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Captain Marvel

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  1. With viewer stats down for Ms Marvel, not sure why Disney is thinking this is a good choice to keep pushing ahead.
    I am a Marvel supporter, but found this new show on Disney+ to go in multiple directions.
    It was boring to say the least.
    Other Disney+ Marvel shows have done better in ratings, and have been cut.
    Take your loses Disney, and go into another direction.
    Just my opinion, I started reading Marvel back in the 60’s and those characters were in the first phase. Now they are going away. They were the best! And best $$$ makers for Disney.

  2. Rormachine

    I was a huge X-Men fan as a kid. I started reading my brother’s issues of Uncanny when I was 5, starting with the epic Claremont/Byrne run on the book. The Power of Proteus, issue 127. The cover was the most awesome thing my young eyes had seen, and I had seen Return of the Jedi earlier that year! My love for Marvel’s Merry Mutants never faded as I got older.
    When the rumors that the X-Men were finally coming to the big screen I was excited. As the rumors became fact and information began to leak, I got even more excited. Then the premiere! The Fox intro! I couldn’t wait!
    15 mins into the movie, my excited turned to confusion and then to anger. My reaction was akin to Don Carleone’s reaction to Sonny’s assassination (“Look at what they did to my boy! They massacred my boy!”) in The Godfather. For years, I hated Fox. Despised Hugh Jackman. LOATHED the Donners and Bryan Singer. I felt betrayed.
    Then…years later, the MCU was born. The first movies were blockbusters. Marvel was gaining ground quickly. More movies. A connected cinematic universe! Disney announced they acquired Fox!! Finally! FINALLY! The X-Men would come to the MCU!! This will right the wrongs of the horrible Fox movies!!
    Wait..did I just hear Mar-Vell would be Annette Benning?! Wtf… it isn’t Jude Law??!
    What? Namor’s Atlanteans will be from where??! They’re based on WHAT?!!
    OH NO. If this is happening to them…then what are they gonna do to the X-Men!!??
    My excitement now turns to anxiety. So far, no news. No news is good news, right? RIGHT???! 🙁

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