Bring Home the ‘Star Wars’ Collections From the Makers of Disney Resort Bedding

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Credit: Sobel Westex

“Be the first in the galaxy to own the ! Sobel Westex is proud to partner with the Lucas team to bring you the most iconic saga in pop culture.” The makers of the coveted Disney Resort hotel sheet collections have created many tribute sets, this one rising high above others in honor of Star Wars. Choose plush, absorbent towels for your luxurious shower, or dream of destroying the Death Star while snuggled into a Jedi-themed sheet set. There’s even a huge sale this month exclusively for Star Wars bedding collection items.

The Star Wars Collections by Sobel Westex

star wars home bedding collection
Credit: Sobel Westex

Not only does Sobel Westex offer Star Wars towels and linens, but they have four distinct collections to choose from. Along with the subtlety-themed accent pillows, there are solid color sheet sets to match one or more looks. Mix and match to create moods, themes, and more. Sobel Westex mentions, “Our 4pc classic sheet collection is designed to complement each of our seven-piece Star Wars™ Home bedding collections. With a total of 8 colors, you can create the look that best suits your character. Shades range from the dark shadowy feel of the Dark Side, to the fresh hopeful blue hues of the Astromech collection. Included also is the light meditative palette of linen and ivory inspired by the Jedi code, as well as the softly tinted shades of blush and terracotta of dusty Tatooine.” The further details the four bedroom looks, as well as the plush towel sets available for your home loo.

astromech collection bedroom
Credit: Sobel Westex


The ever-faithful, unwaveringly loyal R2-D2™ is a feisty Astromech droid of surprising determination and resourcefulness. Artoo’s cylindrical body, equipped with multiple instruments and sensors inspires us to create dynamic geometric-inspired patterns in shades of blue.


Darth Vader™, the powerful Sith Lord and a leader of the Galactic Empire inspires us to create intensely colored spaces. The Dark Side collection pits dark against light, sheer against opaque, and matte versus shine – translating into a study of shadowy contrasts. Subtle patterns are inspired by Darth Vader’s armor and the interior architectural details in the imposing Death Star™ space station. 

sobel westex star wars
Credit: Sobel Westex


Linen wrappings and the simplistic kimono-style tunic of a Jedi’s™ robes, translate into a contemporary craft feel for our home collection. Shades of sun-bleached ivory brighten a soothing palette of natural tan and stone, bringing us In tune with the Jedi’s powerful, yet meditative tranquil state. Always the guardians of peace, in the world and in themselves.


Pulling from the worn desert environment of Tatooine™ we find bleached out colors and the texture of natural surfaces. Luke Skywalker’s home, where the twin suns radiate with the glow of warm terracotta and the blush shades of dusk-like brushstrokes sweep across the sky. Like all our collections, it’s rich with the subtle details of the film’s iconic moments. Some are even hidden, perhaps. Can you recognize them?

r2d2 sheets, jedi bedding
Credit: Sobel Westex

These four Star Wars room collections from the makers of the Disney Resort bedding are ready for you today! In honor of the month of Star Wars celebrations, starting on May the Fourth, Sobel Westex is offering a huge sale for shoppers.

Sobel Westex Star Wars Collections Promo Code

sobel westex star wars coupon promo code
Credit: Sobel Westex

While it doesn’t have to be your “First Order,” (see what I did there?) Sobel Westex will give you The code will not work on other Resort collections, but it will work on the 7 piece collections as well as singular items like a single Jedi duvet cover or a small Astromech decorative pillow. Select your favorite pieces to create your own looks, and we’ll see you in a galaxy far, far away!

Which Star Wars bedding set pieces will you be adding to your home? Leave us a comment below!

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