Comments for DC Pulls Director’s ‘Flash’ Project Amid Ezra Miller Controversy Surge

Ezra Miller as the Flash

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Mechafx

    That dude is nuts. I wouldn’t want him representing my brand. Warner should drop him for breach of contract for “behavior deemed detrimental to the organization”. They do this in sports whenever athletes get caught up in their egos, so maybe the same should apply to an obviously out of control actor too.

  2. Steve

    You called Bruce Wayne, Bruce Banner…

  3. Jack

    Miller was never the right choice for this role. Besides looking nothing like Barry, he’s a mediocre actor at best. Also, DC/WB is NOT going to bring in Gustin, so drop that rumor. Unless the Flash movie sells a massive amount of tickets, they’ll probably drop the franchise for a long while.

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