Comments for Disney Unanimously Votes to Extend CEO Bob Chapek’s Contract

bob chapek

Credit: Disney


  1. S1

    When I become the prime minister of the United States, I would seize Disney and band him from the company. After that, I will take over the company and make America great again.

  2. Alyssa

    They are basically giving another test run to see how he performs past the pandemic. I think if he doesn’t prove himself in that time frame, he probably will go or move on.

  3. C H

    Short term gains at the cost of the actual brand. This is a sad day.

  4. Truth

    He didn’t fight against the sexist, bigoted GOP. Silence is violence, SILENCE IS VIOLENCE.

    1. Gus


    2. Steve

      You just proved that pandering to the left is a losing proposition.

  5. paul

    Now thankfully, we will have 3 years of low and lower stock prices! Way to go Board members.

  6. Amanda

    WHY???? I would love to go back to Disney again but as greedy as they are now there is no way!

  7. Dan

    Stock price tanks 50% in a year. He loses Reedy Creek because wants to be woke. Guest satisfaction is in the toilet. And he gets an extension unanimously.

    Tells you what garbage company this has become.

  8. Thomas

    Susan Arnold and the entire board need to be replaced. I think Iger was pushed out as CEO. He stepped down as CEO abruptly. The board is behind Chapek. The board has been corrupted.

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