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family in front of cinderella castle on VIP tour disney world

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  1. Matthew Muir

    Somebody HAS to see this BEFORE commenting

    We should all cancel our Disney+ subscriptions, stop going to the parks and stop buying ANY Disney merchandise. IF…………IF……………enough of us do that, and the stock tanks low enough, Disney shareholders JUST MIGHT vote Chapek out………..along with the current Chairman, and vote a NEW one in

    We ALL have to save what we truly love. The Walt Disney Company must be saved

    And MOST importantly, we all have to PERSUADE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME, and WARN Disney of the impending boycott to REALLY get Chapek SCARED.

    And I will be seriously disappointed if I see ANYONE, and I mean just ONE PERSON commenting WITHOUT vowing to do ANY ONE OF THESE THINGS. We must both BOYCOTT Disney AND encourage others to do the same. Can you really consider yourselves Disney fans if you choose NOT to fight and sweat blood to save Disney, and recruit others in this crusade? Can you, REALLY?

    I want you to think very hard about that

    I hope everyone understands

    Something HAS to give to put a stop to this endless price gouging, and we need to restore Disney to its former glory.

    I just hope somebody has seen this

    Please comment below about this and express your thought about making a TRUE pushback to really teach Disney as lesson. And both witholding your moeny AND telling others to do the same and if necessary, scaring them into doing so So we can TRULY save the company.

    How many more times do I need to say this BEFORE someone actaully commits

    1. Matthew Muir

      I hate ALL sentiment and NO wanting Disney to be better, no wanting the company to change, and NO……………………..NO…………….
      CONCERTED effort

      That’s the two big words here:

  2. AH

    The first of the article says stay off site. That costs money so I dud not read further as it was shown, like I knew it would, to be a waste of time.

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