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Disney DeSantis


  1. EricJ

    Because DeSantis goofed and showed off with a “special session”, I…thought the Reedy Creek decision wasn’t supposed to, quote-fingers, “take effect” until it was voted on by Orange & Osceola counties next November?
    Assuming pending lawsuits over said point don’t hold the decision up to begin with. And, not to mention, whether DeSantis will still BE there in ’23 to enact it.

    (Or, like DeSantis, are we assuming he’s “won” already, five months ahead, and rubbing hands planning what to do next?)

    1. CalledIt

      His epic bleep up of the red tide alone shows you how much of a moron he is. And now what he did with the Rays? He is going to drive another business out of there.

      1. CalledIt the Idiot

        You should get a job.

        1. CalledIt

          Bad day bigot? Too bad everyday is bad for bigots lol

          1. Davis the Security Guard

            You’re on a roll today! You’re putting a lot of people in their place aren’t you?!?

            1. CalledIt

              Thanks but it shouldn’t be just me, then again the comment section should be monitored and not allow hate speech to be tolerated. I do like how people who say they hate Disney spend all day/everyday talking about it lol

              1. Davis the Security Guard

                Well lets be thankful they allow hate speech because if they didn’t we wouldn’t see any of your brilliant comments. Literally every one of your posts are filled with hate against people who don’t think like you. That makes you a bigot.

          2. Walt

            More identity politics from the leftists…

          3. S

            You’re the real bigot. And DeSantis will get his way because he has big officials in his pocket like Lucky Luciano or Al Capone.

            1. CalledIt

              Huh? They are dead. And the only thing DeSantis has in his pockets is fuzz.

              1. S

                Yes, DeSantis has The Fuzz in his pocket as well as other top state officials. Just like Capone and other mobsters from Italy did and still do.

  2. Mar (They/Them)

    Repeat after me, trans rights are human rights. Now for the back TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.

    1. Walt

      Transportation rights? He/she, get it right.

    2. drew

      You are correct. The trans am was an awesome car and I wish that it would be put back into production again.

  3. Bob R

    I have so much white pride seeing desantis do his thing.

  4. Victor Nazarian

    I’m curious why so many who used to insist big corporations should stay out of our democracy and politics and who also opposed government handing out benefits to those same big corporations now seem to want more of both.

    Is the The Parental Rights in Education Act really a particularly good excuse to back a corporation meddling in or serving as government? Does anyone want oil companies, popular media or military industries trying to influence or perhaps run any part of government?

    Is it really so important that 5 year olds be psycho sexually counseled by potentially unqualified teachers that anyone would dilute our democracy with corporate political action just to have some form of sex ed in grades K-3? Can such things be done instead with psych professionals and parents working together and without mega corporations and mega$$ involved?

    I think these are valid questions.

    1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      While you may think they are valid questions, they are based on false premises, so the whole argument is false.
      But just for a few nuggets of truth for you. The right leaning Supreme Court gave corporations free reign and a First Amendment right to speak out. Or do you want to overturn Citizens United now?
      You obviously do not know anything about the RCID. It is not Disney, But Disney as the majority landowner has the votes. RCID was created to save the other citizens of Orange and Osceola having to put in their taxes to provide municipal services for Disney. The RCID taxes Disney to pay for these services and the residents outside the district don’t pay for the services.
      And a corporation speaking out is not meddling in government, they are exercising their rights to have a say, just like Trump and the other loonies on the right.
      Finally, you do not know what the PRIE act does. Or what was happening without it. Try the actual facts. And please explain how to answer why Mary has 2 moms or Billy has 2 dads in class. That is most certainly not sex ed, but it is now illegal. Or until the law is struck down.

    2. CalledIt

      They are not valid questions at all, just more word salad and a bunch of bullcrap. I do like how you MAGAers twisted yourselves up so much you call teachers unqualified in one breath and then say they should be armed in the next. I guess when shameless is your superpower that is what happens.

  5. Walt

    Interesting how the author of this article decided to throw in a photo regarding that staged event outside the Disney World gates a few weeks back. Has absolutely nothing to do with DeSantis vs Disney World nor the article, why include it? Clearly some folks are bent on the notion that anyone who doesn’t agree with their opinions are “white bigots” though the reality is starkly different.

    Sure seems dangerous to give platform to toxic ideas, doesn’t it? ITM should be ashamed of themselves. Disney used to be a neutral place, for everyone to enjoy… a truly Magic Kingdom, would be great if we could go back to those days.

    1. Proud Men

      Exactly, there shouldn’t be no shame for being white. Be proud of your skin color, be proud of being white.

      1. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

        how many black men have been killed in the name of White Pride? Way too many. Or are you afraid of being replaced?

        1. CalledIt

          Yes he is which is ironic since the more they show to be well awful people the more they will be replaced since no employer worth a salt wants them on their payroll. The conservative white minority fear of being replaced is a self fulfilled prophecy. Who says life isn’t ironic.

        2. CalledIt the Idiot

          how many black men have been killed by other black men? if we really wanted to save black lives we should figure out how to solve that problem, but for some reason nobody cares, not even black lives matter

    2. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

      There is certainly a corrolation between White Bigots and support of DeSantis. And if you disagree with the Disney stance, then by definition you are.
      And why should Disney be neutral, the First Amendment gives them the right to not be neutral. In fact, it can be argued that it gives them the responsibility to not be neutral.

      1. S1

        Disney has no first amendment rights. Corporations aren’t people, they’re animals that belong in cages in zoos. When I seize Disney in a hostile takeover, I will make it great again and carry out policies of De-Igerfication and De-Chapefication to erase their reigns of terror. “What would Walt do?” will be the law of the land again like it was after his death for decades and I will cater to the only guests who matter: the purists. Not undesirables like you.

        1. CalledIt

          Seek mental help.

          1. S1

            Nothing wrong with me. Why don’t you? And you will speak only when you’re spoken to.

        2. S2

          When I time travel and become a trillionaire, I will buy Disney before your poisonous influence.

  6. CalledIt

    DeSantis got caught trying to bully the Special Olympics. How little and pathetic do you have to be in order to do that? It really is a race to the bottom on the right and regrettably there is no bottom.

    1. Anger Management

      Glad to see you taking your anger out here on a website forum. Suicide is never the answer. Don’t do it.

      1. CalledIt

        All deflection and rather bad attempt to. Sad.

    2. Marg

      I have never seen such an evil man be in a position of power since Trump, Pol Pot, and Kim.

      We are in truly dark times.

      1. Homer

        I couldn’t agree with you more. Putting legislation into place that allows parents to choose how to raise their kids and putting into legislation that allows grown adults to choose to take an experimental vaccine (that never stopped anyone from getting covid) or not and putting legislation into place that prohibits companies from firing you for not taking an experimental vaccine (that never stopped anyone from getting covid) is just EVIL! Dark times in deed.

    3. S1

      You need a spanking.

  7. Mary K

    The gov makes me so happy that people of our skin color have power. I hope he can bring that to the White House, make it white again.

    1. CalledIt

      Huh? DeSantis is a racist bigot.

  8. David

    Florida is on bad footing with DeSantis in charge.

    1. CalledIt

      The planet is on bad footing with people like him in it.

  9. David

    Florida is on bad footing with DeSantis in charge.

  10. S1

    Once I become the prime minister of the United States, i will take over Disney and make it great again. Big

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