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Richard Dreyfuss (left) and Bo Hopkins (Right)

Credit: Universal Studios


  1. Chris Wood

    I think people will remember Bo Hopkins from his days on dynasty

    1. Joshua Highhouse

      @Rudy its funny u mention @Paso Robles considering im reading this in Paso as i live here. Also very sad to lose another Hollywood Great. He will be missed dearly, prayers to the fam. Thank u for sharing Bo with the world!

    2. Schnicklefritz

      Not if they’re like me and hadn’t any time for shows like Dynasty!!

    3. Neo

      My favorite thing about the movie is…it was us. All the cruising the drive ins … the unobtainable blonde, like the green light on the dock .
      You didn’t mention the reality check of giving a friend a send off to Vietnam, trying to pretend he’ll always be safe and come back as the same old buddy…

  2. Rudy

    RIP Joe The Pharaoh, had the honor of meeting him in 2008 at West Coast Kustoms Cruising Nationals when it used to be in Paso Robles, California. Such a kind soul and real gentleman, loved his fans. He is now cruising in his Cherry Red Merc listening to the Wolfman on that heavenly strip. Your legacy will live on forever in American Graffiti.🌹🙏😥RIP

  3. Mick jonsson

    The setting was my hometown, San Rafael CA

    1. Brian

      Set and filmed in Modesto California. Where Lucas grew up.

  4. Paul Winfield

    Deeply grateful for all these actors and saddened by the loss.

    1. Dale

      Gods Speed Bo, Gods Speed! You Helped Put Modesto On The Map! I Grew up In Modesto, It Was A Great Place Until The Woke Democrats Ruined it!

  5. John

    That movie changed my life, touched my soul, when Cali was cool, freedom.

  6. Rc

    The cool cars

  7. He was great in American Graffiti, but I’ll always remember him in White Lighting with Burt Reynolds. Bo you’ll be greatly missed.

  8. Peter

    So sad to hear the news of the passing of the great BO HOPKINS.
    In my opinion the best sense in the movie was when Dreyfuss charter was talked into attaching the cable to the police car by HOPKINS charterer.

  9. As a youngster I thought American Graffiti was about cruising our strip in Paragould,AR bc it was like that bumper to bumper. I remember No best in White Lightening with Burt Reynolds. Cruise in peace Brother

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