Comments for Fans Disrespect Walt Disney’s Grave on Social Media, Many Claim It Is “So Plain”

The little mermaid statue at Walt Disney's gravesite next to a photo of the plaque at the gravesite.


  1. You can’t take it with you. How fancy do they want it to be?

  2. EricJ

    The Disneys WANTED it plain–It’s not Elvis’ grave at Graceland.
    As Diane always pointed out, at home, he was just Dad.

    That’s also why we have the “Walt frozen under the castle” rumor, which Ward Kimball came up with when the family asked Walt’s animators not to give the private ceremony away to the press.
    (Yeah, sounds like something he’d come up with…)

    1. Matthew Muir

      Yea it’s just an urban legend that Walt’s head has been kept inside a frozen chamber. He was actually cremated (which was actually quite unique back in 1966)

  3. Kodakgal38

    It’s a just a grave! 🙄 respect the grave or just keep the negative comments to yourself!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ #RIPWaltDisneyAndFamily🙏🏾🙏🏾

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