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Disney's Boardwalk

Credit: Disney


  1. Brooke

    Bob Cheapskate doesn’t want to pay to maintain or repair anything. He saves all of the pennies for his doubled salary and his profit sharing bonuses. Example – ROTR, RSR, Indiana Jones, Incredicoaster, BTRR all breakdown routinely, the first breaks down daily.

    1. Howard

      Disney cares more about abortions and the gay community rather than the people that pay big bucks to be at their overpriced resorts

      1. Sau

        Good for them. People are more important than theme park rides

        1. Romyeaux

          What makes you think they give a fig about their Cast Members. This is about politics and Disney CEOs.

  2. Steve

    FYI, Swan and Dolphin are not owned by Disney

    1. Romyeaux

      But the property Swan and Dolphin sit on is Disney’s.

  3. ilene

    Sounds like a few people were not paying attention to where they were walking or others would be in the same situation. Not everything can be perfect like Mary Poppins or magical. Accidents happen and these injuries seem pretty bad for tripping over things or slipping. My daughter slipped down wet stairs at a Disney resort. She was wearing flip flops. The stairs were painted. She was bruised up pretty good. So should every hotel not use paint on the stairs. Probably! ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. As for rides breaking down… mechanical parts and computers fail.

  4. Pam

    Just because someone falls or slips, it’s not always Disney’s fault. These people who die are money grubbing idiots who are looking to make a quick buck off someone. They are not to blame at all. Idiots!!

    1. Steve-O

      Problem with this is that in many cases people have no choice but to sue, since the medical bills for even minor injuries can be thousands of dollars. Should people watch where they’re going? Of course! Should Disney maintain their common areas free of unexpected trip hazards? Also, of course. There’s blame all the way around here, but much of it can be placed on our country’s horrible medical system.

      1. Chongo

        Hear hear!

    2. Jim

      How do they look to make a quick buck when they are dead? Might want to rethink that one lol

  5. Not buying permanent disability from a fall! All the times that I fell on concrete and it didn’t stop me and trust me, I have fallen a lot! These are just people out for a quick buck and it’s just sad!!

    1. I scamned an insurance company then never repaired the house keeping all the money 💰

    2. Steve-O

      anecdotal evidence is always the best evidence, since what happened to you must also be true for the other 8 billion people on earth!

      1. H.

        Agreed. Especially for someone who works insurance fraud, these statements are gold.

  6. Shane

    I believe that they should look into these people’s financial backgrounds and see if they are trying to make a quick buck or is it a Scumbag Attorney looking to make a name for themselves!

    1. AH

      that happens before it goes before a judge.

  7. Disney World is a dump now!
    Rides break down all the time, people are fighting over skipping in a line. They’ve had fires from the crappy fireworks! The whole place is a construction site! The list goes on and on… look closer.

    1. Karen

      Disney used to be the happiest place on earth to me. Now the Disney of 2002 is a distant memory. Magical wishes are gone along with the value of going. It’s a shame the new generations have no idea how different it is now and the dozens of perks and extras that no longer exist. Disney no longer holds themselves to a high standard. It’s just a glorified Six Flags filled with rude obnoxious people. I no longer spend/waste my vacation dollars. Paycheck taught the Disney vacationer’s it’s all about the money

  8. Tina Saunders

    What happened to common sense? Are we as a human race, just this stupid?


    I guess that Bob “Paycheck” makes a lot of money and these people who can’t watch where they are walking want some of it. Or was she talking/texting on her phone. Using Disney Genie planning her day at a park? I have had both knees and one hip replaced, but I can still pick my feet up when I watch where I am walking.

    1. Joan

      You are exactly right, everyone’s nose in glued to their phone now with everything having to be scheduled. It is ridiculous. And yes, I have two knees replaced but paying attention to where you go is first and foremost. People see an easy buck and lawyers are way too available to take care of that.

    2. Sue

      Honestly, I’ve tripped on the boardwalk so many times I can’t tell you how many. It’s an uneven walkway.

      I don’t care one way or the other about a lawsuit, but somebody was going to get hurt at some time walking there. It’s a boardwalk at an expensive resort – you should expect to be able to walk without tripping over rotted wood.

  10. Nancy Spurgen

    How is this Disney being deemed negligent? This is a lawsuit that was filed and has not been tried yet. After the lawsuit is completed and the plaintiff has won can you say they were negligent. Otherwise they have been ACCUSED of negligence.

  11. Michael

    Notice how all of these incidents took place at Walt Disney World? (Yeah, I’m looking at you Florida). Also, only apparently at hotels and resorts. Pretty weird.

  12. Tammy Gerner

    I sprained my ankle back in 2008 at ft wilderness. Uneven trailer pavement.

  13. Debbie

    I tripped over a broken pole in the parking lot at MGM studios, it was dark and you couldn’t see it. I tore my meniscus in my knee, the worst part is when my daughter tried to get help from the security guard at the gate he laughed at her. I really had a legit lawsuit but I would never sue over something that wasn’t intentional.

  14. Hillary c

    Good thing…no matter what the settlement…Disney will still pay to abort any baby a cast member wants. So think of all the money you don’t spend….but tell yourself you do. That no existent money…Disney uses to pay for someone to pull that 6 week old glob of sludge out of their whooohaaa. It goes in a very respectable place…usually a giant Waste management aborto bin. Yum. Dumpstersivers heaven

    1. Lucy C

      That’s the strangest counter argument I’ve ever read. Such obvious vitriol…..

  15. Diane

    I broke my elbow 2 weeks before spine surgery at Pop Century and the only compensation I received was an extra cot in my room to help sleep. I do not know why the pool would have a white line on faded concrete a warning that there is a step 4 feet from the pool. After swimming with my kids in the hot Florida sun my eyes were not adjusting from bright white of squinting wet eyes. I am right handed and made my stay impossible, unable to drive home to NY, and a very difficult spine surgery and recovery as they were unable to straighten my arm for the surgical table.

  16. J

    they had to blame the deep pockets because they are too uncoordinated to walk…dopes

  17. Don't need my name

    Watch where you are going, have situational awareness. People have no concept of personal responsibility anymore. Don’t lean on something until you ensure it’s secure, doesn’t matter the material or location. Pay attention to the path in front of you, anything could be there long term or immediately.

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