Comments for Goodbye, Thor — Chris Hemsworth Likely Exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Thor opening his eyes

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Walt

    Pander on!

  2. Nope

    He is gone foresure… Disney plan is to go woke and go broke.

    They want no more white males in league roles and don’t really want males at all:
    (1) Ironman will be Ironheart
    (2) Hawkeye is now female
    (3) Antman is set to become pass off to his daughter
    (4) Hulk is now she hulk
    (5) Thor is set to be Mighty Thor
    (6) Black Panther is now Shuri
    (7) Vision is gone
    (8) Captain America is now Falcon and soon to be American Chavez
    (9) Buckey, Spider-Man and Dr Strangw are all that is left.

    Now there is nothing wrong with female or minority character. Most are amazing, like Shang Chi (even if the movie was horrible), black panther etc., but forced wokeness is a killer and that is what they are doing.

  3. My husband and I have been huge fans of the ORIGINAL 6 Avengers, as well as Spider-Man, Dr Strange, Black Panther and the Guardians franchises, but beyond that..we really won’t be interested in seeing anything new. Maybe on Redbox if a movie appeals to us. Iron Man, Cap America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk can never be replaced! To us…The MCU is no more for us…but we can never thank them enough for the last 12 yrs of the most amazing movies we have ever seen!

  4. Chris

    Natalie Portman is the perfect replacement?
    She is an amazing actor (gotta be PC here) but she’s not a replacement for Thor.
    The writing for these reviews are so insipid I can hardly stand it.

  5. Same story

    Hollywood continues to erase white males.

  6. He will always be Thor and If he leaves I say bring on Beta Ray Bill.
    If u don’t understand, U R not a true Fan.

  7. Rb

    Chris Hemsworth will always be Thor he cannot be replaced nobody can play that character like Hemsworth and if they do I probably won’t watch the new movies and that go,s the same for Iron man and Captain America I wish they didn’t kill them off

  8. Philly

    The end on an era. The end of MCU.

  9. Bane

    He said in the same interview he’ll keep playing Thor as long as they want him too. He just doesn’t know what the next project is.

    He also signed a new contract for 3 more movies AFTER Love and Thunder. This article is bait.

  10. Rj

    Too soft as Thor. Dolph Lundgren in his prime (Rocky 4) would have been the better choice.

  11. DeLaunhardt

    ….like “female thor” was THAT popular in the comics….

    Oh WAIT…..SHE WASN’T!!

    …more “get woke-go broke” from Disney………….

  12. Russ W

    While I share the concerns expressed by other posters, I am nonetheless willing to see what the house of Marvel/Disney has in store for the future.
    No doubt Hemsworth, Downey Jr & Evans were incredibly fortunate selections for their characters, but time moves on and these actors would eventually age out of their parts anyway.
    Why not take a wait & see attitude before writing the MCU’s obit?

  13. Chris

    He isn’t gone for good. Even the director said people think this is a passing of the torch and it isn’t. Plus, Hemworth himself has said he wants to keep playing Thor. RDJ left because of his age. Evans was done. Thor as a MCU character didn’t get interesting or good until the last Thor film. Before that he didn’t really have a huge presence.

    1. Ray


  14. Ray

    Life is hectic and changing enough, please keep Chris as the Almighty Thor, in these trying times we need heroes that we enjoy watching.

    Perhaps have the Avenger team go help Marvel out in another Universe or some such thing. Send them on an adventure into the quantum Realm

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