Comments for Theme Park Offers to Buy Guest “Ice Cream” After Putting Boyfriend’s Life at Risk

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Credit: Six Flags Great America


  1. Chris

    This is an example of why we don’t go to Six Flags parks, they are run very poorly.

    1. Teresa

      Us either. I used to live 5 miles from the one in Maryland in pg County and it was just trashy. Too bad local scum rui Ed it for everyone

    2. Linda

      They are run poorly
      Try to get someone on the line. Forget it!!
      No one live will answer they charged my credit card for a yearly pass I did not order and I could not get anyone live on the phone to take care of it.

      1. Cecilia

        Just call your credit card company and they will fight with Six Flags.

  2. Jed

    Silly you can’t take care of this

  3. Mike manning

    This why I go to cedar fair parks I found them to be more assessable to us guests that have a disability.

  4. Dave F

    Just curious why they couldn’t have a had a team member or team lead act as a runner to help move the wheelchair/walker over to the other side of the tracks, as opposed to forcing the guest to do something which most would assess as an unsafe action, even for someone who is trained to navigate on or around the ride path. Surely Six Flags has other available team members, leads and or managers that would be qualified to help move the guest’s chair to the other side of the tracks but seemed unwilling to assist in this incident. Sounds like they should change their procedures for assisting guests with ADA needs, otherwise there will probably only be a reactionary change after an injury occurs, rather than trying to forsee and prevent potential injury.

  5. Jack

    The minimum– wage ride operators were obviously incompetent to handle a disabled person with a walker, and they probably haven’t had many who wanted to ride that roller coaster. And then after this happened they were obviously trying to avoid liability, so there was denial all around. The guests who were involved should be happy that they didn’t end up like the poor kid who fell off the drop ride in Orlando. Also, let it be a lesson that you can’t expect minimum-wage ride operators at theme parks to always know how to handle a situation it’s out of the ordinary. And if something doesn’t seem right, walk away rather than risk your life.

    1. CD

      So you’re defending the park and blaming the victims? And you think that’s a good idea?

      1. DM

        I don’t think it is necessarily defending the park, but at some point people have to take personal responsibility for their well being. I wouldn’t have put my life at risk crossing the tracks. I would have left the ride.

  6. Nikki

    I have no desire to ever go to a six flags park. They’re always the ones with the horror stories of someone getting hurt or killed. I’ll stick to Disney and Cedar Fair parks.

  7. Six Flags Magic Mountain has been great to us the last 4 years

  8. Gina

    What if you had been in a electric wheelchair? How do you get an electric chair over the tracks? People don’t want to deal with ADA. The exit should always be the way for disabled people to go. It’s easier for everyone involved.

  9. jem

    I don’t go to any of these places. I’m disabled and I’m not putting my wellbeing in the hands of a bunch of 20 somethings. In this story they can’t even tell the truth about a bad situation so its corrected. All of them should be fired and all amusement parks should have a well marked entrance for people that need special assistance. Those folks are all in it for the money. They don’t care about anyone with special needs. We slow down the money machine.

  10. Cheri Wilcox

    My son and I have been Six Flag members for many years. My son is nearly 30 is on the autism spectrum, and loves the rides. We do go to that park regularly and use that disability access pass. I have to say this year, more workers are less tolerant ( looking at a Batman worker) of those using the pass. They will yell out directions at him (“go to cart 7”) even when I tell them he needs assistance as he can’t process quickly. Some workers are kind and patient others just don’t want to be bothered. Honestly, the park isn’t thinking at all about the disabled- the office to get the pass is located at quite a distance from the handicap parking and front gates and to have access many of the rides from the exit meaning you are traveling against traffic in a tight space.

    1. Matt

      That’s so frustrating that you experienced that. My grandmother was in a group that fought to get the ADA enforced, and I heard so many stories of people’s needs being ignored. I think things were improving for a while in the early 2000s but it seems that “me first” culture is really rearing its ugly head again.

      I hope that we see a resurgence of empathy, and I hope it’s soon.

  11. Evelyn Anderson

    How condescending and insulting was that? We’ll get you an ice cream !

    Not to mention how dangerous their actions were? Who’s your lawyer? They need a few lessons at this park.

  12. Vernon

    Six Flags Great America is one small step up from a local moving carnival so this doesn’t surprise me at all….The park is trash…And of course this entire situation was handled horribly from start to finish…Bravo!

  13. Kaderin

    I used to want to go to Six Flags, but the past few years of articles showing that they are incapable of simplest tasks to make guests happy and comfortable has removed that want.

  14. Ruth McFarland

    Just take the dang ice cream!!!

    1. Fat Nerd

      Why are you defending them? Do you really think ice cream can make up for the lack of training to help guests with disabilities and horrible guest service? They have a right to sue for lack of accommodations.

      1. Al

        No, but if you’re offered ice cream, you take it. It’s not some clause that you can’t also pursue legal actions if warranted.

    2. Russell

      Really! You are a jerk

    3. Matt

      You should ask for a refund from your comedy instructor.

    4. Laura

      Ruth you can’t be serious? There’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with people like you smfh.

      1. Amanda

        There surely is!🤦🏼‍♀️

  15. Carine

    My 3 year old almost drowned at a Disney water park due to an error on their part and we were also offered ice cream, so it’s not just Six Flags

  16. Emilia

    I tripped and fell down on my knees at Universal . My granddaughter went to get help. There was wheelchair to me in minutes and I was taken to first aid. EMTs took care of me. The park manager came to check on me and my condition and if I was going to continue to stay . I wasn’t going to disappoint the rest of the family. He said stay in the wheelchair for the rest of your stay. Here are fast passes for all of you don’t have to wait on line and all can use the ADA entrance. The park staff were all friendly and showed concern. I presume they show the same care concern for ADA patrons as it should be.

    1. Jessie F Phillips

      I’ve always like universal better than any of the other ones

  17. Russell

    I would be talking to a lawyer ans sue the crap out of them. Such idiots

  18. Dissatisfied

    A few years ago I was at the same six flags Great America. I had 6 children with me (only 3 were mine). Two 4yr, two 8, and two 10. There was some event that was going on that day that the children collected bags and trinkets through the park. We were toward the end of our day and they wanted to go on the Joker ride, which is indoor. One of the 4 year olds did not want to ride. The policy is no bags in line or on the ride. Since I was not riding because of one of the littles, these were bags given to us and it was an indoor ride with indoor line I was hoping they would just let me walk with the kids. At the beginning on the 5 children riding including a 4 yr old were let in. I was stopped, told I couldn’t go because of the bags. By the way these bags were like party bags, very small. At this point the other kids have entered the building not knowing im not there and not aware that the older ones have the 4yr old alone. As I tried to explain this I was physically blocked from going in. Security was called. Security agreed with me but at this point they had fully disappeared into a dark room. A pre two minute show in the middle of the ride. After the panic and being reunited, we all went to guest services. We were given a voucher for an ice cream at the back of the park that was only good for that day. We were on our way out of the park.

  19. Al

    Idk, I’m doubting this one. People always lie and exaggerate in these stories. I’m betting that’s what happened here.

    1. Matt

      Good lord I hope you don’t have any sort of job where you interact with customers.

      1. Amanda

        For sure!!!

  20. Michele

    I had a horrid experience as a plus size person. Their staff was rude and at the time, traumatized my young son. They need to learn how to help and work with guests to make them feel more included.

  21. Matthew

    A lot of coasters have two accessible entrances, one for ambulant disabled (can walk unaided) and one for non-ambulant disabled (cannot walk unaided). It seems that the one on Maxx Force is intended for ambulant guests seeing that it leads to the air gates. Non-ambulant guests should be allowed to enter via the exit. Unless non-ambulant guests aren’t allowed to ride, although they should have told you if that is the case.

  22. Laura

    Six Flags will NEVER get my business. The whole staff should be fired for treating those two so poorly. The boy could have died, the girl can’t even WALK, and this whole situation makes me sick and I want to cry for that girl for the disgusting manner in which they treated her. “We’ll buy you an ice cream”? I wouldn’t eat your 60 day old ice cream if you paid me.

  23. Amanda

    This really really upsets me. As my brother is in a wheelchair full time and also can not physically walk what so ever is put into similar uncomfortable situations like this and it’s so wrong and I wish I could fix it very badly. (But the whole ice cream offering is like another slap to the face). I’m very sorry that you and your boyfriend had such an awful experience that should of been fun. 💕

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