Comments for Studio Speaks Out on Chris Pratt Casting Controversy

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Mr White

    Is he controversial as he is a white straight Christian man?

    1. Dawn

      No, because he doesn’t have an Italian accent.

  2. Mike

    Wondering why they are asking about sexuality during this interview about a video game that has nothing to do with the topic…. Unbelievable. Leave it at the door folks, it’s not important. It’s a kids movie about Mario brothers … BROTHERS…. It’s a remake of the 1993 movie… hopefully it will be better. Chris Pratt is a great actor and I am guessing he is excited to do this for his own kids. Now they have to justify his taking the role by pointing out that he has Italian blood. When will all this end? Disney has a Latina playing Snow White (lol). But don’t worry criticism for my saying this will come in 3,2,1….

    1. A

      Mike and don’t forget also that this is the same studio that has a black woman playing what was a pale skinned, red haired mermaid in the original feature. (incidentally, I have no problem with people of color taking over a role, but can you imagine the uproar if the situation was reversed and a pale skinned redhead took over the live action role of say, Tiana in the Princess and the Frog?) Something to think about.

  3. Switcher Monkey

    So Pratt is criticized for being a non-Italian playing an Italian character? Isn’t Luigi, Mario’s brother, not also Italian? He is being played by Charlie Day. Where’s that outrage. Is Pratt just a controversial figure?

    1. Dawn

      I’m sure it’s because if he uses an accent at all, people will know it’s a fake accent.

  4. J.D.

    The outrage is centered on the fact that Charles Martinet has voiced Mario and other Nintendo characters since the 90’s.

    I wonder what he’ll be used for here? Father perhaps?

  5. J

    No real controversy…just one by the “fragile woke” that nobody cares to cater to all the time anymore.

  6. Jamie Coughlin

    The real world does not care, they love Chris Pratt. Twitter is not the real world!

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