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  1. Robin

    I really wish this blog would hire new “journalists”I have found stories told by second graders that are easier to follow then this one.

  2. Jon Heil

    ha got to love all these attention ho hollyweirdos

  3. Ewan McGregor and Johnny Depp should star in a movie together sharing a mega-pint. They are both great actors. Johnny Depp is just the most impressively unique character developer in the existence of movie characters though.

  4. Julie

    Okay the person that wrote this needs to learn his Ewan McGregor roles better as one of his first movie was Shallow Grave alongside Being Human then he did Blue Juice before he did Trainspotting… but no didn’t realise he replaced Johnny in a film

  5. nanas


  6. Anwar

    Johnny depp prove his innocent by telling the truth

  7. Dorothy

    I won’t watch the movies without Johnny depp. I am not a star wars fan so I didn’t even know johnny depp was in that. But love pirates and griindival(spelling) but won’t watch another with a different actor in roles he created. You blew it disney on sooo many levels

    1. Katy

      Look how bad your article is, Dorothy thinks Johnny Depp is in Star Wars. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. William

      He wasn’t in Star Wars… learn to read.

  8. I4Ufo

    Like to see Depp as Obi Wan by way of Captain Jack Sparrow

  9. Josh

    Mr.Depp is a great and outstanding actor. Anybody that will give him a role in a movie will make a great film. We all learn from mistakes in life, so whoever hasn’t made a mistake in their life please throw the first rock.

  10. Jared Sullivan

    Look ewan mcgregor hasn’t done anything wrong he’s a actor doing his job its the director everyone should be getting mad at

  11. Jessica

    We can all tell how many times you used that word. Mega auto corrects to MAGA. You ought to be ashamed of yourself but using language like you do, I highly doubt it.

    1. Denise

      Ewan is a much better actor in my opinion. He doesn’t strike me as an ego hungry actor. He is just like most everyone else. Real. Not fake.

  12. Katy

    Can we please cut out the 15 paragraphs before we get to the actual point. I understand you need to fill space but every article is like this. I rather read a paragraph article then this 3- 5 minutes of nothingness, that than confuse your readers.

  13. Lisa/hrrlvr

    Almost like guilty until proven innocent, Johnny lost big roles for being abused by the troll.

  14. You’re not competent at your job. Please do something simpler for your career.

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