it’s not just your genetalia but it’s your DNA. I’m sick of it being it shoved down my throat. You want to be a transgender then fine that’s up to you but they don’t need to be calling people transphobics or homophobic because we don’t agree

    2. Gill

      I agree, and I object to being labelled a ‘cis woman’. Why do we have to have a label that isn’t just ‘woman’.

      We’ve fought for years for women’s rights only to have people who are born as males to undermine women’s rights again.

      I am not transphobic but I am passed that women have to take second place yet again!

      1. Lynngoh

        Why? You don’t have to accept what we say (such as getting “male” confused as ” masculine” and “female” confused with “feminine” means you are anything other than XX vs XY. Feelings and opinion do not affect the science of genetics any more than believing in a god makes that god real.

        But on topic: i stopped paying much attention once LGBTxyz was injected into the franchise.

    3. Kris

      She is very transphobic! BTW, you don’t get to tell the trans community what is or isn’t transphobic.

      1. sean

        No, bit who ever created does.

      2. Oh so it’s ok for the alphabet community,(sorry but they keep adding more letters than needs to be there ) who don’t agree with them transphobic???? They want to live that way, fine just don’t shove it down our throats

        1. Sam

          People existing in front of you and making movies you don’t have to watch (if you’re so offended by them simply being there lol) are not stuffing anything down your throat, Queen Cathy. If you have more problems with gay people existing in front of you without like, disguising themselves or lying or not having their own events or whatever you think they should do than your neighbors dog barking at night and physically pooping on your yard I think that implies you do in fact have a hangup or two.

      3. LetsTacoBoutIt

        It’s too bad that everything is transphobic to the trans community.

    4. Ray

      Trans women and women should be proud of who they are and the experiences they’ve had. Those experiences wil be different than each other. Trans women should be proud of being trans and bio women for being women. It’s not transphobic. Those are two different people’s with different experiences that they should be proud of. But not at the expense of ignoring basic biology.
      I love JK Rowling, she fights for WOMENS rights and has no beef with trans people. There’s just a small vocal minority of privileged people with nothing better to do than get offended by somebody elses opinions.

    5. Sam

      Lots of words to just say that you’re transphobic too. If you kept it to one sentence however you would have looked a lot less unhinged.

    6. E

      I’m bi and lost my patience with the toxic side of LGBTQIA about 2 years ago.

    7. billnyenotascienceguy

      @Bxmamipr712. Well stated!

  6. Mark

    Ive enjoyed the films and want to see thrm through to the end. I prefer Mads Mikkelsen he should havr been the choice from the start perhaps with depp playing Riddle further down the line.

    People need to separate Jk Rowling from the world thry love. If they can’t and the movies and future products tank it’ll be the end of the wizarding world. Shooting yourself on the foot by boycotting.

    1. Sam

      If you’re boycotting generally that means that you do in fact want the franchise to fail… So I don’t think anyone is shooting themselves in the foot. It’s simply working.

  7. Ryan

    Its sad what happened to Johnny Depp but Mads Mikkelsen is the better Grindelwald, looks less mad and more the handsome charismatic character described in the books. This is more of a fluff piece, don’t see the franchise getting a reboot unless the Harry Potter series gets a TV series

    1. Marcus

      I agree Mads Mikkelsen was better.

  8. Marcus

    I very much enjoyed the latest Fantastic Beasts film. With so many distribution channels available from theatrical release to streaming there is no reason to stop the series now. Plus theme park tie-ins are always a wildcard in the calculus. I’d expect to see all 5 Fantastic Beast films as planned. The lower box office is not a realistic criticism since theatrical releases have not fully bounced back from the pandemic. Dr. Strange 2 should have passed the $ 1 billion mark and Top Gun 2 may not reach that level. Box office has changed since the start of the pandemic and it may never be the same again.

  9. Kris

    A reboot won’t help when the author is the problem. Also, can we please at least go Pride month without promoting bigotry?

    1. billnyenotascienceguy

      @Kris Oh so calling J.K. Rowling a terf is no longer promoting bigotry? I see. #hypocrisy

  10. Hope

    I think they caused a large fan base that had stayed with the show for Depp, to say no, enough! They kept Ezra, but not Depp. Depp created that character very well, he is a real artist. Then the man who replaced him couldn’t even dress the part with the hair and eyes? I know I am and many others are sick and tired of companies playing politics. They keep people who are found to be guilty or seen and charged with a crime, but not those who have never been charged or been seen hitting women. Stick to the movies and stay out of the he said she said game. If somebody is charged and found guilty fine… if not stop screwing them and their fans over.

  11. BL

    Not enough people care about what JK Rowling thinks of the trans religion to make a dent in the Wizarding World Industry. If the films are good people will show up.

  12. Erichardson

    Karma…. that’s what you call Karma

  13. Lightkey

    They should do the hogwarts mystery storyline from the app. The characters are all there just a different view while Harry is still too young for Hogwarts.

  14. John T Schmidt

    If they donot finish the series everyone will not trust any new HP series that they start. They have to at least complete the storyline.

    1. Cat

      I agree that Depp was a better Grindwald. Hopefully they will recast him.

  15. Kim

    Mads did a great job! That being said I think they should have kept Johnny Depp for the role. Johnny had already created a completely different character that I think no one but Johnny can fill.

  16. Quip

    The timeline is strained to wrap things up while remaining true to the original canon dates of events. Each subsequent film becomes less focused on the Fantastic Beasts aspect, and leaving more questions unanswered- Nagini, Tina, Credence etc.

    It was nice to see Aberforth and glean more into Albus’ life and his romance with Grindlewald- though I agree that Mads wasn’t quite the fit for the established tone of the character. It would have been preferable with actor continuity, but such is media.

    I don’t have high hopes for a proper conclusion, we shall see. A reboot would be nice if Rowling was further removed from the situation. WB didn’t even include her in the 20th anniversary special, thankfully.

    1. Moni

      For me, the Harry Potter series ended when JK Rowling wrote the Deathly Hallows and the film series ended with Harry, Ron and Hermione putting their children on the Hogwarts Expression Platform 9 3/4 bound for Hogwarts 2.0. 😄

      I was done. Everything else – including the cursed child I do not care about. As far as, I’m concerned: “All was well”

      The only thing I would love, is a prequel with The Marauders and the original Order of The Phoenix. That has more to do with Harry’s story than anything else.
      And keep it the in UK, cast and location. That would keep me interested.

  17. Diesel

    They kicked Depp out. I was extremely disappointed in that decision before his trial. They should have kept him.

  18. K.S.

    Bring back Johnny Depp and people would watch the movies

  19. Genderfluid

    David Yates sucks. That’s what happened to the Harry Potter franchise.

  20. Denise T

    If the new Harry Potter is anything but a completely true to the books, Netflix-type series where each episode is 1 chapter, I’m not watching. I don’t want an interpretation of the books. I want the actual story.

    The only other things I want to see are:
    1. Adam Driver as a young Snape with the Marauders; (he’s not British, but who else could be a better choice?)
    2. Continuation of Fantastic Beasts series. I need to see Albus defeat Gellert Grindelwald (and I like Maks!)
    3. Rise of Tom Riddle, how does he connect with Nagini.

  21. Charlie

    I never read the books. Fans say films don’t represent the books (what film does?)
    So, lots of people are on the hate train over JKR and someone wants to film more books?
    Think of all the actors whose careers will tank trying to do the scripts justice.
    Find someone new to promote 🤷🏼‍♀️

  22. Katherine Castellano

    I have this new ones because they try to change everything from the Harry Potter books if you gonna do a franchise at least read you own books and use as a reference, no change the whole history to do it more likely is simply stupid

  23. Katherine Castellano

    I have this new movies and the cursed child because they try to change everything from the Harry Potter books if you gonna do a franchise at least read you own books and use as a reference, no change the whole history to do it more likely is simply stupid, for Harry Potter fans that we read all the books is simply a kidding

  24. Lars

    I hope they don’t time turn things. That would be so bad. I dont think they will reboot the entire series. That would ruin much of the magic that is already made.
    The only trouble I had with FB was Depp. I think he was miscast as Grindlewald in the first place.
    And I actually hoped it was the last of the films before watching it. I loved it. But I need something else now

  25. Jeff

    No, of course they shouldn’t. That’d be ridiculous. But the next film, if they make it, needs to feature a little more Fantastic Beasts, and less other plot. That was the fun of the first one. Also, the JK Rowling “controversy” has not been a major factor. That’s only been controversial to a small but extremely vocal set of VERY-online people.

  26. Mr White

    Needs to be remade where everyone is a genderless queer o sexual IMO! Only way to satisfy the mob.

  27. Kay

    JK Rowling isn’t actually anti trans but even if she were she is allowed to be because it’s freedom of belief and being trans is just a fancy way of saying mentally ill people who get surgery to resemble the opposite gender. I think the crazy surgery should be banned but they’re making a ton of money off these people so they probably wouldn’t. But going back to Rowling, she’s not even anti trans. I follow her on Twitter, I know exactly what she’s said. All she said was that children, little children shouldn’t be allowed hormones at such a young age. She speaks perfect sense and most of us actually love her even more for it. She’s intelligent, loving and selfless. She’s an incredible person.

  28. Connie

    Absolutely! The movie needs Johnny! I can’t watch another one of these films without him! Everyone that I know has said the same. We’re all agreed…not watching another without Johnny!

  29. G.

    Stop spotlighting over the hill former cast member. Did he buy up every online source to get his mugging excuse for acting mentioned ad nauseam

  30. JJH

    Maybe, had they tried innocent until proven guilty…more people would have shown at the box office

  31. DW

    Watched Secrets and despite his best efforts, I felt so deeply (esp in the pulling items out of a hat) that I was cheating on Johnny 😞

    1. DW

      Watched Secrets and despite his best efforts, I felt so deeply (esp in the scene where G. Is pulling items out of a hat) that I was cheating on Johnny 😞 so, so painful bc I *need* Grindlewald to be played by a brown-haired Johnny Depp!!!

  32. James

    They better do a reboot but only as a TV series. Movies are far too short to capture the books true essence. Also I have to say I’ll never forgive the fact that they left peeves out of the movies. He is an essential character it’s ridiculous. Also no offense but I hope they don’t make the reboot as hokey as the original movies. I think they captured the magical world much better in Fantastic Beasts so I hope they continue in that direction instead of the hokey one of the original.

    1. Leo

      I highly agree, tv series would be better, and I agree the FB captured the Wizarding World much better than just being focused on 1 school. I would prefer tho if they took tv series to another lvl, for example, there is a total of 11 official schools, they could use 1 school for 1 season and make original stories, this would also give us more about different cultures around the Wizarding World, wouldn’t mind seeing around Castelobruxo. ☺️

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