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  1. Dawn G

    I am a long time Cedar Point platinum season pass holder. I thought it was very fair that they extended our 2020 passes and benefits throughout the entire 2021 season.

    1. Joseph

      I agree. I am very happy with the how they handled our passes at Knott’s Berry Farm. Extending our passes was the best decision they could have made. This allowed us to get out fair use of paid passes and allowed the company to keep our money to pay employees.

      1. Rj

        The park extension of their park pass was just as good

        1. R Johnson

          The family seeing the park is just lookingfor a fast buck

  2. Naureen

    I agree Dawn G. They added $50 to our passes to spend in the park which was nice.

    1. Michelle

      Was that for Carowinds? I didn’t get that. I was trying to cancel the $35/ month for drinks bc I didn’t realize it was a monthly thing when I signed up but couldn’t find anything online to cancel that would work. Thank you!

    2. Shann loden

      I agree the extension into the following year was good but that year half the ride still wasn’t open and operating so either way you go we lost money

  3. charlie

    the ohio supreme court will side with cedar fair on this matter. they are one of the states highest grossing attractions for 150 years!

  4. John

    I think they handled it fairly and I was pleasantly surprised to learn the pass was extended through the following year. It’s difficult for me to believe that there were that many people that didn’t take advantage of the pass the following year.

    1. Melanie Webster

      The only parties who will benefit from this if the Supreme Court sides against the theme parks are the attorneys. You’ll get a paltry sum of money while the attorneys pocket the bulk of the funds to cover their “expenses”.

  5. Shawna

    I think Cedar Point handled it very well. They had extended the pass for the 2021 season.

  6. Sandra

    I can’t understand why there would be a lawsuit in the first place. The pandemic and subsequent closures were unforseen circumstances. The parks all made concessions by extended passes and other things. I think people in this world are too litigious and just want to try to collect money in any way they can.

  7. I think it’s great
    We are tired of being taken advantage of big business with out thinking about the consumer!

  8. Well, if anyone should be suing Cedar Point it would be that poor soul that was standing in line waiting to ride the Dragster when a piece of the ride broke off and struck her in the head.
    Sure, Cedar Point didn’t do anything wrong, per the reports.
    Are you kidding me?
    Hopefully the new owners ( the victim and her family) will rename the park and fire all the “higher ups and invesigators who made this ridiculous conclusion.
    Prayerfully no one in their families will ever have an experience like this victim and her family.
    Talk about non- transparency…. How is she doing? Anybody there care? Keep us apprised please…

  9. Shae

    I say, good about the lawsuit. While they did extend the passes through 2021, they had very limited hours, a lot of stuff was closed, with minimal employees. Although, the issue wasn’t their fault, neither is it the fault of the pass holders. I think refunds should’ve been an option for those that didn’t wish to visit the park under those circumstances.

    1. Jason Ebeling

      You can’t hold a company liable for something that isn’t their fault. You even said it yourself. Just because thier solution to the issue they didn’t have address at all by the way, doesn’t meet your expectation. They could have not given anything at all it was nice of them to offer the entire next season to show loyalty to those who are loyal to them. But Disney, six flags, cedar point, basically all of them were doing so out of the kindness of their hearts. They didn’t have to give any kind of compensation at all. When you purchase a season pass you run the risk of days they aren’t able to operate like normal. You already know this holds true for weather or weather related incidents. If you bought a season pass and it rained everyday for 4 months and you were unable to use it, they would not be liable to pay you anything. Because when you buy a season pass if it rains the park doesn’t operate like normal. I’m sure in such an instance cedar point would feel bad for their consumers and offer some type of compensation, but they don’t have to legally.

  10. Jason Ebeling

    When weather is an issue, the park does not offer anykind of refunds or promises to thier customers. Mainly, because it is something that is out of thier control. The samething holds true with airlines and such. There is no way to control the weather so how can they be Liable for what comes of it. We as the consumers understand that and try to make the best of it. I feel like a pandemic is another such instance that cedar point had absolutely no control over. They had to make decisions based on current laws and healthcare guidelines that were affecting every buisness at the time. I’m sure there is not an executive at cedar point that did not want to stay open the entire season. But they weren’t allowed to operate like that. With a raging pandemic causing total chaos in our country it was definitely beyond
    Cedar Points contol to provide the services they normally do. Therefore, I feel Cedar Point was very generous in the offer they gave to their customers. We also have to understand that unlike the other theme parks on this list that gave refunds to their park guests. Cedar Point is only open 4 months out of the year. The other parks have an extra 8 months to try and make up costs that were lost at the time. Cedar Point doesnt have this luxury. I think an entire next season free is very reasonable especially when you consider how little the season pass cost as compared to a regular daily admissions. I think Cedar Point has a long history if trying to be safe, fun, and fair for all of their consumers. I think they were very generous here as well.

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