Comments for Closed Disney Ride Emerges Again After Nearly 5 Years of Silence

Disney World Train

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Adam K

    I typically really enjoy reading ITM (as well as this author); however, this article should be taken down, reworked, and reloaded. It has numerous typos. Pretty sure the train has only been closed for 3 1/2 years. The trains are not hiding anywhere. They are in the first floor of the backstage shop – the “roundhouse.” Second floor houses ten of the 12 monorails in the monorail shop. Again, great author but the article needs some rework.

    1. I’m a local, the last time I was there was in June 2018. The train was not operating then.
      They were also building Tron. I’ve seen skyscrapers built in less time that is taking them to complete that one!🤣✌

  2. Et

    Train is not handicapp friendly. You can’t take your scooter on board.

    1. Meredith

      too many scooters in the parks rudely running over guests all the time anyways. not saying you but in general. We see it all the time. it’s awful. I also saw 2 men on the golf course in the morning with no scooter. And later that day in a scooter at Epcot. They were just lazy. and so many people do actually need them. But not everyone

    2. In the 90s my friends and I used to get together and go to Disney. One of my friends, my best friend from childhood had an accident in Desert Storm and was a Marine Corps vet. He was also quadriplegic. We always had a great time and he never complained. Not even once.
      What was that about a scooter?

    3. Jim

      Nobody cares!

  3. Beth

    This is not true at all. We rode it in Nov. 2019 (a far cry from 5 years ago) and we rode it again in January of this year (2022).

    1. Wendy

      The people mover maybe, but not the train.

    2. Jim

      Your either lying or an idiot. It was not open in November of 2019. Just checked my pictures from February 2019 and it was already closed for tron.

  4. Wendy

    Why the heck do you spend the first half of the article talking about the TTA/People Mover when the article is actually about the train?

    Confusing and full of disinformation, this is really bad.

  5. Three and a half is also “nearly” six. So, let’s just say that.

  6. John L Bowman

    Could have been running the whole time ! Even tested to run forward to all three stations, and then backwards. But for the most part it was a BS excuse to save a dollar.

  7. Lou

    Disney’s no longer the company that Walt founded. Anyone that has studied the life and character of Walt Disney knows that if he came back today he would be ashamed of what it’s become.

  8. G Bush

    Love, love the train! Can’t wait for it to return as a ride option.!❤️

  9. AD

    Hmmmm, what happened to this comment I posted on June 10th? Don’t see it.

    “?????? December of 2018 to now (June of 2022) is 3 1/2 years, not ” nearly five”.
    Sadly, just another example of the writers of ITM constantly over dramatizing their story titles.”

  10. Jim M

    The article shows pictures of the train, yet the writer says he’s talking about the People mover that’s been missing for 5 years. Then he goes on to talking about the train! Just wonder if he actually proof read this before posting it. All these ITM posters
    appear to come from the same school of poor writing and repetitive information. Time for some fresh writers who can actually give us worth while articles to read.

  11. Bobby

    I agree with Lou. Walt is probably looking down on the parks, especially his beloved train and having a fit. We’ve been there twice in the last five years and I missed my rides on the train.

    1. Vincent Caminiti

      Instead of complaining about the author, let’s all agree that it’s 3&1/2 but feels like 5… also agree that Walt might be ashamed of how some things are being handled @Disney but he always said “keep moving forward” hopefully those in charge stay smart enough to keep things like the train around to remind us of his legacy.

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