Comments for Gay Days Takes Over Disney World Despite Florida Battle

mickey proposing to minnie in front of cinderella castle at disney world

Credit: Disney


  1. Veronica

    Yo no tengo nada encontrá de la comunidad Gay, pero creo que un parque como Disney Wold, tiene el derecho de ma tenerce neutral, no por fuerza imponer una comunidad, porque entonces yo también voy a reclamar mis derechos de discriminación, por no poner algo religioso, imagínense que todos empezamos a demandar por lo que cad quien piensa que tiene que ser legalizado, y no iría por esa razón.

    1. Michelle

      Google Translate: I have nothing against the Gay community, but I believe that a park like Disney World has the right to remain neutral, not by force to impose a community, because then I am also going to claim my rights of discrimination, for not putting something religious, imagine that we all started to sue for what everyone thinks has to be legalized, and I would not go for that reason.

      1. CalledIt

        You are a bigot.

        1. J

          No. The rest of us have rights, too. Not just the gay community, as they seem to think.

          1. CalledIt

            You don’t have a tihht to be a bigot.

        2. Shawn

          Only a bigot racist would call someone a racist for taking a neutral stance. Nice job you racist bogot.

        3. Kevin

          “Waaaaaaaah you don’t agree with me 100% so you are automatically a bigot” There, I fixed your post for you CalledIt.

          PS, Keep overusing the word “bigot”, it already means next to nothing and will only mean less the more its overused.

      2. Dave 62

        Where’s straight , hard worki g,white guy month? Any lawyers want to help me with that ?

        1. CalledIt

          Clutch your pearls a bit more white snowflake. Every month is for white people since they are privileged.

          1. O.P.

            Called it – You are just another liberal racist, who separated people by the color of their skin and sexual preference, and not by their character!!!

          2. Kevin

            I’d love to get in on some of that “white privilege” you anti white racists scream about so much. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to work 60+ hours a week just to make ends meet.

  2. Dani

    There’s no controversy about being Gay in Florida. NO one here cares. You could float down the street like a bumble bee in a pink boa. No one cares. This is home of Florida man! The only controversy here is some special interest group being butt hurt(no relation) about pushing hay agendas in our children schools. Disney reps words, not mine.

    1. Sue

      So right Dani. Disney and the media turned it into gay. And so now we all the gays on a ups. If you don’t like Florida or the governor that keep your gay a— out of here we don’t care. About you and your rainbow colors.

      1. CalledIt


        Trailer park trash.

        1. Kevin


          Anti white racist.

    2. CalledIt

      You do you bigot and the only groomers are you POS with your guns and “White Jesus”.

      1. Shawn

        Hey CalledIt,
        Please leave. You are hate filled, a racist, and a woke liberal who apparently loves grooming young children. How long have you been a child predator?

        1. Jill E. Bean

          What’s with conservatives calling everyone they disagree with groomers or child predators? I’m seriously curious, because it’s pretty screwed up.

          1. Mike

            Q and Tucker put these thoughts out there. Unfortunately their followers will often parrot whatever they say, even when it’s complete nonsense like this.

            1. Anthony

              It’s not everyone they don’t agree with it’s only the people that are against the parental rights bill that DeSantis entered into legislation. For some reason there are lots of people on the left that think we should be teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to 5 year olds. If that’s not grooming I don’t know what is. So there is no “parrot”ing going on. Most conservatives are capable of making decisions themselves and don’t need the government telling them what to do. Nice try though.

  3. MakeR

    Throw a churro 3 feet and you hit a gay in Disneyland.

    1. Kevin

      Lol. But will the churro return? Hmmmmmm.

  4. Sue

    Enough with this gay crap. Disney should just turn there parks into rainbows. They have more gays working there then anyplace. But I will say. It is kinda sick when you have two guys holding hands and kissing or grabbing each other’s butts when you have a bunch of little kids around.

    1. CalledIt

      No you bigot what’s sick is you white bigots grooming kids with your guns, White Jesus and your hatred. Go back to the trailer park.

      1. Mike Easter

        So it’s ok if a man grabs a woman’s ass around little kids?

        Or perhaps you’re jealous that nobody grabs your ass?

        1. CalledIt

          Projection. That is all you wrote there. Sorry you are alone. Maybe if you weren’t white trailer park trash someone find you desirable. Sad.

          1. Mike Easter

            Thanks for the rage, much appreciated.

        2. Gay&proud

          ^^^^who ever said white trash about sue is correct…. there is a difference between there and their BTW honey. For instance, “Karen was ‘there’ to spread her homophobic ideals”. Or in this instance, “Disney is protecting ‘their’ ideals and the rights of those who have no representation in the main stream”. What makes me sick is listening to how stupid you people sound. Talking about things you know nothing about. We all need to stop dividing each other based on who we are. From the same people who don’t want to wear masks or get vaccines because you are pro rights and the 1st amendment, yet believe in outlawing abortion and keeping us gays away from your children.

          1. Melissa

            no representation in the main stream? are you serious? have you seen a commercial on tv lately, or any new show on network television? you’re hilarious! and I’m not just saying that because you’re gay!

      2. AH

        CalledIt, you are filled with hate.

        1. CalledIt

          Every month you bigot snowflake since your privilege.

        2. CalledIt

          Only for bigots like you.

          1. SoAngrySoSad

            Somebody needs anger management classes.

            1. Kevin

              Somebody (CalledIt) needs grammar classes too.

  5. J

    Is their park schedule published for everyone, so that the rest of us can avoid taking our small children to those parks while this is going on?

    1. CalledIt

      Or you quit being a bigot and stop pretending you can actually afford the park. Your kids aren’t hurt by it as it makes them more tolerable and understanding. What hurt them is your guns, disease and your White Jesus. Go back to your trailer park.

      1. Kevin

        Blah blah blah “guns” blah blah blah “white Jesus” blah blah blah “trailer park” blah blah blah “everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a ‘bigot'” blah blah blah. Seriously dude, get over yourself.

      2. Rollandnd

        I know, you would love everybody to be gay. Black or brown ,especially Jesus.yes,I believe you are a deranged person full of hate, and definitely a big time racist. Have a good day.!

    2. Dave 62

      Calledit you have a problem please seek help

    3. Drew

      I would appreciate that.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Anyone who wants to be gay, be gay. I could care less about your sexual preferences and I hope you don’t care about mine. No one needs to hear about what happens behind closed doors. Just don’t shove it in my face and tell me I have to accept it. I don’t go around yelling, “I’m here, I’m hetero, get used to it”. Just be you and let me be me, without all the fanfare.

    1. AH

      Know several “Gays” and they just want to live their lives. The problem is with the radicals. They want you to validate the way they are. First it was tolerate then accept now is validate us or we will destroy you.

      1. CalledIt

        No you don’t you bigot and the ones that you do know hate you.

        1. No I Called It

          Seems to be a lot of hate coming from the gay community.

    2. CalledIt

      Claims to be not a bigot and then goes on a bigot tirade. So typical and sad.

      1. Caroline

        As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I can appreciate when I see others standing up for our cause. But when it’s done by hostile, negative comments attacking the very people we ask acceptance of, it does no good. I know the old saying is “fight fire with fire” but when you do that you only end up with a bigger fire! So again, I thank you for standing up for MY cause, or maybe it’s OUR cause, but if you can’t engage in a real conversation in a positive manner with others, I ask you to take the high road and just refrain from posting at all. The name calling and negative comments are doing more harm then good. Thank you.

        1. Be Nice

          Thank you Caroline!

    3. Mike Easter

      Curious, what exactly DO you want shoved in your face?

    4. Stuart Piedmann

      What about furries, are they ok?

  7. CalledIt

    NASCAR is pushing pride month yet again saying they need to do more then they done before while CMA just announced they will no longer the loser racist evil confederate flag. You MAGAers are really losing places to hide it as more and more people want less and less to do with you. Sad.

    1. Drew

      You really need to learn some history.

      1. Kevin

        I wonder if they actually teach history in the mental ward where CalledIt resides. Looks like the ward administrators aren’t monitoring who’s using the floor computer.

  8. Sandy

    It’s sad all name calling to one another every one is different and should respect that I have a lot of friends that straight and gay we all are in our 60ty and 70tys and we all get along this anger is horrible we need respect it seems it got lost by the way we all go out and on vacation together

  9. Be Nice

    Can we just leave the hate out of this? From what I know (and I read the “Don’t say Gay bill”) this bill has nothing to do with Disney they can continue to support Pride events and celebrate Pride month. The bill is directed at allowing parents to know what their children are learning in SCHOOL.
    PLEASE stop bringing this into every aspect of life. What ever happened to ‘live and let live’ or rights of individuals? I have the right to accept you and you have the right to accept me for who we are not a label put on us. I don’t care what color of hair you have, what color of skin you have, what color of eyes you have, if you wear a purple shirt or a red shirt, if you live alone or with your parents, if you live in an apartment or a house, if you prefer a dog or a cat as a pet, I think my point is made! we are all a part of the human race we are all on this planet to make the best of our lives and each one of us has a different perspective on how to accomplish that. My request is that you treat others as you would want to be treated and remember that we all live on this planet together so we might as well make the best of it!

    1. Kevin

      You want to “leave the hate out this” but then go right into calling the bill by its erroneous and inflammatory name, the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. Maybe calling it by its actual name, the Parental Rights Bill, would be a better start. That way you don’t come off as inciteful right away.

      1. Be Nice

        You are proving my point. If you notice it is in quotes, and for a reason. Nowhere in that bill does it even mention that you can not say ‘gay’ nor does it effect anything Disney does. The bill is exactly what you said it is.

  10. J

    I do not believe that this is an official Disney sanctioned event. Is this a Disney sponsored event, or has the lgbtq community just picked a day and said let’s all go that day?

  11. Mar (They/Them)

    Repeat after me, trans rights are human rights. Now for the back TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.

    Repost to spread the love

  12. Maria

    Every day is gay day in central FL.
    When will the “I’m straight” merchandise come out in WDW??? Where’s our flag?

  13. Mod

    Report: comments of ‘CalledIt’ logged

  14. Mr White

    When are straight days? So we can shove our sexuality down everyone’s throats and go against biological science?

    1. Richard Ryder

      I like this down the throat idea. Seem to remember a move about that.

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