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splash mountain zip a dee doo dah riverboat

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  1. Walt

    Nobody wants an attraction about Megan Markel… nobody. Most people don’t even like that movie to begin with. Have a problem with that statement? Take a poll and find out.

    1. Ronnie Capuano

      100% correct

  2. Princess Tiana deserves her own ride and restaurant by retheming Tom Sawyer Island better than retheming Splash Mountain in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

    1. Walt

      and that fits in that thematic area bdetter as well. But some brown pigment on an acetate cel makes a cartoon a racial statement.

  3. Bruce

    I say leave SM as is. Love the music. Most people do not see any issues with the current one. It is only a small group who think it should be changed. No where else do you hear the classic “Zip it dee doo dah”

    1. Kurt

      James Baskett was unable to attend the film’s premiere because he would not have been allowed to participate in any of the festivities, as Atlanta was then a racially segregated city in 1946.

      1. DisneyFan

        Guess what? PaTF takes place during segregation and she wouldn’t have been friends with Charlotte. Not historically accurate for that time period either huh?

        1. Kurt

          You’re comparing a cartoon movie with real life.
          The man was unable to see the premier because of segregation. Have an inappropriate doo da day!

          1. Disney

            So it’s ok because it’s a cartoon? Guess what what? doing of the south has animated parts too. Your logic sucks.

            1. Philly

              Big difference between real life and a cartoon. Obviously, you weren’t aware of this.

            2. kurt

              So does your sentence structure.
              My cat can spell better. Meow.

      2. Did you think about that

        How exactly is that Disney’s fault or in any way relevant to 2022?

  4. Cory

    I get that Disney wants to change Splash Mountain. I like it the way it is, but it’s not really my decision. Still, I feel that The Princess and the Frog isn’t a good enough or popular enough movie to carry the beloved attraction. Maybe they would get less pushback if they themed it to something else more nostalgic (lots of choices) or something more popular now like Encanto.

  5. Rick

    Splash Mountain is one of the MOST popular attractions. Leave it alone. At least Tokyo has been smart enough to reject the tether and keep it

    1. Mouse watcher

      Disney doesn’t care what’s popular or profitable, they truly believe they can do no wrong. That’s why they made a trilogy of Star Wars movies no one wanted, plus extras, then made two copy-paste lands based on the movies no one wanted and are empty to this day.

      1. Joel

        Empty? Doesn’t seem it from the wait times.

  6. Darlene

    Personally I don’t care for the princess/frog movie. If Disney wants to add it in make it a separate attraction. But what about Brother bear or something like that for a re theme?

  7. DisneyFan

    Nobody wants this..leave Splash a mountain alone and build a new attraction. You know Disney is going to cheap out on this and then everyone will be complaining how they wish Splash was still around. It’s iconic.

  8. Edward

    Leave splash alone. Build that princess and the frog it’s own ride, from the ground up. Find space. Doesn’t need to be a major attraction. Just a small ride in the corner of orleans place

  9. S1

    It’s not happening. It’ll still be there for WDW’s 75th and Disneyland’s centennial, long after the company has been broken up under antitrust, De-Chapefied and De-wokeified. And to anyone who says “If Disney cancels it, the national media and Twitter will tear them to shreds and Disney will be faced with PR nightmare of epic proportions!” no they won’t. They’re a tiny minority. Real fans who want it to stay are the majority.

    1. Mouse watcher

      Disney is going to keep going this hyper-political direction until their stock starts plunging and executives start to be fired. I think that’s close.

    2. SM fan

      im a huge SM fan, wish they wouldnt change it, but after retheme, guess what, there will be a huge line and long wait time, people will still ride it, its true, im just sayin

      1. S1

        No there will not be a long line for a returned Splash. First of all, it’s not happening. Second, if it were to happen, nobody would ride it due to angry fans blocking the entrance to stop anyone from getting on it as if they were George Wallace.

  10. Kirk

    So a little bit of history to put this into context. Originally it was the Native Indian village, they were kicked out for Bear Country when it was deemed racist because of the lack of Native American tribes participating. And the Adding of Country Bear Jamboree. Then they added Critters as the story goes to let them have a safe area of Chicapin hill to recover from the civil war. The Bears were kicked out for Winnie the Pooh. Lastly, now that Humans have occupied the space it might be time to change the name of the area completely to just New Orleans Square. And just Bulldoze it all for another high-price mega Tiana Themed restaurant. While we are at it why bother having Pirates of the Caribbean as it’s now out of the period. The sailing ship Columbia no longer fits either.

  11. Chapek's least favorite uncle

    Disney is destroying themselves. They need an intervention.

  12. J

    The Disney corporation is too arrogant to see that their virtue signaling pride will be their downfall. Splash Mountain should be left alone. Maybe they should allocate funds to fix Tomorrowland instead. That needs a major overhaul.

  13. The only think racist about this ride is the racist people that think it’s racist!

    1. Duke

      Nailed it!!!

    2. Joel

      you clearly don’t know what that word means.

  14. Maks

    I would retheme it myself to a frozen ride. That would be more fun.

    1. Mason

      I can’t wait for #boycottdisney This will be Disney’s downfall hey we had fun while it lasted.

  15. Ronnie Capuano

    I will never step on the new attraction, SM is one of the best attractions and the Movie Song of the South is a great Movie. fot those of you that never saw it watch it if you can find it. Disney+ won’t show it but they have no problem showing many nude & sex scenes in some of their Marvel shows that any child can view

  16. Suzanne Monroe

    I love the splash mountain just the way it is. I see no controversy,eg, “racism” It’s about a rabbit, bears, foxes, etc. Keep it just the way it is. Build a separate attraction for the Princess and the Frog

    1. Bonnie

      I wish they would keep
      It the same, I also wish they wouldn’t have changed Jungle Cruise.

    2. The real reason

      Most of the people offended don’t know why they are offended. I would love to put some on the spot, campus interview style, and see how many think it’s because the light-color rabbit is running from a dark-colored bear.

  17. Marcus

    I’m okay with the retheme as long as Disney doesn’t do it on the cheap. I hope they spend the money necessary to create something as spectacular as the original.

    1. Ken Brenner

      My question is, why does it need to be re-themed.
      Those animals are not racists?

  18. Mickeymouse3

    There was no plans to “retheme” SM until a small group started squeaking. Disney, once again, listened to the small group and said, oh, we have to change that to please that small group of loudness. Nevermind the majority of its base says leave it alone.
    It’s Disney doing what it does best…as of late anyway.
    Fire Bob and Disney’s board!

    1. Bob the Slob

      It’s amazing Bob is still there after a nearly 50% share drop. Any other CEO would be long gone. He must have powerful friends.

  19. Walt

    Saying that SOS or Splash is racist is just another example of the ignorance of the woke idiots. Walt made the movie to FEATURE black actors and ACTUAL black folk tales – that is just the plain Truth. But Truth does not matter otherwise Mr. Norman’s opinion who is BLACK and worked on the film would matter – or Uncle Remus museum staff would be FOR the re-theme – they are not. This is just another statue to pull down

    1. Vicki

      The stories of Br’re Rabbit, Fox, and Bear are actual AFRICAN folk tales that were told to Joel Chandler Harris by actual African slaves on a plantation that Harris worked on as a young man as a Printer’s Devil. But he spent hundreds of hours of his off time with the Negro slaves at their cabins! It was there that he was told the African folk stories that became the Br’re stories! If anything, SONG OF THE SOUTH was the first African American film.

      On the other hand, The Princess snd The Frog is actually based on a FRENCH fairytale called THE FROG PRINCE and has absolutely nothing to do with the African American experience! Disney took (stole) a French fairy tale and made up a completely different story! Perhaps Disney would be better served to follow Joel Chandler Harris’ track and actually go to AFRICA and talk to the citizens. I’m sure there are a great many folk stories they could put on film! Moana is based on a Polynesian folk tale and Brave is based on a Scottish one! Get with it Disney!

      Please, people, read the Wikipedia articles on Joel Chandler Harris AND Br’er Rabbit! Both are very well written and informative!

      I, for one, will ride Splash Mountain once after it’s returning …singing ZIPPITY DO DAH at the top of my lungs! I encourage others to join me in this verbal protest!

      1. It's the top

        Yeah, but blue hairs who never saw the movie (because Disney won’t let them) are upset because they think it’s set on a slave plantation. The part where Disney went wrong is giving them executive-level positions in the company.

    2. Vicki

      People, for a better take on Br’er Rabbit and Joel Chandler Harris, please read the Wikipedia articles on them!

      I had written a whole comment on this but it says it’s a repeated comment! Funny, I only wrote once!

  20. Kris

    A retheme would be saving it. Many of the animatronics are constantly breaking down because they were never made to be used near water. My dad sold hydraulics and was one of the people called in when that other California park had a dinosaur that started spraying boats with hydraulic fluid. He determined that they had used hydraulics that were not rated for water. The California version of Splash Mountain uses quite a few animatronics that were originally used in America Sings, not for a water ride. This is why so many break down every single year. I’m surprised the attraction is still operating.

  21. Ray W

    Absolutely Positively No!!!!!!! Leave it Alone!!!!!! Princess and the Frog stunk anyway.

  22. Karen

    Why not do a Pixar movie with brer bear, Brer Rabbit, brer fox and keep Splash Mountain.

  23. Don

    The ride looks like an abandoned movie set inside in California. You barely hear the music, none of the attraction lights are on. Pretty dismal. The movie was 75 years ago, not even available in the United States yet people are still triggered by a 10 minute ride. I see a fun and entertaining ride not a symbol of racism.

    1. drew

      Sadly its been that way for a long time. Even after a massive refurb things break right away, lights get burnt and aren’t replaced. The only positive I see out of all this is hopefully the tech in the ride would be made more reliable. But after what we’ve seen out of Disney the last couple years I’ve lost any hope of that happening.

      1. It's all LG

        If the Avatar river is any indication, the tech will be mostly screens.

  24. Trevor

    No no no no! You’d be hard pressed to find people want to change splash mountain! I have always loved this ride and so has my family for generations, it’s historical to Disney. #savesplashmountain

  25. If they want to retheme it then should chose movies that have done better such as Lion King (location is also Critter Country) or if want to go with a minority female strong character then Moana. Both of those have great music scores and far more popular than the Princess and a Frog. If they want something for Princess Tiana then they could retheme Tom Sawyer Island to Princess and a Frog.

  26. stephen

    “Executive Producer of Relevancy Activations”

    Holy cow is that really the title they gave to someone? Makes it sound like they have plans to change a few more rides after this one. Ugh.

    1. S1

      Which is why I after I take control Disney in a corporate raid, not only is her job and department getting eliminated as part of my plans to make Disney great again, but she and every single one of her relatives will be blacklisted from the entertainment industry as a communist spy. Walt ratted out communists to the HUAC.

    2. Getting started

      Of course they are. My prediction for the next vandalism is a historically-revised Spaceship Earth. Those Egyptians look far too middle-eastern for woke history. Have we got any spray paint?

  27. The bird on Chapek's shoulder

    I think we need to look at this in Chapek-vision.

    The blue-haired leftist underlings that now apparently control me (Chapek) are upset about this ride. It’s expensive to maintain with its large number of animatronics in a damp setting and needs major repairs as it is. We haven’t got an IP tie-in (that the blue hairs will let us use) to sell toys or Disney+, so it isn’t as profitable as Jack Sparrow’s Pirates of the Caribbean or the Anna and Elsa’s Maelstrom. All these problems are solved if we get that black princess in here with a screen-only attraction. Half of customers will wait an hour for it because it’s new, no matter how cheaply we do it. I’ll be gone long before it’s not “new” anymore and it will be the next guy’s problem. GREENLIGHT!

    It sounds like sarcasm, but you know this is what is actually happening.

  28. Jamie craze

    Song of the south was a classic. The characters were part of disney childhood. I feel disney needs to leave the ride be. If u want to do a ride forthe princess and the frog then do that, but don’t change something just because of who it may offend. As a child I was raised on the stories of uncle Remus, and to be honest they and the the characters involved touched my life. Song of the south will always be a disney treasure and u can’t change that!

  29. pattimarie

    I am someone who can’t wait for the redo. Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite movies–I liked all the New Orleans flavor and the characters and their colors are my favorite colors. I liked the theme of Tiana wanting to open her own restaurant in honor of her father. My father was a weekend chef. The Evangeline sequence makes me cry.
    I love the way Splash was done originally, but I’ve been on it a million times and I’m ready for a change. Disneyland has very little space left–and something has to go when something new is put in. We lost the ranch with its special events and part of the train track too for Galaxy’s Edge, just for one example. So I’m ready to move on and see Splash redone. I can’t wait. The only regret is that the music is being taken away because it’s from the movie. If it’s great music, why??? I hope it eventually is added back to the soundtrack of the parks.
    I TOTALLY understand the people who are upset. There are many attractions where I would/have protested change. I still miss the auction scene in Pirates. Maybe because I was a child when that ride came out, so every scene is sacrosanct, whereas I was an adult when Splash came out. But it’s just not true that everyone is against the change, and I’m an original Disneyland die hard fan.

    1. S1

      Well I’m sorry but you’ll be waiting forever because there will be no redo. Splash Mountain will still be there for WDW’s 75th and there will never be a Princess and the Frog attraction and it doesn’t deserve one. You’re no real Disney fan if you want it. Also the auction scene in pirates is coming back down the line, too.

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